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Class 9 Math NCERT Exemplar Chapter wise Solutions - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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NCERT Exemplar Solutions for Class 9

NCERT Exemplar book for Class 9 is a questionnaire book curated by NCERT. This book is made in such a way so that students can use their high order thinking skills while solving examples. In this book, they will find some interesting different types of questions under the syllabus. Vedantu helps you to understand and learn all the answers to the provided questions of the NCERT Exemplar book. Vedantu guides you through the solutions given in the study materials and questionnaires prepared by an excellent team of expert teachers. Hence, keep it in mind to download NCERT Solutions PDF and start learning. You can download NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths and NCERT Solution Class 9 Science to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Chapters in NCERT Exemplar for Class 9- Math

The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1

Number Systems

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 4

Linear Equations in 2 variables

Chapter 5

Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry

Chapter 6

Lines and Angles

Chapter 7


Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

Chapter 10


Chapter 11


Chapter 13

Surface Area and volumes

Chapter 14

Statistics and Probability

FAQs on Class 9 Math NCERT Exemplar Chapter wise Solutions - Free PDF Download

1. Are the Solutions Present in Vedantu Perfect According to the Exam Point of View?

Yes, the solutions present in Vedantu are according to the exam point of view. The solution is compiled and written by the teachers of the respective subjects to help every student understand it easily. Every approach towards every solution is made to strengthen the student’s knowledge about the topic.

Vedantu gives you the best service when it comes to providing solutions.

2. Are Vedantu’s Resources Beneficial for Exam Preparation?

Yes, Vedantu’s resources are beneficial for exam preparation. Every teacher has left no stone unturned for preparing the finest study materials and solutions as the students’ need. Without covering the unnecessary topics, they have made a perfect study material just covering what you need to score better in future exams. A perfect education site to trust. Vedantu is someone who will never break your trust. It’s up to the mark.

3. How do I practice Math for Class 9 NCERT?

You can solve a lot of practice papers so as to get an overall view of what might come for the examinations. Regular practice will help you in solving even the most challenging of all problems. NCERT Exemplar book for Class 9 Math has some really interesting questions for you to work upon. They have been framed in accordance with the NCERT guidelines and are useful for practice. These books can be found on Vedantu’s portal and you can refer to them whenever you wish to. 

4. Are Polynomials important for Class 9  NCERT Math?

All chapters of NCERT Class 9 Math including the one on Polynomials is extremely important. Polynomials relate to the expression between coefficient and variables and have more than two terms irrespective of the operators.

NCERT Exemplar Class 9 Mathematics has sums that will enable students to grasp the concept of polynomials in the best manner possible. Polynomials are quite significant as a chapter as they will reappear in future Math studies as well.  Students must make sure that no chapters are skipped.

5. Is Vedantu a reliable site for online studies?

Yes, Vedantu is indeed a reliable site when it comes to online studies. The study materials present on its portal have been designed in consultation with subject matter experts and so, only the most relevant portions have been included on it. Anything that is unnecessary or outside of the syllabus is not present on Vedantu. Trust is an important factor in academics as the very basis of children’s future stands on it. Vedantu can be completely trusted in this regard as it will never let you down. 

6. Where can I find the chapter on Triangles for NCERT Class 9 Math? 

Students can find this particular chapter in the NCERT Exemplar book for Class 9 which is a questionnaire book made by the NCERT. In this book, they will be able to find all the pertinent topics for Class 9 which they might have to prepare for. The unique sort of questions solved in the book and the explanations given are sufficient to take assessments. You can find this book on Vedantu. A summary of each of the Math chapters has been provided along with the important formulae.

7. What is Probability?

It is the measure of the likelihood of any event that may occur and can range between 0 and 1. 0 probability indicates that there are no chances of it occurring while the probability of 1 indicates that there is some chance that the event might take place.

The explanations along with valid examples for each have been provided in the NCERT Exemplar book for Class 9 Math. The set of questions asked covers the broad topic at hand and provides students with overall learning of the most crucial topics. One must practice all the solutions that are present in the book.