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CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheets with Answers

Last updated date: 18th May 2024
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Download Free Printable Social Science Class 8 Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheets: Every student must thoroughly practise the worksheets for each subject. One of the best teaching strategies now being employed in most classrooms is the utilisation of worksheets. The CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet has been used by teachers and students to assist students develop their analytical, linguistic, logical, and problem-solving abilities. Vedantu has therefore produced worksheets for Social Studies in grade 8 in order to help you with it.

By guiding students as they grasp various concepts, hone skills, and widen their subject knowledge, our full collection of CBSE NCERT Class 8 Social Science practise worksheets is meant to help students enhance their academic performance. These social studies worksheets for grade 8 in pdf can be used to test your conceptual knowledge.

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CBSE Class 8 Social Studies Worksheets: Details

Let's look at the outline of the class 8 CBSE board exams before moving on to the worksheet for class 8 Social Science.

Exam Conducted for

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10 Board Examination

Short form

CBSE Class 8 exam

Conducting by

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Mode of Registration

Offline via school 

Regular Candidates

For Private Candidates- Check CBSE website

Mode of Exam


Syllabus of CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet





How, Where and When


From Trade to Territory: The Company Establishment


Ruling the Countryside


Tribals, Daiku and the Vision of Golden Age


When People Rebel 1857 and After


Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owner


Civilising the Native and Educating the Nation


Women, Caste and Reform


The making of National Movement


India After Independence



Chapters Name




Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife


Minerals and Power Resources






Human Resources

Political Science


Chapters Name

Sub Chapters


Unit 1- The Indian Constitution and Secularism

Chapter 1- The Indian Consitution

Chapter 2- Understanding Secularism


Unit 2- Parliament and The Marking of Laws

Chapter 3- Why do We need a Parliament?

Chapter 4- Understanding Laws


Unit 3- The Judiciary

Chapter 5- Judiciary

Chapter 6- Understanding our Criminal Justice System


Unit 4- Social Justice and The Marginalised

Chapter 7- Understanding Marginalisation

Chapter 8- Confronting Marginalisation 


Unit 5- Economics Presence of the Government

Chapter 9- Public Facilities

Chapter 10- Law and Social Justice

Pros of CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheet

  1. The NCERT CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheets will aid students in understanding ideas and increasing their exam scores.

  2. These social studies class 8 printable worksheets will enhance your ability to think critically and solve problems.

  3. Daily practise sheets will assist in creating a regular study schedule.

  4. You can review all of the social studies material and cut down on exam time.

Conclusion: Download Printable CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheets

Teachers at Vedantu have created free printable social science worksheets for CBSE Class 8 students. We provide free worksheets according to CBSE NCERT from the most exclusive database. For additional study, students may also download the meticulously created worksheets for all grade levels in the form of a PDF question bank for CBSE Class 8 Social Science. Download the worksheet for the topics you covered today and carefully read the social science class 8 curriculum. This will make sure that you can see any errors in your comprehension of the subjects.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Social Science Worksheets with Answers

1. Where can students download the CBSE class 8 history worksheets with answers?

The CBSE class 8 History worksheets are available for download from Vedantu. Students can register with Vedantu and download the required study material for free.

2. What are the perks of solving CBSE class 8 social science worksheets?

For a better understanding of the topics, worksheets for CBSE class 8 can be finished more quickly.

  • Promotes practical learning among students.

  • Using helpful resource for revising in the classroom study.

  • The CBSE Class 8 Social Science Workbook helps to depth understanding of the topic.

  • The CBSE Social Science Worksheets for Class 8 encourage in-class activities.

3. Is there any charges to download printable social science class 8 worksheets?

No, There is no charges or fee for downloading the Printable social science worksheets for class 8.

4. Do worksheet consist of questions related to Syllabus applied by NCERT?

Yes, CBSE worksheet of social science class 8 consists all questions that are related to syllabus applied by NCERT.

5. What is the passing marks for CBSE Class 8 Social Science in final exam?

The passing marks for Social Science for a class 8 student is 33 out of 100.