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Speech on World Health Day

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Every informed and diligent individual gives health the highest priority and acquires good habits in life. The entire world celebrates a 'World Health Day' to encourage health at the world level. April 7th is internationally celebrated by the World Health Organisation as World Health Day. To spread knowledge about the value of good health, numerous campaigns are coordinated internationally across different countries. For the first time, the day was celebrated in the year 1950. The day is dedicated to spreading knowledge of different illnesses, care, preventive measures, good health, exercise, and other criteria related to health.

Long and Short Speeches on World Health Day

Long Speech on World Health Day

Today, I am here to deliver a speech on world health day. On April 7th each year, the health day is observed all over the world. To make people aware of the advantages of being well, World Health Day is celebrated worldwide. The WHO and other non-profit organizations are carrying out various activities and plan to mark World Health Day on this day.

It is necessary to make individuals aware that health is wealth. We need to recognize that wellbeing is an important component of our lives. Keeping yourself fit and safe is important, with so many diseases prevailing in the world. It will help spread awareness by imparting information about health and fitness to the public and World Health Day is instrumental in raising people's consciousness.

Each year, World Health Day is celebrated in India in conjunction with the themes of the World Health Organisation. The day brings the public's attention to the relevance of global health. WHO plans a theme every year, based on which different activities for World Health Day are held. It targets all health-related problems as a day observed at both international and national levels.

The festivities supporting health problems are attended by health officials from different countries. WHO also reminds people of the big health problems that occur in the country. Efforts to eliminate many serious health problems and epidemics in developed countries are also required.

Health is very critical in today's rising world. We need to make this day a moment for the need for a healthier life to be understood. We neglect the importance of health care in our emphasis on work, eating, and sleep. We also ignore it to the degree that we only remember it when health worsens or illness occurs. We need to realize that our true wealth is well-being first-person.

Due to the growing number of diseases and illnesses around the world, the need for World Health Day has been felt. A new illness pops up every year, now and then, causing fear among individuals. World Health Day addresses serious health problems and creates a clear theme each year to curb such epidemics. Taking these themes into account, numerous events and services are coordinated around the world on this day to ensure that health care reaches every human being.

People should concentrate on getting rid of unhealthy habits and behavior and shift towards a healthier life, especially those who consume medicines for hypertension or some other illness.

We should start to look at our reformed areas and reflect on how well our well-being can be and can lead us and our loved ones to a well-behaved, safe life. A big element of Health Day is a balanced lifestyle and a healthier world around you.

Short Speech on World Health Day

Today, I am here to deliver a speech on world health day. In human life, health is essential. "Health is wealth". If an individual is wealthy, but his health is poor, then he has no use for his wealth. To live a happy and good life, individuals should have good health. 

Health is the primary cause of many things in life, such as work, stress, thoughts, etc. If a person is healthy, he will do well in his job or work, he will be free from many illnesses, he will be emotionally calm and healthy.  

For good health, a healthy diet, nutrition, and exercise should be observed. World Health Day, to understand the importance of health and to draw people's attention to health, is celebrated worldwide on April 7th every year. Health is important for everyone, especially for children. Most of the time, children spend in kindergarten, preschool, and school. Many illnesses are infectious and they are easy prey when they are around other school students.

It is therefore important to inform students about the value of good behavior and well-being. That's why numerous activities, events, competitions, such as quizzes, essay writing, speeches, exhibits, etc., were organized on World Health Day to raise awareness of the importance of health among pre-school, school, and college students.

I will encourage all of you on this World Health Day to pay attention to your health. Take some time to work out in one day. Adopt good food habits. As much as possible, consider eating home-cooked meals.

10 Lines For a Speech on World Health Day

  1. World Health Day is held every year on 7th April to spread awareness among the masses of people about health.

  2. April 7 also marks the day the World Health Organisation was founded (WHO).

  3. The National Health Mission (NHM) was initiated in 2005 in India, targeting health facilities for rural and urban populations.

  4. There's already no access to health services for half of the world's population.

  5. 150000 'Health and Wellness Centres' are being built to take care of all Indian citizens' primary health care.

  6. In different parts of the globe, many schools, colleges, and other educational institutions make it a point to engage their students in different activities on the day.

  7. On the occasion of World Health Day, various workshops, morning processions, promotions, and roadside plays are arranged.

  8. People arrange health camps in some areas to have free health check-ups.

  9. Due to WHO's ongoing efforts, generic drugs are available at low prices in medical shops and are successful for human health.

  10. People also inspire people to give up their sedentary western lives and choose a balanced lifestyle.

FAQs on Speech on World Health Day

1. What are the main types of speeches?

Informative, Persuasive, and for special occasions.

2. Should you give your opinion in a speech?

Yes, you must put across your opinion clearly while delivering a speech.

3. List some things to keep in mind while writing a speech.

A speech should have a beginning, main body, and conclusion. The beginning should have a hook to immediately engage the audience. Make sure each transition is smooth and clear.

4. What are the things to keep in mind while delivering a speech?

Use voice modulation. Make sure to use correct diction. Body language should not be tense. Lastly, do keep a tab on time.

5. Are visual aids beneficial while giving a speech?

Yes, they can be quite useful. In the case of an informative speech, visual aids like a PowerPoint presentation can be a great aid. However, use visual aids judiciously and only if it helps to elucidate your viewpoints.

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