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Essay on Lion

The lion is a wild animal. The jungle is its natural habitat. It is called “the King of the Jungle” because of its massive size and raw power. Its has a strong built, four legs, a large head with mane (in males), a tail and two glowing eyes which make it look ferocious. The lion is famous for its roar and hunting ability. It lives in a ‘pride.’ The details on the majestic animal are discussed in this lion essay.

10 Lines on Lion in English

  1. The lion belongs to the family of cats.

  2. It is a large and strong wild animal.

  3. It is one of the strongest animals in the forest.

  4. The lion is known as “The King of the Jungle”.

  5. It is famous for his loud roar and hunting ability.

  6. The lion’s body is covered with smooth, small ochre yellow hair.

  7. The long hair which covers the lion’s neck is called ‘mane’.

  8. The lion’s footprints are called ‘pugmarks.’

  9. The lion eats flesh and hence, it is a carnivore.

  10. Its teeth and claws are very sharp.

From the above lines on lions in English, we can see that lions are a very strong and powerful animal. No wonder he is called the “King of the Jungle”. The female lion is known as the “lioness” and the lion offspring is called a “cub”. An essay on wild animal lions would simply not be complete without writing about his group.

Lion Pride

The group in which lions live is called “pride”. It has ten to forty lions in it. Out of them, only one or two are adult males while the rest include lionesses and cubs. Usually, the males of the pride protect the cubs and the group against other animals and the females go out to hunt. Lions are very protective of their pride and are very ferocious animals with brilliant hunting abilities. 


In this essay on lions for Class 3 and 4 kids, it must be mentioned that lions sleep for twelve to fourteen hours during the daytime and go hunting at night. Lions have very sharp eyesight and are, therefore, excellent hunters. Their sharp claws and strong paws help them to hunt animals for their food. Lions eat the flesh of other animals and they are very fast runners. The loud roaring of lions could be heard from a distance of 8 kilometres.


Since lions are wild animals, the places where they can be found must be stated in the lion essay. Lions can be found in the wild savannah of Africa and in the Gir forest of Gujarat in India. Lions were also found in Europe, North America, and some parts of the Middle-East, but due to poaching, they are not found in those countries anymore. 

Poaching and Significance of Conservation

Lions are considered endangered animals because humans hunt and kill them for their skin, bones and mane. Lions are also kept in zoos, away from the wildlife, where they become unhappy. Therefore, lions must be protected from being hunted down and killed by humans. After all, this majestic animal is a symbol of power, honour and pride and should be preserved for future generations to behold their beauty and grace. 

And with that, this lion essay comes to an end. In this essay, the reason why he is called the “King of the Jungle” is written. The essay shows how the lion behaves, how much his strength is, his power in the forest, etc. The details about the “pride” of the lion are also discussed in this lion essay in English. Moreover, we now know where lions can be found on the planet and how human activities are hurting them. 

Lions are third-level or tertiary consumers in a forest ecosystem who feed on primary (herbivores) and secondary consumers. They play a crucial role in energy transmission in a food chain. Therefore, from an ecological point of view too, lions must be conserved to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. 

The Lion Essay in English

A Short Essay on Lion

The lion is a wild animal which lives in the jungle. It is called the “King of the Jungle” because of its strength and power. He has a large body of four legs, a huge head, a tail and a thick mane that makes him different from the others. Some details about lions shall be discussed in this lion essay.

5 Lines About Lion in English

  1. The lion is a carnivore and eats the flesh of other animals.

  2. The lion is very good at hunting.

  3. The lion sleeps during the day and hunts at night.

  4. The lion’s long hair on his neck is called “mane” and it protects him.

  5. The lion is famous for his roar, his large body and hunting ability.

The female lion is called “lioness” and the offspring are called the “cub”. Lions live in a group called “pride”. Lions are very protective of their group and cubs. Lions are endangered animals and can be found in Africa and some parts of India.

In this short essay on lions, some details about lions, and their group and where they are found etc are discussed. And with that, this essay comes to an end. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long can Lions live?

Ans. Lions can live for ten to fourteen years in the wild and about 20 years in captivity.

2. How does the mane protect the Lion?

Ans. The mane protects the lion from attacks on his neck by other animals or lions from a different pride.

3. Why are Lions captured and hunted by humans?

Ans. Lions are hunted by poachers for their skin and bones and captured and kept in zoos for human recreation.