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Essay on Time

Time – How Important is It?

The value of time is one of the most positive aspects of all-round self-development. Every day, our teachers, parents and grandparents remind us about the value of time. My grandmother often tells me that time is more valuable than money. However, each person has their way of utilizing the time. While successful people use them wisely, a lazy person might waste a lot of time. This can make him miss out some great opportunities in life. And once the time goes away, you cannot bring it back by any means.

Time and Tide Waits for None

Everyone needs to realize how important time is. Often, we waste a lot of time doing unnecessary activities or thinking about unnecessary things. This takes away a lot of hours from our everyday life. If we keep on losing our time, we are likely to face many hardships in the future. So, instead of attending to several things together, it is essential to focus on what is necessary. 

Our teachers always ask us to think about the most important things that we need to attend every day. We can avoid many problems in the future if we take care of them on time. There is a famous proverb, "a stitch in time saves nine". It also conveys the importance of taking timely action.

Punctuality and Time Utilization

Punctuality means always being on time. In our school, the report card always mentions whether we have been punctual during the session. Even when my parents leave for the office, they depart early. They are very particular about reaching their offices on time. As they say, staying punctual shows that we are true to our commitment and that we can manage our time properly. This is something that everyone appreciates.

Reaching on time, as well as not wasting time, would make other people believe in us. They can rely on that we will not be late to keep an appointment.

Utilizing Our 24 Hours

Managing the 24 hours in a day can be more difficult than we think. It takes some time and planning to make the most of the time available to us. The better we make plans for time management, the easier our everyday tasks become. We can start by listing our priorities, allowing separate time to do our worksheets, and setting realistic goals.

For proper use of time, we can decide on our long and short term goals. My parents have always encouraged me to make a list of things that I think is necessary, as well as a list of things that might wait for some time. Accordingly, they help me to create my priority list. Also, keeping my goals in mind helps me to stay active. I always know what are the things that I should end doing by the end of the day. So I don't feel comfortable unless I have done everything on my to-do list. It helps me to do all my tasks on time. So I always end up having some extra hours for refreshment.

Prioritizing Our Works

Not all works of our everyday life are equally important. For example, while some entertainment and outdoor sports might be important for mental refreshment, I can always reserve some time for them on the weekends or the holidays. During the weekdays, my priority always remains on preparing my lessons and doing other activities on the allotted time. Managing our everyday routine is a very fruitful way to prioritize. And once we manage to do it smoothly, we can recognize the significance of several jobs and tasks that we are supposed to do.

Lack of Time Management

Discipline is a very important part of everyone's development. Having a clumsy and unplanned everyday schedule can be a discredit on our part. This can simply show our inability to organise our tasks. Improper time management can lead to failure in different tasks that we do. It can also prove our laziness or inability to take proper steps.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Name Some Basic Ways to Value Time.

Ans: The different ways to value time are:

  • Know what tasks are important to you. Finish your own work first before helping others.

  • Follow a well-planned and disciplined approach to every time-bound task given to us.

  • Go by the examples of famous and successful people. All of them respect whatever time they get. They do not let a single minute go by idly. Also, they always remain active during their working hours. They never allow any distraction during this time.

Q2. How can Goals and Work Lists Assist Us?

Ans: Keeping a to-do list is always helpful because it makes us more productive. It can help to outline our day to day activities. Also, having a list helps to set our priorities.

Q3. How to Prepare an Effective to-Do List?

Ans: We can always ask our parents and elders to help. However, we can start our own by observing how many hours we spend in schools, as well as intuition classes and while travelling. Also, we can make a list of things that we do every day. Next pick the things that are most important for the day to day works, as well as that of things that are not absolutely important. A responsible adult can help us get started.