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Scavenger Hunt: How to Play These Games?

By Swagata SarkarAugust 01, 2022
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Play Scavenger Hunt to Fill Your Day with Excitement

The scavenger game is typically outdoor, where participants collect miscellaneous objects to have fun. The scavenger hunt is played following the below-given steps.

  • Create a list of things to search out, hear or do

  • Set a time limit (within which the task has to be completed)

  • Give the participants a list and let them scavenge around

  • The one who completes doing the tasks earliest or does the maximum within a given time is the winner.

A scavenger game can start between two or more people. The number of items for collection can be up to some 40 items. Follow the steps to play the game in the right order-

  • Participants should plan the route

  • Scout out all locations

  • Mark the envelopes with numbers and put the clues in numbered envelopes

  • Take time to plan

  • Get helpers buy-in

  • Prepare for contingency

  • Add in some rewards to keep it interesting

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Tips to Play Scavenger Hunt Games

Since you already know what is scavenger hunt game, you can now learn some tips to play it. Scavenger hunt games' rules will vary depending on the type of hunt you choose, the average age of the players and the location where the game is about to be played. Everyone must have a clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts of this game. For instance, if items are worth points, specify the value of every item. How to enjoy the game is something to understand. Let’s discuss.

Set a Goal

Each team or individual will be given a list of things they are to collect, find, or complete. The goal is to complete all challenges as fast as possible. There will be a fixed time to complete the task for all. Whoever reaches the goal first will be declared the winner.

Time Limit

If you and your friends are planning a timed hunt let everyone know about the time limit. If it is not a time-bound hunt, mention where and when all will meet to decide the winner. Every game has an approx time period. After that, the game must be completed and winners should be declared.

Set Boundaries

Scavenger hunt for kids can be played both as indoor and outdoor games. If the kids are young, indoor or very limited outdoor areas would be safe for them. Avoid risky or forbidden areas for safety. Be clear about where participants can or can not go. Specify the boundary within which the participants have to complete their tasks.

Mention the Rule

Be clear about what can cause the deduction of points. Also, mention how many points will be deducted for breaking which rule. Mention if items are to be purchased. If yes, what is the time limit and how much money is to be spent? Tell your playmates if they have to maintain a specific order.

Note If Team Members can Split up or Not

Be specific about how the team has to act to finish the game. If they have to stay together or can split up to find out items or fulfill the challenges. Also, mention if a team or individual can join with other groups.

Follow the basic rules for a game well played.

More About Scavenger Hunt Instructions 

  • Gather all your items, list them, and assign points, respectively

  • Appoint an outside player to hide the objects

  • If the area is huge, make a map showing general hiding areas.

  • Give the scavengers clues to the location of each object.

  • Set a time within which scavengers will collect the objects

  • Let the scavengers run freely while they search thoroughly for the hidden object.

  • There have to be at least 3 players. One hides the objects and the other two compete against each other.

Scavenger Hunt Rules

Scavenger Hunt Rules

Scavenger Hunt Games Online

This game is played virtually as well. Scavenger hunt games online will offer a virtual experience. During the pandemic, people found an alternative way to keep themselves entertained. This remote game is designed to get the players up and moving around (even if it is only within the living room). There are several applications available dedicated to this game. You can download and run them on your smart device. Some of the notable ones are - Let’s Roam, and Catch Me if You Can.

Dig Deep into the History

Now you must have some idea about what is a scavenger hunt. But do you know from where ‘scavenger hunt’ - the name came from? That may sound odd initially, but participating in the game somewhat seems similar. It was inspired by a scavenging animal's frantic or erratic search for food.

Clues on How to Play Treasure Hunt Online

Here are some additional clues on how to play treasure hunt online.

  • I am in the kitchen. You will not eat me ever. But your pet will surely like me (Dog Food)

  • Give me a tap and I will give you suds. I come in handy when you are covered in dirt (Soap)

  • I get cold and my door twin gets colder. I keep your vegetables fresh but help me if I am getting older (Refrigerator)

  • I get hot and work both ways. On top and within but not on spinning trays (stove)

  • I keep you cool on hot summer days. I also save you on rainy days. But put me down when the wind blows, or I too will blow away. (Umbrella)

  • I take them dirty and soak them till clean. The stains and marks will no longer be seen. (washing machine)

  • I take your food and give it back hotter. I also crisp it up and you will probably need some butter. (toaster)


With the help of the above-listed scavenger hunt clues, you can play the game smartly. Also, once you are apt at playing the game, you will start developing smart tricks while proceeding with the game. You can also teach these skills to your kids, friends, and other individuals.