Failures are The Pillars of Success Essay

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Essay on Failures are The Pillars of Success

As the old saying goes, one must not give up; keep fighting till the end. Likewise, only when somebody pursues victory tirelessly, they stand to win at some point in their lives. Everybody does not achieve success for the simple fact that they give up quickly. 

Just when victory was lying in wait, they stopped moving. The road to success is a narrow path that is not often taken by many. One must take challenges head-on to achieve the desired result. 

Long Essay on Failures Are the Pillars of Success

Failures teach us the best lessons in life. One cannot deny the fact that life is indeed a slow struggle. At times, one wonders if they can make it until the next day or not. In this essay on failure is the pillar of success; one learns that life gives a taste of both failures and success. 

A man cannot always be successful in life, and none have achieved it so far. That is because failures tend to attack when nobody expects it in different forms. It can be in the form of financial or medical issues. 

Even successful men tend to fail after succeeding immensely in life. One must understand that failures highlight the drawbacks in the preparation. It is like a student appearing for an exam and scoring bad marks. 

Perhaps, his preparation was not adequate. There is no crime in making mistakes, but not learning from it, it certainly is. Even if one has failed several times, there is no harm in giving it another try. 

The story of KFC is one that is often heard about. The true story is about the constant failures and struggles of Colonel Harland Sanders. But in the end, he is determined after failing more than 1000 times.

He finally succeeds at the age of 65, which is considered retirement for many people. He did not feel bad when more than 1000 people rejected his recipe. Instead, he believed in his recipe and himself. 

Faith and belief in oneself also helps one to succeed. It just goes to show what determination, dedication, and ambition can do. Failures give another opportunity to come back with more vigor, energy, and preparation. 

In the paragraph on failures are the pillars of success, one can read about the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs. They carved their own niche in the world. Abraham Lincoln lost several elections disastrously. 

Even his own people gave up on him. He never let failure get the better of him and kept coming back strongly and fought courageously. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, was removed from the company he founded. 

It must have crushed him badly. But he did not allow that to affect him mentally. He started his own firm. This is how Apple was born. Its net worth in today's market is $2trillion. Success attained after several failures are treasured and valued. 

It boils down to the determination and patience of the individual. This leads them to the path of success. Yes, the road to victory is filled with self-doubt, endless agony, physical strain, emotional fears. 

But all that vanishes when the goal has been reached. 

Failures Are the Pillars of Success Short Essay

Short  Paragraph on Failures Are the Pillars of Success

Failures are the pillars of success, does not mean one must keep failing. When one fails in something, dejection instantly hits in. They are disappointed with themselves and everybody around them. 

Entrepreneurs did not accept failures and become dejected. In this paragraph on failures are the pillars of success; one can read about Bill Gates. He founded Microsoft. Like Steve Jobs, he quit college and began his journey in his garage. 

This resulted in the formation of one of the largest software firms in the world. Walt Disney was sent out because of his lack of imagination. It did happen unbelievably. That resulted in cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. They are cherished by people of all ages.

In the failures are the pillars of a successful short essay, one can learn from Oprah Winfrey. She was removed from her news reporting job because she had no creativity. She went on to become the host of the most popular TV shows. 

Even sports personalities have had their own share of failures. In this failure is the pillar of success paragraph; one learns about Goran Ivanisevic, who was the only wildcard to have won a men's singles at Wimbledon. 


To conclude, the failures are the pillars of a short success essay, one must work hard. They must hear their inner voice for the greater calling. It can help them to rise up bravely. One must refrain from their narrow minds and convert them into winning opportunities. 

There is no doubt; failures are the pillars of success. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Can One Learn from the Failures That Are the Pillars of a Successful Essay?

It is not a mistake to fail but to learn from the experience. Success does not come overnight but is a result of the determination, hard work, and perseverance. Failures help one learn from their mistakes and teach important lessons.

A true champion is the one who has fallen, broken, toiled, and defeated. But she comes back to win what she desperately wants. They know the real value of victory. One can shape their destiny using this kind of attitude in life. 

2. Does the Essay on Failure is the Pillar of Success and Talks Only About Successful People?

It talks about the attitude and mindset of how successful people embraced failures. They did not let losses in their fields affect them. Instead, they worked harder, bolder, and came back enthusiastically to finish their goals emphatically. 

When one is tempted to run away from failures, they must remember that cowards walk away. Heroes do not walk away. Rome was not built overnight. Likewise, a child did not get up and walk instantly. 

It took several falls and tears for that first step.