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Recycling Activities for Kids

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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Recycling Activities for the Kids: Little Hands at Work

Recycling has become one of the basic duties that everybody follows. In this context of recycling activities for kids, we are going to share recycling activities that can be easily done by the kids. In this manner, they will understand the need for recycling and will be able to serve society with their little hands!

What Is Recycling?

Recycling is the action or the process in which the waste products are being recycled into useful, reusable materials. This involves the process of collecting the waste materials which would otherwise be thrown away and utilising them to make a new useful product. With the help of this process, one can benefit the environment as well as society at large.

So, kids, would you like to do this honourable work of recycling? Let us know how you can do it.

13 Recycling Activities Ideas for Kids

Recycling activities for kids

Recycling activities for kids

In this section, we will be sharing the 13 recycling activities which the kids can do easily in a fun manner.

1. Building a Robot

Did you get cardboard boxes and other tin containers? Why not build a robot out of it? Shape out the cardboard in different shapes of a robot. You can create a circle for the head, square for his upper body, legs and hands likewise in rectangular shapes that can be cut out. They assemble the parts, stick with glue and you will have your own robot man.

2. Making a Seed Paper

Without throwing away the shredded paper in the dustbin, try creating a seed paper out of those. You can select the clean white papers and cut them into squares. This will function as seed paper where you can pin down notes.

3. Play a Game Related to Recycling

You can play games with your kids to make them practice which item is to be recycled and which item is to be thrown away.

4. Making a Bird Feeder

We all love bird feeders! Isn’t it? Let’s make one out of the waste. If you have unwanted plastic, you can place that on the bird perch with some hay beneath it, or you can put it in your birdcage, this will act as a bird feeder.

5. Paint the Symbol of Recycling

This will help the kids to learn in which bin they should keep the recycled materials. This way they can distinguish between the bins.

6. Attempt to Keep a Recycling Bin at Home

It is a good habit to keep a recycling bin at home. This will make sure that the items to be recycled are stored in that bin for some future uses.

7. Online Game for Recycling

Play online recycling games which will make the children aware of the benefits of recycling and what cool products they can make from recycling waste items.

8. Pack a Waste-free Picnic Lunch

Take the initiative to pack a lunch which will be done by using all the recycled products like containers and bags for the picnic day.

9. Recycle By Donating Unused Toys and Clothes

Donation of excess is not only a sign of charity but also a sign of recycling the unused materials. Thus, donate the unused toys and clothes which are no longer used by you. But make sure while donating, that the clothes are cleaned properly and the toys can be played with.

10. Make Beautiful Homemade Chimes

You can use the old tins, paint them and make a nice set of homemade chimes for your door or window

Spread Awareness of a Clean Toxic-free Environment

Let your kids get involved in the cleaning and recycling activities. For this you can encourage your kids to do the following:

1. Share the Good Facts about Recycling

Make your kid as well as yourself aware of the recycling facts. This will pull you automatically towards the habit of recycling. Facts like - recycling 1 ton of paper will save around 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 2 barrels of oil, and 4000 kW of electricity!

2. Watch a Recycling Video

You can also encourage your child by watching a good recycling video, this will make them aware of the good deed done to society.

3. Recycling Scavenger Hunt

Make the kids race and find recycling goods, the one who collects as many recycling items wins the race.

4. Share Contextual Knowledge about the Three Types of Recycling

Recycling is three types - Mechanical, Energy, and Chemical. In these types of recycling activities waste is being converted into useful material, the different processes involved here can be discussed with the children.

Thus, we can see that there are many ways of recycling. The ones we have mentioned above are definitely easy and fun for your kids. These activities will make the kids feel empowered to positively work on the cause of the health of the environment and also encourage others to follow them in this good cause.

FAQs on Recycling Activities for Kids

1. What are some safety or precautionary measures to be followed while recycling?

Kids should not be involved in any recycling activity on their own, it might harm them. A parent or a guide must be there to help the kid with their activities. They must wear protective gloves and masks before performing any craft with the recycling materials. 

2. Explain the three types of recycling activities.

Three types of recycling activities are:

  • Mechanical - In this recycling activity the plastic waste gets recovered by mechanical way. 

  • Energy - In this type of recycling activity, waste is being used in the conversion of electrical or thermal energy. These are the wastes which are the remains from industrial production.  

  • Chemical - This type of activity converts the waste by changing its chemical structure and converting it into raw materials for manufacturing of the products.