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Interesting Questions and Answers on Nouns

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Easy Noun Quiz with Answers for Kids

Do you know what a noun is? Let us learn about nouns in a fun and interactive way today. So, let’s start with a few examples. Suppose there is a boy, a doctor and a fireman. Who are all of them? They are all persons, which means they are all nouns. Similarly, what is the name of the city you live in? If you live in Delhi, then Delhi is a noun. So, we can say that any person, place, animal or thing is called a noun. 

seo images

To make it easier, we have provided some fun examples and noun questions and answers. These noun related questions and activities are very easy and you will definitely have fun doing them.

Let us look at the picture below to understand better.

seo images

Why do we have a name? We all have a name so that people can identify us. In the same way, a noun is used to identify a person, place, thing or animal. Therefore, nouns are also called naming words. 

seo images

In the above image, we can see different examples of people, places, animals and things. So, in simple words, we can define nouns as, “Words which are used as names of persons, animals, places, or things are called Nouns. Everything we can see or talk about is represented by a word that names it. That "naming" word is called a Noun.”

Now, we have some fun activities for you. If we show you some pictures, will you be able to tell whether the images are of animals, places, things or persons? Let’s start and see how many images can you identify correctly.

seo images

Nouns Practice Test with Images

We have provided a few noun test questions along with pictures. Look at these images properly and identify them. Although we have provided the noun test with answers for you all, we would advise you to try to solve them on your own first. This will make the activity more fun.

1. Identify and categorize them into animals, things, places and people.

seo images


















2. Look at the image below and identify which of them are ‘things’.

seo images





Hurray! That was a fun activity, wasn't it? You have now properly understood the difference between animals, things, places and people. 

Now, we have made some fun test questions for nouns. Let's see if you can get them correct.

10 Test Questions on Nouns for Kids

A few objective questions have been provided below. You will have to identify the noun in each of the noun objective questions:

1. I am currently living in New Delhi.

  • In

  • living

  • New Delhi

  •  I

Answer: New Delhi

2. Riya visited the Gateway of India in Mumbai.

  • Riya

  • Gateway of India

  • Riya, Gateway of India and Mumbai

  • Mumbai

Answer: Riya, Gateway of India and Mumbai

3. Japan is a beautiful country to live in.

  • Japan

  • Country

  • Beautiful

  • Japan, country

Answer: Japan, country

4. Summer is very hot.

  • Summer

  • Very

  • Hot

  • Is

Answer: Summer

5. The sky looks so clear and blue.

  • Looks

  • Sky

  • The

  • Clear and Blue

Answer: Sky

6. My friend, Neha, is an expert in Mathematics.

  • My

  • Expert

  • Mathematics

  • Neha

Answer: Neha, Mathematics

7. The mailman delivered us some letters that came from my uncle.

  • Mailman

  • Letters

  • Uncle

  • Mailman, letters and uncle

Answer: Mailman, letters and uncle

8. Are these oranges fresh enough?

  • Oranges

  • Are

  • These

  • These oranges

Answer: Oranges

9. The class decided to plan a surprise birthday party for their teacher.

  • Class

  • Birthday party

  • Their

  • Class, Party, Teacher

Answer: Class, Party, Teacher

10. I saw a monkey climbing up a tree.

  • Monkey

  • Tree

  • Monkey, Tree

  • I

Answer: Monkey, Tree

Great! This was fun to solve, wasn't it? If you really enjoyed doing this activity then you can find some more interesting worksheets and quiz questions on our website. You can practice solving it daily. Parents must try to teach their kids through these worksheets and quizzes. It will make the learning process more interactive and fun for the kids.

FAQs on Interesting Questions and Answers on Nouns

1. What are countable nouns?

The nouns that can be easily counted are known as countable nouns. For example, apples, tables, books, pens, etc. Countable nouns can be singular (for example, one apple, one book, one pen, one table) or plural (for example, two books, five pens, three tables, two apples).

2. Define uncountable nouns with examples.

Any noun which cannot be counted is known as an uncountable noun. This type of noun can never be written in a plural form. For example, sky, furniture, milk, water, money, etc. We cannot write these nouns in plural form like 2 milks, 3 waters, 3 furnitures, 5 moneys. Therefore, these nouns are always considered to be uncountable.

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