Tree Plantation Essay

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Essay on Tree Plantation

Tree planting is the process in which tree seedlings are transplanted generally for forestry, land reclamation, or landscaping purposes. Tree plantation is very necessary because trees provide oxygen to the environment and make the air quality better. If more trees are planted, then the world's environment will become a safer place to live in. Tree plantation also reduces pollution, thus making the life of future generations secure. Through this tree plantation essay, one will have a clear overview of this topic.

An Tree Plantation Essay in English

The tree is the key to a pollution-free environment for a long time because they are responsible for providing oxygen, improving the quality of air, climate amelioration, conserving water, soil preservation, and supporting wildlife. Due to all these reasons, tree plantation has become necessary in the present scenario as pollution is at a peak. Tree plantation is the only way to control pollution to some extent. 

Afforestation in Tree Plantation

In silviculture, the tree plantation activity is known as afforestation or reforestation. This process involves plantation of seedlings in an area where the forest has been damaged by a fire, disease, or harvested or got destroyed by some human activity. As we know that pollution is increasing at an alarming rate, different countries are making various strategies to fight with this situation, and tree plantation is one of the most important strategies that is being adopted. Many reforestation companies have also been formed, which are responsible for planting trees in the deforested lands. Trees remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen to the air, thus making the air quality better for living beings. The knowledge gained through this paragraph shows the importance of tree plantation essay.

Tree Plantation in Different Countries


After the European colonization, the forests in Australia have suffered a lot and were heavily affected. The Government and many individuals have attempted to restore the forests by massive tree plantation. One of the non-profit organizations known as Greening Australia have planted a total of 1 million trees in different regions of Australia and has become one of the major tree planting companies in the globe. As per the tree plantation essay, you can imagine how important it is.


In Canada, tree plantation is carried out by private reforestation companies. These reforestation companies fight with one another for getting the contract from the logging companies. Planting of the tree is done according to the logging companies, and the planters should always maintain the qualities of trees as similar to the qualities mentioned in the contract.

Climate Change

Deforestation is one of the main reasons for the earth's climate change. As per some scientists, it is said that deforestation is responsible for around 18-25% of climate change. This is why some big organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, and other leading organizations are encouraging tree plantations worldwide. From this tree plantation essay, one can see the importance of tree plantation. 

The amount of carbon dioxide is increasing in the air, and that is because it is absorbing the UV rays of the sun and making the atmosphere warmer. Trees are the only way to overcome this problem because they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, thus making the air cleaner. From the tree plantation essay in English, it is proved that tree plantation is very much needed in today's time.

A Short Essay on Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation Short Essay in English

In simpler words, tree plantation means to plant seedlings in the ground for growing more trees in an area. Tree plantation is very much required in countries where deforestation has increased a lot. With tree plantation, one can restrict the problems that may arise due to deforestation. 

One of the major problems of deforestation, which is pollution, can be reduced to some extent through the increased rate of tree plantation. In this short paragraph on tree plantation, it is cleared that tree plantation is very important.

According to a tree plantation paragraph for Class 10, it is said that a reduced rate of tree plantation on heavy deforestation areas can cause climate change because deforestation increases the level of carbon dioxide, and without the required amount of tree, it is difficult to remove it from the air.

Through this short essay on tree plantation, one can get some idea of what are the true requirements of tree plantation in today’s time and why it is so important for the world.


With this tree plantation essay, it is clear that tree plantation is the key to save the earth from pollution. This is why many countries have now started to concentrate on increasing the rate of tree plantation to make the earth a safer place to live for the future generation. One may have learned all this in tree plantation in school essays. Every country should aim to increase afforestation rather than deforestation. Tree planting is cost-effective, thus making it simpler to achieve the goal of making the earth a safer place by making it free from pollution. The effects of climate change can also be controlled by increasing the rate of tree plantation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which Trees Produce More Oxygen?

As we all know that the oxygen is decreasing in the air, and the carbon dioxide level is increasing at an alarming rate. Therefore we need to plant trees that can extract more oxygen into the air, and such trees are Douglas-fir, spruce, true fir, beech, and maple. These trees are capable of cleansing the air by giving more oxygen to the air.

2. What is the Importance of Tree Plantation?

The tree is the key to making the environment a safer place to live in, and they do that by providing oxygen into the air, improving the air quality, climate amelioration, water conservation, soil preservation, and supporting the wildlife of the earth. This is why tree plantation is important in today's world.