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CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Download CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets Free PDFs

You can now master the Social Science subject with these excellent CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets. Every student looks for a platform where every study material is authentic and easy to access. We have given our best at being perfect solutions to your academic problems. These Social Science Worksheets for Class 7 include diverse questions, elaborate answers and easy explanations. Prepare the entire syllabus with help of these worksheets and excel in your exam. 

Students can find all the accurate answers to the questions given in NCERT Class 7 Social Science textbooks of History, Geography and Political Science. We have provided printable Social Science Class 7 Worksheets which you can download easily by links provided here on this page. Read the entire article to know the unit-wise syllabus and efficient preparations tips. 

CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets: Units List

There are 3 subsections under the Social Science subject and those are History, Geography and Political Science. Each of them teaches the students about different aspects of the practical world. Geography talks about the evolution of our planet whereas Political Science discusses evolution of civilisations and History teaches us the beauty of evolution in the culture. The NCERT Class 7 Social Science Worksheets with answers explain every aspect of the chapters in-depth. Students must  check out the list of units that are included in Class 7 Social Science syllabus.


Unit List


  • Where, when and How

  • New kings and kingdoms

  • The sultans of Delhi

  • The creation of an empire

  • Architecture as power: forts and sacred places

  • Towns, traders and craftsman

  • Social change: mobile and settled communities

  • Popular beliefs and religious debates

  • The flowering of regional cultures

  • New political formations in the eighteenth century


  • Democracy

  • State government

  • Understanding media

  • Unpacking gender

  • Markets around us


  • Environment in its totality

  • Natural environment 

  • Air

  • Natural vegetation and wildlife

  • Human Environment

  • Human Environment Interaction

Preparation Tips for Class 7 Social Science Exam

Top performers have one thing in common and that is the right preparation guide. We have prepared a productive preparation guide for students to implement in their schedule. Go through the listed below points for performing excellently.

  • Make a disciplined schedule for memorisation and then revision.

  • Include every topic in your study time, make sure to skip nothing as at the time of exam, it is best to avoid any surprising questions.

  • Practise answer framing skills with accurate details, you can rely on the CBSE worksheets for authentic details.

  • Solve long questions, short questions and multiple choice questions that are covered in NCERT textbook.

  • Prioritize your weaker section and improve your knowledge level.

  • Make it a habit to keep revising the important names and dates.

Benefits of CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets

How can CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets improve your performance? Find out by reading the given points:

  • They are prepared by subject experts and include elaborate explanations.

  • They help you in quick preparation and quick revision as well.

  • They cover the entire syllabus and provide a diverse range of questions.

  • The outlines, important points and significant references are provided to increase students’ knowledge.

  • They help students to clear their doubts as the illustrations, diagrams and important tables are provided.

  • The worksheets are well-structured and contain solved questions of NCERT books.

  • They provide in-depth information regarding each and every topic and subtopic.

  • The worksheets help students to understand the topics more closely as the topics are explained with ample examples and illustrations.


The CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets are providing the students with solved questions, accurate answers to NCERT textbooks, practice questions and elaborate explanations. Experts have interfaced these worksheets in an easy to understand format so that students find it simple to learn on their own. The Class 7 Social Science Worksheets with answers are downloadable in PDF format, free of cost. We hope you have fun while learning!

FAQs on CBSE Class 7 Social Science Worksheets

1. Which books are best for Social Science Class 7?

The CBSE All in One NCERT Based Social Science Class 7 for 2022 exam is the most recommended book for best results. Other books that you can refer to for your preparation are listed below:

  • Golden Workbook Social Science: Assignments and Practice Material for Class 7

  • Class 7 NCERT textbooks Class 7th Combo of History, Political Science and Geography for CBSE and UPSC.

2. Which part is most important in Social Science Class 7?

There are three parts in total of Social Science subjects in Class 7. The parts are History, Political Science, Geography and all the parts are equally important for the exam and as well as academic knowledge of a student. If we compare the number of chapters in these subsections, then History has the most number of chapters.

3. Where can I get CBSE Class 7 History Worksheets with answers?

You can access the CBSE Class 7 History worksheets with answers and download them in PDF format at Vedantu. The worksheets of History are available for every chapter and cover all the essential information.

4. Does Vedantu provide Social Science study material chapter wise?

Yes, Vedantu provides chapter-wise NCERT solutions, revision notes, worksheets and important questions PDFs for the Social Science subject. Every student can avail the study material at Vedantu and study efficiently.

5. Are CBSE Class 7 Social Science activities important?

Yes, all the activity based questions are important for completely grasping the theoretical knowledge. The Social Science activities are mostly group activities that are given in the NCERT textbooks and the objective of those activities is to make students explore how societies work in real life.