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Global Warming for Kids

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Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Global Warming has become a serious issue that needs to be addressed at the earliest. Global Warming is not suitable for the earth and its ecosystem. Let’s understand the concept of global warming, its causes, effects, and methods to prevent the Earth from Global Warming. Below is a global warming diagram to understand it well.

Global Warming

Global Warming

The temperature of the Earth has been rising for many years. It has crossed the average temperature of the Earth. You may experience that the heat in the temperature has risen a lot. This is all happening due to the effect of Global Warming. The warming of Earth’s temperature is Global Warming due to various factors.

What Causes Global Warming?

There are many factors associated with Global Warming. Let us look at the reasons of Global warming:

  • Greenhouse Gases are the main reasons behind Global warming. It includes carbon dioxide, methane, water vapour, etc. These gases are harmful for the environment. The rise in the level of these gases led to the warming of the earth. Day by day these gases are covering the earth.

  • Carbon Dioxide is one kind of a greenhouse gas. We extract this gas every day in our lives. We use vehicles which release carbon dioxide in the environment. This level of this gas is increasing day by day.

  • Factories are manufacturing and producing goods. These factories also extract harmful gases in the environment which is one of the main reasons behind global warming.

  • Volcanoes and volcanic eruptions are also responsible for Global Warming. Volcanoes are full of heat, hot gases, and fire. They are also responsible for the increase in the Earth’s temperature.

These are the main reasons behind the increase in the Earth’s temperature leading to Global Warming. Many developed countries like China and the USA release a lot of harmful greenhouse gases which are causing Global Warming globally.


Main Effects of Global Warming

Cycle of Global Warming

Cycle of Global Warming

Global Warming has led to many problems on the planet Earth. Let us try to understand the main effects and global warming facts in detail.

  • Melting of Glaciers is the most concerning effect of Global Warming. Due to the rise in temperature, the giant glaciers have started melting at a greater rate.

  • Extreme Weather Conditions are also being faced by many countries. These conditions are severe and extreme which is making the lives of people miserable.

  • Ecosystems and their cycles are also disturbed due to Global Warming. Deserts are expanding and cold places are facing shorter terms.

  • Global Warming has also led to the migration of animals from hotter places to cooler places which is not desirable.

These effects are affecting the daily lives of the living beings on the Earth. These need to be controlled for the protection of the environment.

How to Prevent Global Warming?

The problems of Global Warming need to be addressed to protect the environment and the ecosystems.

  • People must avoid using personal cars and vehicles. Instead they should use public vehicles like buses. Electric or solar vehicles can also be used to reduce the effect of global warming.

  • We should plant more trees and plants to make the effect of global warming less. Trees give us oxygen to breathe and they use carbon dioxide to make their food. Through this, they clean the environment.

We must also spread awareness among the people related to this issue. We should take care of the environment. Keeping the environment clean will lead to the issue of global warming being resolved.


Global Warming is an alarming issue which leads to the rise in the temperature of the Earth. Greenhouse gases, melting of glaciers, volcanoes, and cutting of trees are the reasons behind the issue of Global Warming. To solve this problem, people should plant more trees and start using electric and solar vehicles. People should spread awareness related to the problem of Global Warming.

FAQs on Global Warming for Kids

1. What are greenhouse gases?

A gas that produces the greenhouse effect by both absorbing and emitting radiant radiation in the thermal infrared range is referred to be a greenhouse gas. Greenhouses Gases are harmful gases which are responsible for the issue of global warming. Gases like Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Water Vapour are greenhouse gases. These gases are released from vehicles and factories. They harm and pollute the environment. We should take the necessary steps to prevent the environment from these harmful gases.

2. How can we address the issue of Global Warming?

People must spread awareness about this problem. People must take individual initiative to address these issues. We should start using solar, public vehicles, bicycles, and electric vehicles. Solar and electric vehicles are environment friendly. Planting trees and plants also helps in cleaning the environment. Trees use CO2 and sunlight to make their food and release oxygen which is helpful for the environment. Global warming can also be handled well if every person takes individual initiative to protect the environment. For example, people can use bicycles or public vehicles to go on short routes rather than taking personal cars.