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English for Children: How to Read and Write?

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Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Learning to Read and Write in English for Kids

English Learning should be done in a fun manner. However, are you bored with the old style of studying English? Then you must read this article, it might change your English learning process entirely!

We have listed down some fun ways to learn English. You might be a new learner of English or a parent who is trying to teach his or her kids English in a fun way, this article belongs to you. You no longer need to struggle with the process of learning once you have this page in hand.

Learning English with Songs and Stories

English learning

English learning

Kids will always love to have fun while they study. So, while learning English the same can be done by including songs, stories, videos and fun activities in their learning process. This will make English learning more interactive. Usage of the vocabulary games will help the kids to develop their literacy skills.

English Learning Accompanied with Writing

Writing is definitely a good way of learning. Encourage your kids to write in English. Help them to break down difficult words and make them write simple English sentences. They can also make their own posters which will include English words written by them. Also, you can encourage them to send written greeting cards to their friends on their birthdays.

Play Games with Kids

Making the little children learn is indeed a tedious task. Why not make the learning a gaming session completely?

With the help of various gaming activities, you can play games and learn English at the same time! There are lots of games and fun quizzes related to vocabulary which will guarantee your child’s interest in studying English.

English Speaking at Home

We all speak our mother tongue at home, which indeed should be given priority. But, learning English also should be given the next priority as the world communicates with this general language.

Why not try this - Make two or three days in a week as ‘English Speaking Day’ where you will converse with your kids in English.

In fact you can make it interesting by engaging them with other fun activities related to English, like - making them an English breakfast, enjoying good English films with them, knowing facts on the English language and other such activities.

Inclusion of English Audio and Video

You can indulge your kids in learning English in a different and interesting way, you can make it interesting by engaging them to watch the audio and video of animated English lessons or cartoons. The best way to do this is by encouraging them to watch videos on some of the popular nursery rhymes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, Baa Baa Black Ship, Old McDonald Had a Farm, etc.

There are also some interesting tongue twisters which will help them to focus on the pronunciation of the English words as well. When children listen to audio books or watch videos related to their lessons, they will also learn the pronunciation of certain words and imitate the same.

Upgrade the English Learning Skills

After a certain period, check the learning progress of your child. Upgrade the books that they are learning, and introduce them to some higher levels of books. This, however, needs to be done gradually. Do not expect them to show results in the first few days itself. They will need time to adapt and accommodate with the changes.


These were some tips which will help your kids to learn English in a fun and interactive manner. You can also buy good books for your kids or purchase good audiobooks from the Play Store or simply install the free ones. English learning is a long process, and it is ever developing. Thus, being self-sufficient in learning the same will go a long way. Moreover, you can visit our website and access the numerous stories, poems, non-fictional topics and grammar worksheets that have been curated keeping in mind the need for children’s effective learning at a tender age.

FAQs on English for Children: How to Read and Write?

1. How can I make my kid listen to an English Audio?

As a parent, you need to know what excites the learning of your child. Try to find which genre he/she prefers, and which type of tone or character he or she loves. Following this, you can install many audio apps like - audible from the play store and choose reading books for kids from there.

2. Is learning English very important for my child?

English is such a language which minimises the gaps of language barriers. All over the world, people use many languages to speak which you or your child might not be familiar with, one way to communicate is to speak English as this serves as a local and general language for all.