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Essay on Tree

We live in an ecosystem with other living beings. One of the most pillars of an ecosystem is the trees. The green living beings provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe and live. Trees process carbon dioxide and use sunlight to make their food. In this process, they release oxygen that every other animal needs to live. Trees provide more benefits and make our planet sustainable. Despite such benefits of trees, we are deforesting the green reserves for our profits and slowly killing the planet.

Trees are the big plants that have a green hood of foliage. A tree provides us with shades in the hot days. The cool shade relieves us from scorching heat so that we can rest. We find them in the big parks and roadsides of well-planned cities. We find many trees in rural areas. This is why the air we breathe in the villages is very clean. Trees have the innate properties to clean air by absorbing carbon dioxide during the daytime. They have the biological power to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates using the power of sunlight. This is what we depend on. The entire ecosystem depends on what plants produce. An ecosystem depends on these producers of the food chain. These producers support the life of herbivores and the rest of the animals in the chain.

There are so many types of trees we find in nature. In fact, we are not aware of all the species found in the darkest and deepest jungles on the earth. These trees breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This oxygen is then used by the animals across all ecosystems. It means that the trees are the prime life support we need to survive. Trees are also responsible to remove carbon dioxide, the prime greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.

Global warming is caused due to the over-accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Aggressive industrialization is creating more greenhouses gases that trees can absorb. On the contrary, we are destroying our forest reserves to find more land to construct concrete jungles and factories. It has become a huge burden on the existing forests on earth. It is a natural cycle where the trees absorb the carbon dioxide animals produce and release oxygen for them.

When the trees are falling short, the level of carbon dioxide will automatically increase. It is resulting in a steady increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface. The entrapment of heat released by the earth’s surface by the blanket of greenhouse gases is causing the ice caps in the mountains and poles to melt. It is endangering the marine species, coral reefs, islands, and associated ecosystems. In fact, trees also keep the earth’s surface cooler by providing shade. Humans are responsible for the destruction of the forests and slowly making the planet inhabitable for other creatures.

The level of pollution is also increasing in the entire world. Trees are the only creatures that can save us from the alarming rise in the level of greenhouse gases. They can only provide shade to the needy. It is we who need to understand the importance of trees and plant more. We need to afforest barren lands and stand against the illegal acquisition of forests for industrialization. The entire world needs to slow down in terms of consumption. This pressure on every industry is driving us to gather more resources. We are steadily depleting all the natural resources and will run dry soon if we don’t stop.

We need to bring change. We need to make everyone aware of how trees are important for survival. It is us who can make a cumulative decision and trees can help us achieve a healthier planet for all living beings.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why are Trees important?

Ans: Trees are the base of a pyramidal ecosystem and food chain. They are the online living beings that can trap sunlight to make food and the rest of the creatures depend on it directly or indirectly. Trees cannot be replaced with anything in any biome. The sustainability of nature depends totally on trees and partially on other animals. They also consume carbon dioxide and keep our atmosphere free from toxic gases. We also inhale oxygen released by the trees during photosynthesis. Hence, trees are the most important living beings on our planet that make us sustainable.

2. How Trees can prevent global warming?

Ans: The increased rate of industrialization is generating carbon dioxide at an alarming rate. This is hampering the balance of the atmosphere causing global warming across the planet. Only trees are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide at a huge rate and release fresh oxygen for other creatures by the process of photosynthesis. This is how we can reverse global warming in a natural way. By planting trees, we can tackle this huge threat and save the only habitable planet we have.

3. How Trees help us apart from giving oxygen?

Ans: Trees and plants hold on to the soil and stop soil erosion. In fact, trees in the coastal regions and river banks are capable of reducing the destructive degree of floods and tsunamis. Trees are also the home of wild animals that are a part and parcel of an ecosystem. We also depend on the crops to sustain. Many trees have medicinal values. We get wood from trees to construct our homes. In a nutshell, trees are very important for every living being on earth.