NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Chapter 2 - Forest And Wildlife Resources

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Contemporary India Chapter 2 - PDF Download
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When it comes to education, students need to stay ahead of their peers. Hence they need to have some additional help in this case. The 2nd Chapter of the Class 10 Social Science book is Forest and Wildlife Resources. It is a very detailed and important chapter for students of Class 10 as they can learn a lot about topics such as Flora and Fauna surrounding India. It also elaborates on different types of species that are present in the country. With the NCERT Solutions Class 10 Geography Chapter 2, students will be able to raise more and more awareness about the conservation of forests as well as the wildlife in India. The chapter also discusses a lot of Project Tiger and how they are an endangered species. Students who are having some difficulty in following through the classes can try NCERT Solution for Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 available right here. Subjects like Science, Social Science Contemporary India, English,Hindi and Social Science will become easy to study if you have access to NCERT Solution for Class 10 Science, Social Science Contemporary India solutions and solutions of other subjects. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.


NCERT Solutions for Class 10


Class 10 Social Science

Subject Part:

Social Science Part - Contemporary India

Chapter Name:

Chapter 2 - Forest And Wildlife Resources


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English and Hindi

Available Materials:

  • Chapter Wise

  • Exercise Wise

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In this chapter, students will learn about the following important topics:

  • Indian Flora and Fauna

  • Various Types of Species

  • Conservating Forests and Wildlife in India

  • Project Tiger

  • Forest and Wildlife Resources - Types and Distribution

  • Community and Conservation

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Contemporary India Chapter 2 - Forest and Wildlife Resources PDF will be updated soon!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Prepare for the Exams with Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 NCERT Solutions?

Students need to focus on the lectures which are given by the teachers in class. This, combined with SST Ch 2 Geography Class 10 solutions, can help them prepare for the exams in the best way without any hassle.

2. How can one Download NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science Geography Chapter 2?

NCERT Solutions Class 10 Social Science Geography Chapter 2 is available for download on Vedantu’s application and website where these are created by experienced teachers. The solutions are available in the PDF format and can be downloaded very easily.

3. What is Chapter 2 of Class 10 Contemporary India about?

The theme of the chapter revolves around forest and wildlife resources. The chapter introduces you firstly to the scientific terms of flora and fauna and their essentiality. The chapter also describes the terms such as endangered, vulnerable, and rare species. The chapter also explains the factors that had led to the depletion and destruction of natural resources. The chapter ends with educating us on how they can be preserved as well as the government initiatives for conserving them.

4. How can I study the chapter Forest and Wildlife Resources on my own?

The chapter contains important terms, concepts, measures, and initiatives that one might forget if they do not prepare it in the right manner or are too confident that they don't invest proper time in the chapter. You can do the chapter on your own in an easy and simple manner. Just follow these steps: read the chapter, underline important points, jot down notes, definitions, and terms in a notebook and go through them again and again. 

5. Is the chapter Forest and Wildlife important from the exam perspective?

The importance of a chapter should never be gauged from the exam’s perspective. What is more important are the core concepts mentioned and described in the chapter for the sole purpose of enhancing your knowledge. But to answer the question: yes. The chapter contains important terms, definitions, protected areas, and the measures taken by the government. Questions from the chapter will surely feature in your question paper. 

6. What can I learn from the answers provided by Vedantu?

The answers by Vedantu are crafted after extensive and thorough research and analysis of the syllabus as well as the trend of the past years’ papers. The answers prepared by the expert faculty will allow you to understand how you must write an answer to satisfy the demand of the question and thereby hitting the bull’s eye. Another important thing that you will learn is how to present the answer, keep it precise and concise. You will also learn the importance of using the right terminology.

7. What factors have led to declining in the quantity and quality of flora and fauna?

There are numerous factors that have together contributed to the depletion of the flora and fauna of our nation. They are:

  • The exploitation of resources during the colonial period

  • Poaching and hunting of animals

  • Clearing of forests for various development projects

  • Deforestation due to mining

  • Impact of shifting cultivation in the densely forested areas

  • Feeling of trees for agriculture expansion

  • Grazing and fuelwood collection

  • Impact of forest fires

We are interconnected with the larger ecosystem of which we are but just a part. The stability and continuity of the ecological system depend on the survival and sustenance of every single part.