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Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids and Friends

By FatimaApril 12, 2024
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Before your little bundles of energy turn your living room into a fortress of pillows and Do Not Enter signs this summer, plan a season packed with so much outdoor fun they'll voluntarily snooze by seven! We're not kidding.

Fun Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids and Friends

As the mercury rises and schools break for summer, there's a palpable excitement in the air, you must be feeling it too. Summer is a special time for children — no schools, no lectures, enough time to laze out and do sweet nothings.

It's also an invaluable opportunity for you, as parents, to guide your children towards activities that will significantly contribute to their growth – physical and mental.

There’s nothing better than fun outdoor activities that children can enjoy with their friends. And guess what? You could be the architect of those fun activities.

Importance and Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Children

They might not like a round of science lectures, but they will love it when you teach them about stars and constellations while they are stargazing. That’s the beauty of hand-picking smart summer outdoor activities for children. They properly engage children in learning so many things without any activity feeling like a chore.

Fun outdoor activities:

  • Keep children physically fit

  • Build their cognitive skills

  • Teach them compassion through community services

  • Make them an environmentally aware person

  • Make them self-reliant

  • Spark their curiosity

  • Motivates them to develop new skills and pursue passions

When children play outside with their friends, they're burning off excess energy, exploring their environment, learning how to take turns, resolve conflicts, and build friendships.

Needless to say, with the right balance of outdoor activities, you can transform your child in every sense!

Ready to explore the best outdoor activities your kids can relish with family and friends? Tag along!

1. Arts, Crafts, and DIY Activities

Arts, Crafts, and DIY Activities

With longer days and a break from the usual school routine, engaging in arts, crafts, and DIY projects can be a delightful way to spend time outdoors.

Here’s a roundup of activities that promise fun and learning in equal measure:

  1. Fun with DIY Chalk Paint: Guide them on how to mix cornstarch, water, and food coloring to craft their own chalk paint. This simple recipe opens up a world of creativity on sidewalks and driveways, letting kids express themselves with vibrant colors. And the best part? Rain washes it away

  2. DIY Water Table for Sensory Play: Set up a simple DIY water table to keep your kids engaged and learning through play. You just need a large plastic bin or an under-bed storage container. Fill it with water, and add cups, spoons, small toys, or floating objects. This setup encourages kids to explore different textures and temperatures, helping develop their sensory skills

  3. Paint and Hide Kindness Rocks with Positive Messages: A simple yet profound activity, painting rocks with uplifting messages and hiding them in community spaces can brighten someone's day. It teaches children the joy of spreading positivity

  4. Homemade Slip and Slide for Group Fun: With some plastic sheeting, soap, and water, you can create a slip-and-slide in your backyard for your kids and their friends

  5. Fairy Garden or a Miniature Landscape: Create a magical fairy garden or miniature landscape using a small corner of your garden or a large pot. Start with soil, add some small plants or moss for greenery, and then let your kids decorate with pebbles, sticks, and tiny h accessories like mini houses or benches. It teaches children about plant care and the ecosystem in a fun, engaging way

  6. Make and Fly DIY Kites: Crafting and flying kites is a classic summer activity that always stays in style. It's an excellent way to teach kids about aerodynamics and the thrill of watching their handmade kites soar

  7. A Nature Mandala Using Found Objects: Encourage them to collect leaves, twigs, stones, and flowers to create beautiful nature mandalas. This activity is a form of meditative art that can help them practice calmness and focus

  8. A Mini Obstacle Course: Build a mini obstacle course right in your backyard with items you have on hand. Use chairs for weaving in and out, ropes for a makeshift limbo, and pillows or soft toys for jumping over. This setup is perfect for encouraging physical activity, improving coordination, and teaching problem-solving as children figure out how to navigate through the course

For the curious minds eager to learn why kites fly, Vedantu's interactive courses on physics make learning fun and engaging.

2. Nature and Exploration Activities

Nature and Exploration Activities

Warm summer days offer the perfect backdrop for kids to learn, play, and grow. Here's how you can make nature both a playground and a classroom:

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Equip your kids with a list of natural items to find in your local area. This could range from specific leaves to insects. It teaches them observation skills and a bit about local ecology

  2. DIY Bird Feeder & Bee Hotel: Creating these with simple materials (like plastic bottles for feeders and bamboo sticks for bee hotels) encourages birds and bees to visit your garden. It’s a great way to teach kids about the importance of pollinators and local bird species

  3. Pressing Flowers and Leaves: After collecting them during walks, pressing flowers and leaves between the pages of a heavy book can be a gentle introduction to botanical science. Kids can use these pressed treasures to make bookmarks or art, linking creativity with learning

  4. Hiking Adventure: Choose trails known for their varied flora and fauna. It's a chance to teach children about different plant species and the local wildlife

  5. Geocaching: Search for geocaches hidden in your local area using a GPS device or a smartphone app. These caches often contain a logbook to sign and sometimes small trinkets for trade. It's a thrilling way for children to explore their surroundings, learn navigation skills, and develop a problem-solving attitude

  6. Picnic Time: Select a spot that’s scenic and interesting – like near a historical monument or a botanical garden. It can spark conversations about history, botany, or environmental science

  7. Rockpooling or Fishing: Both activities require patience and quiet, offering lessons on marine life and the importance of water bodies. Plus, kids can learn about the catch-and-release concept, emphasizing respect for nature

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3. Water-Based Fun

Water-Based Fun

Summer and water go hand-in-hand. Here are some water-based activities that promise not a respite from the heat and a barrel full of laughs while making kids active.

  1. Water Balloon Fight or Sponge Tag: There's nothing like the old-school fun of a water balloon fight to bring on the laughter. Or try a sponge tag for a less messy option. It’s a wonderful way to get the kids moving, strategizing, and working as a team

  2. Splash in a Pool: Whether setting up a small pool in your backyard or heading to your local community pool, swimming is a fantastic way for kids to stay active and cool. It's also an excellent opportunity for them to improve their swimming skills

  3. Day Out at a Water Park: Planning a family outing to a water park can be the highlight of the summer. With attractions for all ages, it’s a perfect way for kids to splash around and have some good old fun

  4. Epic Water Gun Battles: Equip your kids and their friends with water guns and set them loose for a backyard battle. It’s an excellent way for them to cool off while engaging in some friendly competition

  5. Kayaking or Canoeing Adventure: For teenagers who love a bit of adventure, a kayaking or canoeing trip on a nearby lake or calm river can be a summer highlight. It’s a unique experience that combines physical activity with the beauty of the outdoors

Water parks are fun, but understanding the science behind water flow can be just as exciting. Vedantu offers interactive virtual summer camp experience that makes learning fun!

4. Games and Sports

Games and Sports

Can the list of outdoor fun activities for children ever not involve sports? Here's how you can turn every sunny day into an adventure in your backyard or the nearest park.

  1. Your Very Own Sports Day: How about setting up a mini sports day for your children and their friends? You can include a variety of fun activities like three-legged races or a simple ball toss

  2. Timeless Outdoor Games: Remember the joy of chasing friends in a game of tag or hopping through a hopscotch grid? Bring these classic games back for your kids. They're not just entertaining; they help children stay active and improve their coordination

  3. Football and Frisbee Fun: Got space? Set up a small football match or throw a frisbee around. These simple games are great for teaching teamwork and can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages

  4. Miniature Golf at Home: Transform your backyard into a mini golf adventure with items you already have. Use plastic cups as holes, and create obstacles with toys or household items. Think of books for ramps and flower pots as barriers. It's a hands-on way to teach kids about angles and force

  5. Juggling and Hula Hooping: Encourage your kids to try juggling or hula hooping. These activities are not only a hit for kids but also excellent for improving their hand-eye coordination and balance

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5. Relaxation and Leisure

Relaxation and Leisure

If there’s one thing that children love, it's relaxing. And since it’s summertime, they deserve it. You can turn this leisure time into a learning experience with the following fun outdoor activities.

  1. Outdoor Movie Night: With a simple projector and a comfortable sheet, you can guide your children in transforming your backyard into an open-air cinema. It's a perfect way to spend quality time and bind over stories

  2. A Hammock in the Shade: There’s nothing quite like the comfort of a hammock strung up in the cool shade. It’s the perfect spot for your children to dive into their favorite books. This little retreat can become a summer favorite for reading and relaxation

  3. Stargazing Together: On a clear night, invite your children to explore constellations and the north star. It's a serene experience that can put them back in touch with their studies without feeling like work

6. Community and Social Activities

Community and Social Activities

Here are some ideas that can turn your children into compassionate and independent people while they are still having fun:

  1. Lemonade Stand: Encourage your kids to set up a small lemonade stand. It could be a fun way to learn about business basics, but more importantly, it's about understanding the value of hard work. You could even donate the proceeds to a local charity, teaching your children the importance of giving back

  2. Host a Neighborhood Cleanup or Charity Event: Organize a cleanup drive in your neighborhood park, beach, or a charity event for a local cause. It's a meaningful way to teach your children about responsibility towards the environment. Such activities also reinforce the value of teamwork

  3. Community Picnic or Potluck: Plan a community picnic or potluck in a local park. Invite your child’s friends and their parents. Encourage each family to bring dishes that represent their cultural heritage. It's a delightful way for children to learn about and appreciate the diversity within their own community

  4. Participate in or Watch a Local Sports Event: Whether cricket, football, or a traditional sport, participating in or watching local sports events can be thrilling for children. It’s an excellent opportunity for your children to learn about teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship

We know summer is for adventures, but learning doesn't have to take a vacation. With Vedantu, you can ensure your child's summer is not only full of fun but also enriching learning experiences. Explore our live classes today!


Summertime is the perfect time to make your kids smarter, teach them about teamwork, and encourage them to take on new responsibilities and pursue new skills. None of this has to be a task when you teach it through the fun outdoor summer activities we’ve compiled in this guide.

But what about those too-hot or rainy days when your kids might be unable to play in the backyard slip-and-slide, go hiking, or kayaking? That’s where Vedantu’s fun and interactive coaching sessions will help. It might sound nerdy, but our specialized courses for kids include numerous fun ways of teaching your little ones about math and even coding. Book a demo call with us today!