Essay on Holiday

Essay on Holiday for Students

‘Holiday’ is such a fascinating word that catches the fancy of each one, be it she or he, everybody finds it bliss to go for a holiday. We may be from any walk of life but we quite relate to this term ‘holiday’ equally. Professional people love holidays and children pray for the same. When it comes to holidays every grown-up and the working person acts like a child, desperate to relish the days of holidays. With the odds, if the holiday is cancelled, they will be sad and grumble as a child. 

Essay on Holiday

Holidays are rightly known as pressure busters for the people. The normal routine of life requires a few days to relax. The holidays are always welcomed and waited by all. Holidays give us immense peace and we cherish the memories of these well-spent days for the rest of our life.

Holiday help us in the following:

  • Holidays give us Mental Peace: 

We can derive mental harmony and mental calmness by staying at home and also by spending the holiday time with friends and family. 

  • Social Activities: 

The students in their holidays can also include the social activities that they do with their loved ones. 

  • Family Trip: 

We enjoy a family trip or a family excursion in these holidays.  

This is to be understood, gaining money is significant for livelihood but relaxing the mind to make it function better is also as important. Hence, for the smooth working of life, a break is required utmost. 

Essay about Holiday with My Family

This time in the winters, our small family planned for a holiday in the hills of Darjeeling. This was a much-needed break for the members of this family to remain quite busy in their daily scheduled life. They remain occupied in the strictly disciplined life of either work or study. Me and my little sister studies in grades 8 and 4 respectively, my father is a deputy manager in his reputed company and my mother is a working lady also a housewife, so you can guess how our life will be in the strict realms of schedule. Thus, this time my father and I decided on a short trip to the hills. 

We started our journey on the 1st of December 2019. On the way, we played a variety of games. The view over the hills was quite pleasant to watch. When we were on the top of the summits we looked down at our town which seemed like a toy town, how small that was from the top! 

We clicked pretty snaps of the places, clicked pictures of us, of the local residents there. After which, we went to a famous restaurant to eat our afternoon meal, we had the most delightful dumplings and noodles, which were cooked and served to us when still on steam. 

As dusk dawned on us, the jungles over the hills seemed to tell us another story of spirits and supernaturals. I and my sister were quite fantasized about this view. We preferred to keep our eyes shut till we reach our destination. It was half-past 8 when we reached the hotel where we would pass the night. The hotel staffs were kind people who welcomed us in great warmth. We got freshened up and went downstairs to watch their cultural program. The tribes danced to the music of one of their traditional song, which was quite amazing for us to watch them. After this, dinner was served. The dinner was quite rich and they served us in a sophisticated manner. After the tiring day, we decided to call it off and went to sleep.

The next day we went hiking in the mountains when we reached the peak of the mountains it was a very delightful view. We decided to camp for the rest of the day there in the hills. The scenario and being on the lap of nature were quite peaceful and serene.   

After the trip, we came down to our town and normalized our life. 

This trip had ushered a sense of great peace and calmness in my mind which was to be instilled. The memories of the trip were to remain fresh in my mind like the fresh droplets on the leaves. 

Essay on Importance of Holidays for Students 

Holidays are very important for students. The importance of the same can be listed as follows:

  • Students can join courses, like in extra activities like arts, craft, pottery, candle making, and more. 

  • Students get to visit new places in the holidays. 

  • They can go out with their families and friends and can make abundant memories, which will leave an imprint on their life. 

  • Holidays give them time to relax with their close ones.

  • Students also get a lot of time to complete their homework and revise their syllabus.

How to Spend School Holidays Essay 

To spend the school holidays, students must include this list:

  • Educating Self

  • De-stress and Relax. 

  • Improve Physical Health. 

  • Get a New Hobby.

  • Visit Interesting and Fun Workshops.

  • Learn Skills, like martial arts.

  • Be a part of a book club or a public library.

My Best Holiday Experience Essay 

In writing about the ‘Best Holiday Experience’ Essay, I would say the best holiday I spent was on the sea beach, the sunny weather on the beach of goa was no less than a divine holiday. The best experience of this holiday came from sharing nature’s beauty and also staying at the best resort in Goa. 

The holiday is a day off or a few days off from the monotonous routine of the everyday schedule. Holidays are equally loved by students as well as by the working people. Holidays prove to be beneficial to us in many ways when they are passed with memories and good activities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How important are Holidays for Working People?

Ans. Vacation or holidays improves the blood pressure levels and also the mental health of the working people. Vacationing ensures that these people have a healthy body and also a happy heart. The working people crave to spend their days with their family and loved ones, what best can it be than going on holidays with them. Honestly, holidays keep working people from becoming monotonous robots who only work to get paid. The holidays help them to feel recharged and relaxed. After which, they are more receptive and active towards work.

2. What kind of Social Activities are to be done on a Holiday?

Ans. Social activities such as getting a new hobby, starting to read a new book, organizing a get-together party, playing games, talking about an interesting and informative topic, visiting a peaceful place, paying a visit to the parents or grandparents can make wonderful holidays. 

3. How would you Define a Holiday?

Ans. A holiday is such a day that is given a day off by a custom or by law on which all the normal activities, especially the business or work including the school ceases to operate. Holidays are stress-busters, which act the same for all the people.