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Essay on Camel

Camel Essay in English

A camel is a domestic herbivorous animal also known as ‘the ship of the desert'. It has been domesticated for more than 3500 years now. In a camel essay, we must mention that camels are useful to humans in numerous ways. They are also loved for their obedience, intelligence and friendly nature. 

This is a short paragraph on camel in English which is going to discuss the animal’s physical features, adaptations, distribution, and economic importance to humans.

Camel Topic: Physical Features

The striking features of camels are their long slender legs. The feet of the camel are padded. This equips the camel to run and walk on sand. In an essay on camel in English, it is important to mention that their body is covered with thick hair. Camels have two nostrils which they can close during sandstorms. The eyes of the camels are guarded by thick eyebrows and long lashes; these protect the eyes from sand. They have a long neck which facilitates them to feed on leaves on branches. In a camel essay, we must mention that they have one or two big hunches on their back. These humps are basically deposited fats. Oxidation of these fats helps camel to survive during food scarcity. In an essay on camel in English, we should mention that camels have a water-storing bag in their stomach. Because of this special adaptation, camels can survive in the desert without water and food for a long period of time. In an essay on camel in English, we should highlight that when camels drink water, they absorb water like a sponge. For example, a 600 kg camel can drink 200 litres of water in 3 minutes! Also, camels are ruminants. 

Distribution: In a Camel Essay in English

The Arabian camels have a single hump while the Bactrian camels possess two humps. The former is found in Africa and South-Western Asia while the latter is found in the Gobi desert of Mongolia and China. 

5 Sentences about Camel in English:

  1. Camels are known for their intelligence. 

  2. It is said that camels do not forget a path it has traversed once. Hence, they do not get lost in deserts. 

  3. They are calm and do not cause harm to anybody.

  4. Camels feed on green vegetation, thorns, and twigs.

  5. The average lifespan of this mammal is about 40 to 50 years. 

In a camel essay in English, we should mention that camels have been used for various purposes by man since ages. 

10 Sentences about Camel in English: The Uses 

  1. The most common usage of a camel is as a mode of transportation in the desert.

  2. Camel milk is a staple in the desert. It’s said to be highly nutritious. 

  3. A female camel can produce up to 7 litres of milk per day. 

  4. Camel’s hair is used in the textile industry. 

  5. Camel skin is used for the manufacture of leather.  

  6. Camels are used in agriculture extensively.

  7. They are used for drawing water from wells and a perform lot more work.

  8. Camels can grow up to 7 feet in height.

  9. Camel’s laid-back look is quite deceptive. They are good runners.

  10. Because of their desert adaption, camels are known as the ‘Ship of the desert.’ 

So, these are just a few sentences about camels. In a camel essay in English, we should also focus on the fact that camels have become critically endangered. To save them from exploitation, we must behave responsibly and not make them overwork. The Government of India has set up the National Research Centre on a camel in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Camel Essay In English For Kids

A Camel Essay in English with Key Highlights

Camel is known as ‘the ship of the desert'. This friendly domestic mammal is herbivorous and feeds on leaves and vegetation. Camels are extremely useful to human beings. They are used for agriculture, transportation and for their milk and meat.

If we are to write 10 lines on camel in English, we must mention that-

  1. Camels are quadruped animals with lean long legs and padded feet, which enable them to walk and run on sand. 

  2. Camels have special water-storing cells in the stomach which store water for later use. 

  3. Camels have one or two humps on their back which stores fat. 

  4. Camels can live up to many days in the desert without food and water. 

  5. Camels have their body covered with hair and their skin is thick to save them from the severe heat of the desert. 

  6. Camels are known to be intelligent animals. They do not forget the path they have travelled once. Hence, they do not get lost in the desert. 

  7. They are used as a mode of transport in the desert region. 

  8. They are also used for sowing the field, carrying loads, drawing water and a lot more different works. 

  9. Camel milk is suggested for people having high diabetes, cholesterol, dengue and lactose intolerance. 

  10. Camels are extremely fast runners. 

In a short essay on camels, we must also mention that camels are of friendly nature, well mannered and intelligent. They do not inflict any harm to human beings. They should be conserved, used responsibly and saved from exploitation.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Speciality of Camels?

Camels are special because they have special adaptations to survive in the scorching heat of the desert. And since they are widely used for transportation there, they are known as ‘The Ship of the Desert.

2. What is the Speciality of Camel Milk?

Camel milk is known to have 3 times more vitamin C and ten times more iron in comparison to cow’s milk. It is used for treating diabetes and Crohn’s disease. 

3. Which Country has the Maximum Number of Camels?

Australia has the highest number of camels in the world.