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Nature includes our natural surroundings including both the biotic and abiotic components. It is essential for our survival and provides us with air, water, trees. It plays an important role in maintaining the ecological balance of Earth. Here we have provided three dedication speech example about nature. There is a Long speech about nature and a short 1 minute speech about nature for students and we have also provided 10 lines on Nature Topics for Speech for kids. Students can refer to them to get some idea on the topic.

Long and Short Dedication Speech Example About Nature

Long Speech About Nature

Good afternoon all! Today, I am here to deliver a Speech About Nature. For all our needs, such as food, oxygen, air, natural resources, we are all dependent on nature and, most importantly, it gives us a place where we live. Our human life started on this planet, and our "Mother Earth" has faced the dangers of devastation and abuse ever since. Beautiful forests have been ruined because of the innate selfish nature of humans, rivers have been polluted and wide-open areas have been used for factories or other architectural growth.

We don't know that we are invoking Mother Earth's wrath, which can pose a serious threat to our lives. Our land is currently facing the results of all the harmful practices, caused by the drying up of the river, the dying of plants, and the disappearance of mammal species. Another serious issue which we are dealing with is 'global warming', which has a tremendous effect on our atmospheres, such as thawing glaciers, rising sea level and rapidly evolving climate change. This is why we should all track our operations and assist in controlling such circumstances.

The question now arises: how do we control our activities?  Water is an essential natural resource. Therefore, if not in use, we can save every drop of water, by fixing any leakage in taps and closing them properly when not in use. We can practise rainwater harvesting as there is unnecessary water pollution and it is a good means to make use of rainwater. Additionally, wet or dry waste should not be thrown into the drainage pipes as they ultimately harm our water bodies. 

As for the protection of our plants, toxic pesticides shouldn’t be used and the use of home remedies or other environmentally friendly tools should be encouraged. Also, people can avoid throwing rotting fruits, vegetables, left food, eggshells in the waste bin and instead use those to make organic manure for their home garden. Different activities, such as helping to generate fertilizer, aid a ton in recycling waste products from useful items.

Similarly, we should start conserving the electricity used by us. We must switch the power button off before leaving our room/house. When public transport can be used, we shouldn’t use private cars. In reality, we can also use bicycles for a short distance, and protect our environment from the unnecessary release of harmful gases from our vehicles. In this way, we can make our precious contribution to protecting Mother Earth from permanent/irreversible damage. 

I would like to conclude this speech by requesting each of you to spread awareness regarding our environment and the practices which we can follow to save it.

Short 1 Minute Speech on Nature

Today, I am here to deliver a 1 minute speech on nature. One of the amazing gifts with which the planet earth is endowed is nature. It's the incomparable beauty of planet earth. Nature comprises the sweet birds singing, the change of season, the blessed morning and evening, the light of the rivers, the thunderstorms, the floods, the glaciers, the mountains, etc. In reality, the variety and blessing of nature can never be counted by humanity. Nature, in human life, has tremendous meaning and significance. To protect our lives, we need water, fresh air, and the earth. Mankind's survival is entirely dependent on nature.

Sadly, at the hands of humans, nature has suffered a great deal. Humanity has damaged and ruined nature in different ways over a hundred years or more. Mankind's industrial and technological advancement has hit the flow and rhythm of nature badly. Without understanding the fact that its destruction would end human existence, we have been unnecessarily misusing nature and its wealth for our material benefit. 

The ecology of our lives has been seriously disrupted by the cutting of trees, burning of fossil fuels, pollution of soil, water and climate, etc. Nature is at immense risk. The atmosphere is contaminated by the introduction of dangerous and contaminating elements into it. We are experiencing shifts in the patterns of the atmosphere. The living testimony to this reality is the torrential rains, floods, droughts, earthquakes, landslides and glacier loss, etc.

It is time for us to understand the significance and value of our mother nature. We need to prepare and behave accordingly to tackle it effectively. To rescue our future generations, we need to save nature.

10 Lines on Nature Topics For Speech

Here we have provided pointers which will help you in writing 1 minute Speech about Nature.

  1. The surroundings where we live, the natural resources or food we consume are parts of nature.

  2. Forests, hills, rivers, seas, deserts, weather etc. are part of nature.

  3. Nature provides us with opportunities to satisfy our needs and wants, such as water, air, food.

  4. Earth is the only known world that supports life for good and has biodiversity survival. 

  5. The environment, the climate and the weather are part of nature and are important to us.

  6. Nature is also a major source of Ayurvedic medicines that have been used in the treatment of different common and fatal diseases for thousands of years.

  7. Nature has an ecosystem consisting of biotic and abiotic components which are complementary and a part of nature.

  8. As for the protection of our plants, toxic pesticides shouldn't be used and the use of home remedies or other environmentally friendly tools should be encouraged.

  9. Human wellbeing is entirely connected to the health of the surrounding community. Nature is full of different resources responsible for our lives that are renewable and non-renewable.

  10. In reality, we can also use bicycles for a short distance, and protect our environment from the unnecessary release of harmful gases from our vehicles.