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CBSE Class 7 Social Science Questions - Free PDF Download

Social Science is a multi-dimensional subject that has a wider scope. Social Science includes a number of subjects like geography and environment history, polity and governance, economics, sociology, philosophy, public administration etc. Studying this subject helps us to understand what has happened in the past, what kind of Economy was existing, how were the climate or crop production at that time and many more things. This subject gives an idea of not only the past but also the present as well.

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CBSE Class 7 Social Science Important Questions

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Class 7 Social Science Important Questions PDF Download

In Class 7, Social Science is Divided Into the Following Subjects

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  • Geography Subject - Our Environment

  • History Subject - Our Pasts-II

  • Polity - Social and Political Life

All these subjects include ten chapters each. The student will learn topics like Inside Our Earth, Vegetation & wildlife, the Delhi Sultans and the Mughal Empire and about the Government etc. For practising and revising, these three subjects under social studies is not an easy task for an individual. That's why we have come up with Class 7 Social Science important questions. These sets of questions will surely help in his learning. 

Why Should You Go to NCERT Social Science Class 7 Important Questions?

  • Getting good marks in all these subjects will help the student to get good overall results. A student can't expect good results by ignoring these subjects. For getting good marks and good results the important question of Class 7 Social Science is the only solution. 

  • If a student wants to increase his general knowledge and general awareness, then Social Science is the subject that plays a vital role in that field. If you want to participate in quiz competitions or contests, then these important questions for Class 7 SST will help you to win. 

  • Not only this, but it'll also help you in the future as well. General studies is the most important subject in various competitive exams like UPSC Civil services exam, Railways Exam, Banking exams or SSC exams etc. and NCERTs play a vital role in these exams. These important questions of Class 7 Social Science will be covering the NCERTs of Class 7 of Social Science. These questions will not only help you in your school exams but also in the future as well.

  • These Class 7 Social Science important questions are created by the Vedantu experts from all the chapters of Geography, Polity and History. Vedantu has qualified and experienced faculty in respective domains who have gone through these subjects properly and then come up with NCERT Social Science Class 7 important questions. 

  • These questions are properly framed. Detailed answers to all the questions are given along with their answers. 

  • Flow charts, diagrams, data & statistics wherever are required, are also added in the detailed answers. 

How to Utilize Class 7 Social Science Important Questions?

These questions will work as a manual for the students while reading any chapter. Revise the syllabus and then go through these important questions for Class 7 Social Science and practice them. Try to solve these questions. Firstly, try to answer by yourself only. If you face any problem somewhere at any question, then go through the answers. Do match your written answers with the detailed answers provided by the Vedantu Experts. These questions will act as notes for revising the whole syllabus at the end.


Class 7 Social Science important questions are the best solution provided by the Vedantu for the students of Class 7. These questions are available online and you can access them at the Vedantu website. These will ease your work and you'll be able to gain more understanding of these subjects. We hope that you'll go through these important questions because these will be really beneficial for the students who find it difficult to revise the whole Subject. For them, these important questions will be an easy task to handle. Important time will be used for learning only and not on searching for important information or answers to any questions. We hope these important questions for Class 7 SST will help you to get a good score in exams.

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