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CBSE Class 11 Economics (Indian Economic Development) Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Revision Notes for CBSE Class 11 Indian Economic Development - Free PDF Download

Class 11th can be considered as one of the introductory classes in a student's career, but most of the students usually seem to take it lightly because of which they tend to suffer during the CBSE Class 11th finals. However, if they keep Class 11 Indian economic development notes, the stress can be reduced a bit. But if they maintain proper quick notes to revise, it would be easier for them to score better in the examinations. Indian economic development Class 11 notes can be found in the form of PDF.

Indian economic development Class 11 PDF and short keynotes are there for you to revise and score good grades in your examinations. These had been prepared by some experienced teachers having ten or more years of teaching experience of Indian Economic Development from the current going edition of the CBSE (NCERT) books.

Download CBSE Class 11 Economics Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

Also, check CBSE Class 11 Economics revision notes for all chapters:

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Chapter-Wise Revision Notes for Class 11 Indian Economic Development

  • Chapter 1: Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

This chapter introduces the features of the Indian economy and its development after independence. It is essential to go back and know where it all began by learning about India's economy in the past.

  • Chapter 2: Indian Economy 1950 - 1990

This chapter talks about the efforts of India's post-independence to develop a stable economy. It discusses how elements of capitalization and socialism played a significant role. Students will get to know the importance of India's economic planning strategies. These strategies include five-year plans, modernization, quality.

  • Chapter 3: Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization: An Appraisal

This chapter discusses how international organizations like the World Bank and the IMF Force India to reformat second policies in 1991. The chapter in two sizes on industrial and financial sector reforms. It mainly deals with the concept of liberalization, privatization, and globalization. It explains how privatization improves the performance of the public sector. The collective result of privatization and globalization is globalization.

  • Chapter 4: Poverty

This chapter covers India's current challenges with poverty. One will learn the differences between essential terms like absolute poverty and relative poverty.

  • Chapter 5: Human Capital Formation in India

Chapter 11 of Economics Indian economic development explains concepts like human resources in this chapter. Students will also understand economic growth, human capital, and development quickly.

  • Chapter 6: Rural Development

This chapter explores crucial issues plaguing ruler development in India. Students will get to know the importance of rural development for the overall growth of the Indian economy.

  • Chapter 7: Employment, Growth, Informalisation and Other Issues

It discusses key concepts such as workforce and economic activity, in addition to the board's explanation of unemployment. Students will understand how factors like the nature of fortification of men and women are critical to the Indian economy.

  • Chapter 8: Infrastructure

This chapter stresses the importance of infrastructure for the nation's economic development. Students will be able to fill themselves with the critical components of infrastructure, the role of energy, and health. Plus the chapter explains how funds for infrastructure development depend primarily on public-private partnerships.

  • Chapter 9: Environment and Sustainable Development

It establishes the importance of the relation between man and nature for the sustainable development of the country and the economy.

  • Chapter 10: Comparative Development Experiences of India and its Neighbours

Students will get to know how India's political system differs from its neighbouring Nations. All the planned development structurally similar and implementation of the same is different in India and China and Pakistan as well.

Importance of Revision Notes CBSE Class 11 Economics Indian Economic Development

Class 11 Economics is a branch that deals with the different aspects of the Indian Economy after the independence. The chapters discuss the capitalist and socialist features and factors that tend to have an effect on the economy of the country. Students will get familiarized with a lot of important topics such as demonetization, globalization, privatization, and liberalization, etc of the economy. 


Students will also get to learn about the different types of poverty, the economic growth of the country, and rural development. Some other topics such as infrastructure, employment, as well as sustainable development and growth are also included in the chapters. After completing the chapters, students will need to study the Indian Economics Class 11 Notes in order to gain better insights into the topics and concepts.


Students of Class 11 can follow the CBSE revision notes for the Indian Economic Development textbook which deals with the economical aspects of the country. They can easily find the revision notes for free at the official website of Vedantu. The learned subject matter experts have curated these revision notes to help students retain more information from the chapters. The Indian economic development class 11 notes pdf have been designed as per the CBSE guidelines. 


Thus, referring to the notes will enable the students to guess the CBSE exam pattern and also the answering format, which they can follow to increase their chance of scoring high marks in the exams. Preparing for exams becomes much easier with Indian Economic Development Class 11 Notes PDF download.

Benefits of Indian Economic Development Class 11 Short Notes

  • The students of Class 11 can download and practice from the revision notes to gain proper insights about the chapters in Economics. They will be able to clear their concepts better with the revision notes and can retain more information.

  • The Indian economic development class 11 short notes  are designed by the experts at Vedantu who are well-versed in the concepts. These notes are thoroughly-researched and contain accurate information that is perfectly aligned with the CBSE syllabus. Thus, students can rely on these notes to boost their preparation for the examinations.

  • Students can use Indian Economic Development Class 11 Notes Chapter 1 PDF along with other chapters as well to clear their doubts. They can easily figure out the areas where improvement is required and can rectify their errors related to the topics with the notes provided. This will help students improve their answering skills as well.

  • The CBSE Revision Notes for Class 11 Indian Economic Development will help students revise before the exams. They don’t have to go through the entire textbook in order to read the chapters again and again. Just following the revision notes will enable the students to complete their syllabus beforehand.

CBSE Class 11 Economics Weightage 2023-24


Unit Name


Part A

Statistics for Economics






Collection, Organisation and Presentation of Data


Statistical Tools and Interpretation





Part B

Introductory Microeconomics






Consumer's Equilibrium and Demand



Producer Behaviour and Supply



Forms of Market and Price Determination under perfect competition with simple applications





Part C

Project Work



With the help of the above information, you can study Economics efficiently, and your score will get better through the revision notes. So, download Vedantu’s Indian economic development Class 11 notes PDF for a better experience in learning.

Download CBSE Revision Notes for Class 11 Indian Economic Development Today

Excel in your studies with revision notes for Class 11 Indian Economic Development from Vedantu. Download the notes and include these in your study routine to boost your preparation and improve your knowledge about the topics. These notes will be able to help you understand the chapters better and hence help you fetch good marks. 

CBSE Class 11 Economics Study Materials

FAQs on CBSE Class 11 Economics (Indian Economic Development) Chapter Wise Revision Notes 2023-24

1. State the Importance of the " One Child Norm in China".

China introduced this norm in the later part of 1970. The population of China is now significantly low because of this "one-child norm". Although this normal this resulted in a significant drop in the sex ratio of the nation.

2. Why are NCERT Class 11th Books Recommended in CBSE?

NCERT books are recommended in CBSE because the terms and concepts present in the NCERT books are not complicated, and the students can quickly learn the concepts. These books also make complicated topics easy for students.

3. Why is Referring to Class 11 Indian Economics Development/ Economics Revision Notes Essential?

You must study through these revision notes because some students find it easy to study and study material leaves a more impact on the students.

4. What is the Topic of Chapter 6 of Class 11 Economics?

The 11th chapter deals with rural development and infrastructure, development, and human capital information all these things you will learn in chapter 11.

5. What is Class 11 Economics all about?

Class 11 Economics is that branch of social science that deals with the various facets of the Indian economy post independence, and the socialist and capitalist features factors that affect the economy. It also teaches students about demonetization, privatization, globalization and liberalization of the economy on the public sector front. Students are expected to know about the types of poverty, rural development, and the overall economic growth of the country. Other topics like infrastructure, employment, the ways of creating sustainable development as well as comparative development in the country are also included in Class 11 Economics.

6. What is India's current economic status?

The Indian economy is a mixed economy, that is, the government and the market work in accordance. India had to grow and stabilize its economy post independence. In recent times due to the pandemic situation, the Indian economy had suffered greatly and the GDP had decreased to a huge extent. However, with phased relaxation of the restrictions over time in the past one year, the economy has started to revive again. With reinstating of the workforce and reopening of the industrial hubs and exports, the gross domestic product of India is slowly taking an upward tangent.

7. How did India plan its economic development?

From the time of colonial rule in India, the drain theory applied by the British rule actually drained all of India’s income to their land, leaving the country in tatters. India had to make a proper plan to develop and revive its economic base, as a country cannot function without a stable economy. The plan here is usually about how the nation decided to make use of its resources. The Indian economic plan has always been a five year one where it sets certain goals and objectives according to the needs and works to achieve that.

8. What is India's GDP today?

India’s GDP for 2021-2022 is estimated at 146 trillion rupees, the same as that of the year 2020-2021. Class 11 Indian Economic Development NCERT chapters will help you understand the detailed structure of this economy and the downfalls and positives as well. If you face problems understanding these topics in Economics, you can always refer to Class 11 Indian Economic Development Chapterwise Notes on Vedantu for extended guidance in this subject.

9. Where can I find the chapter wise notes for Class 11 Economics?

You can easily score well in your Class 11 Economics exam if you are well versed with all the topics that are present in your syllabus. For this, you must study each topic from all the chapters properly and also solve the questions that follow these chapters. You should also refer to Class 11 Indian Economic Development Chapterwise Notes on Vedantu while preparing for your exam. These notes contain all the concepts explained in brief, making them perfect for last-minute revision of all the topics of Class 11 Economics. These notes are available at free of cost on the Vedantu app and on the Vedantu website.