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Clothes Name for Kids

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Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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What Clothes Name Should Kids Know at the Very Basic Level?

Before kids get to know about the different clothes names, let us briefly discuss what clothing is. Clothes or clothing is an umbrella term that is used to define various types of materials that are worn by humans. It may be fascinating to know that although the revolution of the clothing we wear or changes we see in the clothing industry is very new, the concept of clothing is dated long back in history. 

Early humans that lived before the origin of civilization used the bark of trees, leaves, and animal skin as cloth. The main purpose of clothing is to provide an additional protective covering to the body. The article is aimed to provide kids with the names of the common item, we also provide a pictorial representation of the clothes which can help kids to understand better.

Why Should Kids Learn about Clothes' Names?

Although the origin of clothing suggests that it was invented to provide protection to the human body, as time went by and the fashion industry boomed, clothing became a fun activity. Everyone loves dressing up, even little kids. Getting ready or dressing up is a crucial part of the day, almost everyone prepares for the day ahead by finding suitable clothing. Teaching kids how to dress up on their own can be a challenging task but this can be done easily if kids learn the names of clothes. As kids learn the clothes names, they can easily organise what clothes they want to wear.

Learning clothes names is a simple yet important achievement, it not only helps kids to dress up on their own but also creates a positive habit of developing organisational skills in kids. Needless to say, learning the clothes' name helps in growing the vocabulary of the kid. Learning the names of various garments as a child is about much more than simply introducing them to new words. Children can feel a sense of accomplishment as they choose their own clothes, and they can even begin to explore their own identities through self-expression by selecting outfits that suit their personalities.

Some Common Day-to-day Clothes Name for Kids

The various items of clothing used are mentioned below.

  • Pants

  • T-shirt

  • Shirts

  • Skirts

  • Shocks

  • Blouses

  • Jeans

  • Sweater

  • Jackets

  • Coats

  • Scarf 

  • Suit

  • Tie 

  • Gloves

  • Hats

  • Hoodies

  • Undergarments

The items of clothing mentioned above are some of the most commonly used items of clothing. The cloth names can be easily understood by the chart of clothes names mentioned below.

A chart of the different types of clothes

A Chart of Different Types of Clothes

Different Types of Clothing for Different Seasons

Everyone has a favourite pair of jackets or shirts or a top we like to wear all the time but we are not able to do so. It is because we need to dress according to the weather. If the temperature gets high like in the summer, we tend to wear lighter coloured clothes made up of linen or cotton. On the other hand, during winters we wear heavy clothing made of wool. This cyclical change in the clothes we wear also indicates the primary function of clothing which is to provide protection to the body. Mentioned below are some of the clothes that are worn in a particular season.

Clothes That Are Worn in Winter

  • Leather jackets

  • Overcoats

  • Sweaters

  • Hoodies

  • Gloves

  • Woollen scarf

A chart of winter clothing

A Chart of Winter Clothing

Clothes That Are Worn in Summer

  • Shorts

  • Linen shirts

  • Swimsuits

  • Swimming trunks

  • Dress

  • Hawaiian shirts

A chart displaying summer clothing

A Chart Displaying Summer Clothing


To conclude the article, it can be said that providing protection is the most important function of the clothes. In the article, we have learnt about different clothes names in English that can help kids in better identification of clothes and organisation of them. We have also learnt about the different clothes that are worn according to season.

FAQs on Clothes Name for Kids

1. What is the common material used for manufacturing winter clothes?

Clothes like sweaters, gloves and jackets are worn in winter. Wool is the common material that is used in the production of these clothes. Wool is made from the fur of sheep, the fur is reared from the sheep then is cleaned. It then undergoes various manufacturing processes to produce wool as the final product.

2. What are cotton and linen?

Cotton and linen are natural fibres, that is, they are obtained from plants. Cotton is obtained from the cotton plants, whereas linen is extracted from the fibres of flax plants. Both of them are the raw material that is commonly used in making clothes that are worn in summer. It is so because they have absorption, have a soft texture and are comfortable to wear even in high temperatures.