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Write a Short Note on Global Warming

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Global warming is simply the biggest problem these days. It has a huge side effect on the planet, humanity and our future. In this essay on global warming, we will explain why this is happening and what the effects are. We will add preventative measures that should be implemented as soon as possible.     

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Basic notions on global warming

You have probably met this term many times, but you may still not know what it means. Global warming occurs because of the greenhouse effect. In essence, carbon dioxide and similar gases are trapped in the atmosphere. They make the atmosphere thicker and trap the temperature. The temperature is rising, which is defined as global warming. Keep in mind that the entire planet is affected by this effect, even in areas where the temperature is extremely low.         

Causes of global warming

There are 2 main reasons why this happens. Unfortunately, both are huge and they have a severe effect on the planet. In addition, they have caused global warming since the early twentieth century. They are:     

1. Deforestation - The Destruction of forests across the planet, in order to obtain wood and usable space is the main reason for global warming. Every day, millions of trees are cut down and destroyed. Everyone needs several decades to develop, but we destroy it in minutes.     

2. Industrial emissions - factories around the world are having a negative effect on the environment. Most of them produce carbon dioxide, especially those that use some form of heat and produce smoke. In addition, energy production also leads to carbon dioxide emissions.       


Global warming affects the entire planet and causes many serious problems that are extremely difficult to solve. Even if we stop all CO2 emissions today, it would not stop global warming and its dangerous effects instantly. 

Climate change - As a result of global warming, the average temperature is rising. This results in an increased number of extreme weather conditions.     

The water level will be increased - Due to a higher temperature, the polar ice caps (Antarctic and Arctic) will melt. They are already melting. This is the main reason why the sea level will be increased.       

Human health - Humans will begin to suffer from tropical diseases and hunger. This is also happening right now, but in the future it will be increased.     

Prevention of global warming

In order to prevent or at least slow down global warming, some measures should be taken. Planting trees is the first and most important. It also means that we must stop destroying forests. 

 Reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. We need to close old factories, start using alternative energy sources and reduce the number of cars. 

The final thought

The most important thing to remember is that global warming is happening right now and it needs to be stopped. It will not be too late if the whole human race begins to protect the planet. Otherwise, we have no future!   


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