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Scholarships for Girls & Women in India - Find the List

By Shiwani PandeyJanuary 19, 2023
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Top Indian Scholarships for Girls You Shouldn't Miss

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “If you teach a man, you’re teaching an individual. However, if you teach a woman, you’re teaching a family”.

Empowering women & girls in the field of education have a vital role in the development of society. If given equal opportunities, women have immense potential to match their male counterparts in any professional or academic field; they possess enough capabilities to stand out on different socio-economic factors. Here, various scholarships for girls are offered to encourage them to overcome their financial constraints and pursue desired academic or career opportunities. 

Scholarships for Girls & Women in India - Find the List

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Several government and private organisations are helping girls students acquire quality education & better career opportunities by providing a scholarship for girls in India. These organisations ensure that women from every sector of society are aware of these schemes and draw maximum benefits. If you are also a girl candidate seeking an appropriate scholarship for girl students in India, you’re at the right place!!

What Do You Mean By Scholarship for Girls in India?

Suppose you’re a girl student willing to pursue higher studies. In that case, you can apply for any of these women & girls scholarships in India being offered by various government & private organisations, including L’Oréal India, Glow & Lovely Foundation, CBSE Udaan or Clinic Plus Scholarships etc. You can choose one according to your category and needs in different sectors, including science, management, aviation, hospitality & defence etc. here they are as follows:

1. Abhilasha Scholarship

The EROS group introduced the Abhilasha scholarship for girls in India to facilitate an INR 5000 to girls studying in Classes 9 to 12. Under the scholarship program, around 100 scholarships are already paid out among women candidates, provided they must’ve achieved at least 75% marks in the previous class while the family income must be below INR 3 Lakh to apply online.

2. Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child

UGC introduced the Indira Gandhi scholarship for the single girl child to promote education for a single-girl child, where a monthly amount of Rs 3,100 is given to help them pursue postgraduate studies in non-professional courses. If a single-girl child has secured admission in a regular, full-time 1st year Masters degree course from a recognised university, she can apply. The maximum age for applying is 30 years.

3. Lady Meherbai D Tata Education Scholarship

The Tata Trust group offers this scholarship for girls for deserving women willing to pursue their higher studies in US, UK, or Europe in different areas. For example, social work, social sciences, education & welfare of special children with needs, gender studies, child health & development and nutrition, health policy, Rural development etc. Financial assistance is given to those girl students who’ve graduated with remarkable academic records, secured admission into a prestigious affiliated institution in the US, the UK, or Europe, and possess a 2-year work experience in their respective field.

4. CBSE Scholarship for Single Girl Child

CBSE scholarship for single girl child scheme was a monthly scholarship program introduced by CBSE where intelligent girls candidates of class 11 & 12 are offered INR 500.  The scholarship scheme applies to those girls who are the only child of their parents and have scored at least 60% or 6.2 CGPA in their class 10 board examinations.

5. Santoor Women’s Scholarship

Introduced by Wipro Cares, the agenda of Santoor Scholarship for girls is to provide financial aid of INR 24,000 per annum to those girls who come from underprivileged sections of Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh and want to pursue higher studies after 12th in any stream with a minimum of 2 years duration. To be eligible, the girl students should’ve passed class 10th from a local government school and enrolled on a full-time diploma/degree program for a recognised institution.

6. AICTE Pragati Scholarship Scheme

Under the Pragati scholarship scheme for girls, financial aid is given to girls pursuing technical education from an AICTE-approved college/institution such as Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, Applied Arts etc. The scheme is available to 4000 girl students who are single children to their parents and have a family income of less than INR 8 lakhs. The eligible girl candidates will be given INR 30,000 or a tuition fee, whichever is less, and INR 2000 per month for ten months as extras each year. Launched by MHRD, the agenda of the scheme is to support girl children to pursue technical education and provide financial aid for the advancement of girls.

7. Tata Housing Scholarships for Meritorious Girl Students

The scholarship is meant to eliminate the financial constraints for those meritorious girl students enrolled in the 2nd year of B.Tech/ B.E (Civil Engineering) or B. Arch degree courses or in the 1st year of Construction Management courses from an affiliated institute in India. They get financial assistance of up to INR 60,000 to encourage further studies and manage expenses like tuition, admission, library etc. All the girl candidates must have scored 50% in all the qualifying exams and have a family income of less than INR 3 lakh to be eligible.

Wrapping Up

These scholarships for girls in India are aimed at promoting girl education by providing financial assistance. From 12th PG, several government and private organisations offer these scholarships for girls in India to help them pursue higher education without facing financial constraints. Go through your requirements and eligibility and apply for the most suitable one. All The Best!!

FAQs on Scholarships for Girls & Women in India - Find the List

1. Which is the most widespread & best scholarship for girls?

The Ministry of Education launched the Pragati scholarship scheme for girl students to provide financial support to female candidates pursuing technical education from an AICTE-approved college/institution.

2. What is the scholarship amount for a single girl child?

Under the Single Girl Child Scholarship 2023, the eligible girls will get financial aid of INR 3100 every month.

3. How much percentage is required for a scholarship?

Students who secure admissions in technical/professional courses without competitive exams are all eligible for scholarships. They should have scored at least 50% marks at a higher secondary/graduation level.