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Monkey and Crocodile Story

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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What is the Moral of the Monkey and Crocodile Story?

Panchatantra tales are for young readers as these stories impart some important morals to the children. The monkey and crocodile story portrays an engaging tale about friendship and betrayal. All the Panchatantra tales have valuable lessons for the kids. 

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The approach to the story is pretty didactic and unique. It is one of the most-loved stories in the collection. Students can use the clever monkey and crocodile story to learn more about the concept details and important moral structure. 

Monkey and Crocodile Story in English PDF 

According to the story of the monkey and the crocodile, there was once a monkey who lived on top of a tree on the banks of a beautiful river. The tree bore some of the tastiest and the sweetest mangoes. The tree bore mangoes all throughout the year. The monkey used to eat the fruit and play happily around the tree. Students can learn the monkey and crocodile story moral when they read the full story. 

As the story progresses, the monkey once sees a crocodile on the river who is very exhausted. Feeling pity for the crocodile, the monkey offers him some fruit from the tree. The crocodile is very pleased with the fruits as they are very tasty. From then on, the crocodile used to visit the monkey again and again. Slowly, they became very good friends. One day, the crocodile decides to take some fruit for his wife. The wife had the fruits and then made a very unusual request. She asked her husband to get the monkey’s heart. Since the fruits of the tree are so tasty, she says that the heart of the monkey would be even tastier. Since the crocodile considers the monkey as his friend and hence, he denies his wife’s request. 

But the crocodile’s wife was very adamant. She told the crocodile that she is very unwell and the doctor has recommended that she eats the heart of a monkey in order to get well. If she doesn’t get the heart, she will definitely die. She told her husband that it was his duty to his wife to bring him the heart of the monkey. The crocodile had to give in to the orders of his wife. As planned, the crocodile visits the monkey again and tells him that his wife liked the fruits and invited him to join them for dinner at his home. The monkey is very happy to hear that news and agrees to visit their house on the back of the crocodile. They start their journey towards the crocodile’s house. When they reached the middle of the river, the crocodile began sinking. The monkey got afraid and then asked the crocodile why he kept on sinking. The crocodile then revealed the true intentions of bringing him home. 

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This came as a shock to the monkey and he was outraged as well. However, he kept his calm and did not panic. He told the crocodile that he would be happy to help his wife but he has actually left his heart at the mango tree. The crocodile then agrees to take him back. When they reached the tree, the monkey leaped on top of it and then revealed the true tale to the crocodile. He tells the crocodile how he has deceived the monkey as a friend and no one actually keeps their heart apart from their own body. The foolish crocodile is then sent home without a heart. Students can learn the full details and also the moral of the story from the monkey and crocodile story in English PDF. 

Monkey and Crocodile Story Moral 

The story of monkey and crocodile is basically a story about betrayal in friendship. The crocodile betrays the monkey and plans to kill it on the orders of his wife. However, the monkey outsmarts the crocodile and saves his own life while the stupid crocodile has to leave empty-handed. He also loses his friendship with the monkey. 

The moral of the story of the monkey and the crocodile is that in times of trouble, one should keep calm in order to get out of the problem. This story is one of the most loved and admired stories of the collection. The monkey and crocodile story author is Paul Galdone. The story plays a very important role in imparting all the moral values to the students. Not to mention that the characters and the plotline of the story are pretty natural as well. This is one of the main reasons why this story is still taught to the children in schools. 

FAQs on Monkey and Crocodile Story

1. What is the moral of the monkey and crocodile story Panchatantra? 

The monkey and crocodile story Panchatantra describes the story of the building of friendship between a monkey and a crocodile which ultimately leads to betrayal. The monkey and the crocodile became good friends after the monkey decided to give the crocodile some fruit. However, once the crocodile takes some fruit for his wife and she asks him to get the monkey’s heart, he decides to betray his friend and kill him to cure his wife. If he had taken a stand against his wife, he wouldn’t have lost the friendship that he had with the monkey. Also, the monkey saves his life due to his smartness as he says he has left his heart on the tree. The moral of the story is that quick thinking can save you from trouble. 

2. How did the monkey and the crocodile become friends?

According to the monkey and crocodile story, the monkey once sees a crocodile on the banks of the river. The crocodile seemed a bit exhausting from traveling and is quite weak as well. Seeing that, the monkey feels pity for the crocodile. He offers him some fruit from the tree which the crocodile accepts happily. He discovers that the fruit is actually pretty tasty and he is thankful to the monkey for his help. From then on, the crocodile would visit the monkey every day and soon they became really good friends. So, this Panchatantra tale is basically a story of friendship which ultimately leads to betrayal when the crocodile agrees to get the monkey’s heart for his wife.  

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