Greenhouse Effect

Environmental concerns have increased the rates of global warming due to the greenhouse effect. The normal temperature of the earth has seen a high shift due to the absorption of solar energy. The greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere absorb this heat energy and disrupt the regulation of heat throughout the atmosphere. As a result, the temperature rises, resulting in global warming. Some of the greenhouse gases are methane, carbon dioxide, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons, etc.

What Are The Effects of Global Warming?

Global warming causes some of the most hazardous effects on the human, animal and plant population. Some of the most devastating global warming effects are as follows.

  • The Climate Change

It is one of the greatest effects of global warming.

  • Melting of Icebergs and Glaciers

The rise in temperature has resulted in the melting of solid bodies like icebergs and glaciers. This also results in the rise of floods in different states.

  • Rise In Drought Conditions

Countries like Africa have suffered from major drought seasons. This is because of the drying of the water bodies and the absence of necessary conditions for crop growth.

  • The Rise in The Sea Levels

Due to the melting of icebergs and glaciers, floods have become quick and frequent in different nations.

  • Rise In The Number of Wildfires

Recent years have witnessed some of the most devastating wildfires of all times. This is because of the frequent rise of temperature in the environment.

  • Change In Seasonal Durations

It is observed that the duration of the season has changed greatly. In some years, winters arrive early whereas summers are late. Moreover, rains fail to appear in the allotted seasons.

  • Disruption In Food Chains

The food chains have witnessed massive changes. This is because migration seasons of birds are affected due to the change in seasons. The whole food chain has seen a massive drift in recent years.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Greenhouse effect is the key reason for environmental concerns like climate change. This could be understood by analysing the mechanism employed inside a greenhouse. A greenhouse is a structure made completely out of glass. It houses several plants which require a high range of temperature to thrive. The solar energy absorbed through this greenhouse ensures that the temperature inside the structure is relatively higher than that of outside. The mechanism here is that the solar energy absorbed is either not reflected at all or is reflected in small amounts. This ensures that the temperature remains high for the required growth of plant species.

However, the greenhouse effect has been hindering the environmental conditions. The solar energy absorbed by the atmosphere is not reflected and is not regulated throughout the circumference.

Greenhouse Gases

  • Greenhouse effect is carried out throughout the environment due to the presence of certain harmful gases. These gases are called greenhouse gases. They either exist naturally in the environment or are produced due to the unethical industrial and day to day activities.

  • Methane is a commonly found greenhouse gas. It is released in the environment during the production of minerals, coals, oils, etc. it is also released during the decaying process of waste material in the landfills. Methane holds the power to create global warming potential in the environment for almost 100 years.

  • Carbon dioxide is found abundantly in the atmosphere. It is exposed to the surrounding during the burning of trees or waste. Unethical practices like deforestation degrade the quality of soil and in additionally adds carbon dioxide to the air.

  • Certain fluorinated gases also exist in the environment. Hydrofluorocarbon, perfluorocarbon, etc. form the family of fluorinated gases. These are released in the atmosphere due to the industrial and commercial activities practised in day to day life. Household consumption of commercial products increases the rate of the release of gas.

  • Nitrous oxide is another harmful greenhouse gas. It holds the capacity to degrade the environment for up to 310 years.

What Is The Cause of The Greenhouse Effect?

  • The major cause of the greenhouse effect is the unlawful and hazardous activities of humans. These activities contribute to the harmful cause of greenhouse effect. Burning of fossil fuels containing carbon components is a key cause of the same. The carbon released in the air reacts with the oxygen and forms the deadly compound of carbon dioxide.

  • Moreover, another key element causing the greenhouse effect is the deforestation and unethical utilisation of land. The carbon dioxide stored in trees is released in heavy amounts and adds to the risk of global warming.

  • Heavy consumption of commercial appliances like air conditioners also add to the emission of greenhouse gases in the environment. Moreover, the landfills containing millions of nonrecyclable materials are burnt in the open air. This also contributes to the addition of carbon dioxide in the air.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is global warming?

Global warming is a collective result of unethical environmental activities. These activities allow the addition of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As a result, an enormous amount of solar energy is absorbed by the atmospheric layers and is stored inside the earth. Hence, restricting the reflection of gases due to the presence of greenhouse elements.

2. How are greenhouse gases detrimental to the environment?

Greenhouse gases either exist in natural forms or are man-made due to certain industrial processes. These gases increase the regular ideal temperature of the earth and degrade the atmosphere. Due to the enormous rise in temperature, the icebergs and glaciers are at risk of melting. These factors directly cause floods and tsunamis in several areas. Moreover, high surrounding temperatures have given rise to health issues as well. It is proven that diseases like yellow fever and malaria have increased recently due to the rise of the atmospheric temperature.