Stitch in Time Saves Nine Essay

Essay on Stitch in Time Saves Nine

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A stitch in time saves nine is a plea to immediate action. Find a way when you have time. Otherwise, it's impossible to find a way out as time goes by. If a hole develops on one’s shirt and he does not sew it on time, then the same hole can ruin the whole shirt. Time has the same quality as that hole; the torn shirt can be stitched but not in time. Moreover, the turtle in the story of a turtle and a hare has persisted till he succeeded. He uses the ‘whole to part’ formula. Simply dividing the whole target into small targets is the basic motto for the race. The turtle remained loyal to his goals and achieved every milestone on time.

Time is a very important part of life and plays a significant role. It is true that time is an asset. So time must be used wisely like money. Those who wait always keep waiting and those who work with respect to time create history. Shri Krishna has described the importance of time in ‘Bhagawat Geeta’ in beautiful words. He stated that if Arjun had not attacked in time, the opponent would have won the battle by attacking him. He added that time is considered as a dynamic concept rather than a static one.

First, let’s evaluate the case of a disease. A neglected cold turns into several cough problems and a runny nose. In Gujarat, India, there was a certain breach in dams observed which led to floods. After investigation, it was noted that the dam was not repaired in the early stages. We can learn the importance of time from farmers. Before the first rains, farmers have to be ready with sowing and fertilizing. And if they delay, it has a huge impact on crop yield.


A frequent delay in actions or communication causes serious misunderstanding in relationships. Ask the importance of time to a smart student, he has a complete plan to solve a three hours paper. He moves towards success by proper time distribution for each problem so that in the end he will not run out of time. Time is a scalar quantity which does not stop for anyone. You can't buy time by paying. Even great achievers say, “You respect time and time will respect you back”.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the meaning of the phrase ‘A stitch in time saves nine’?

Ans: The phrase ‘A Stitch in time saves nine’ means that it is better to deal with a problem right away rather than postponing it as it will turn into a bigger problem with time. Time is really valuable and if things are not sorted on time, they will take longer to deal with. This phrase beautifully describes the importance of time management.

2. Why is time so important?

Ans: Time is really valuable. In fact, it is the most valuable asset. Those who understand the importance of time will go a long way in life. In professional life, one needs to be punctual. Punctuality and discipline are some of the keys to success. Students can be great in academics only if they complete their assignments and studies on time. Managing time during exams is important to score well. 

3. What is the literal interpretation of the saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine’?

Ans: The phrase ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ has been a popular saying for many years now. It is believed that it first appeared in a list of witty sentences in 1732. However, the idiom has been in use even before that. There is no proper evidence of who came up with this phrase first. So, it is difficult to tell exactly what significance the word ‘stitch’ or number ‘nine’ have. The phrase might mean a timely stitch on a cloth tear can avoid many stitches that might be needed later if ignored.

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