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Chapter 9 of Class 8 Civics, Public Facilities, makes use of water as a prominent example for understanding public facilities. Students need to get complete clarity on the concept of public facilities as a whole. Furthermore, the chapter also tells students why the government of that respective provision should essentially look into the smooth running of public facilities. Students can now make use of public facilities class 8 notes to learn in-depth about the chapter and simultaneously prepare well for their exams.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is water supplied by private companies minimal?

Water is a fundamental necessity of every human being. Thus, one must get universal access to only secure drinking water for boosting their quality of life. Water must be given to every individual living in the country, either at a reasonable rate or free of cost. However, private companies have only one goal- to boost their sales and profits. Thus, they seem to charge water at an exorbitant rate. This circumstance made it quite a struggle for people to afford water. After several protests and riots, the government decided to take back water supply services from private companies. This is why you may stumble across only minimal cases of private water supply.

2. What is your opinion on the distribution of public facilities in India? Do you think it is fair and enough?

While public facilities must be made available to every individual, we must look into the factor that public facilities as a whole are limitedly available. The distribution of these public facilities in India is neither fair nor enough. In Delhi, almost every individual has access to all public facilities, including water, electricity, healthcare, sanitation, and so on. However, smaller cities like Mathura and Aligarh have only limited availability of these facilities.