NCO Cyber Olympiad 2022

National Cyber Olympiad 2022

All the students from Class 1 to Class 10 are eligible to participate in NCO or National Cyber Olympiad 2022, irrespective of their grades in school examinations. We, at Vedantu, provide all the relevant study materials for students who are seeking participation in NCO 2022. These online resources include sample papers, important question papers, syllabus, etc. All the sample papers and important questions are solved by subject experts who are well-acquainted with the Olympiad trends. NCO is a national level competition conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. It tests students’ knowledge of computers and their cyber skills and logical reasoning. Register on Vedantu and get all the materials for free.

NCO Cyber Olympiad 2022

About National Cyber Olympiad

National Cyber Olympiad is an annual cyber competition across all age groups in India. It provides a platform where students of different disciplines can learn and explore their skills for enriching education. The cyber games are organized by the Department of Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. It has been held successfully 3 times so far in 2009, 2011 and 2016 respectively. The competition is open to all students across India irrespective of category or gender on a merit basis only on the 12th day of December every year (the National Cyber Games Day). According to its mandate, National Cyber Olympiad is to be held across all states and union territories

Cyber Olympiad is an annual cyber security competition for students of various educational institutions all over India. The purpose of the competition is to promote cyber security awareness and skill development amongst young people and to provide a platform that builds confidence and strength in them by encouraging computer skills and knowledge. The competitions are designed as a multi-level quiz-based objective test, with different skill levels for different age groups.

The age groups of participants are categorized into three levels based on the year of studies they are in. The competitions are held in the following three categories: Mini, Juniors and CyberCadets.

The participants would be required to solve 10 problems based on different areas of computer science like cryptography, encryption, Network Security, Malware Analysis and Ethical Hacking (White hat), Communication protocols, Binary analysis etc. after which the scores will be calculated. The scores will then be tabulated to ascertain the ranks in each category.

The participants will be provided with a set of problems after the main competition and these problems would be given on the day of the competition itself. This would not affect their score as they would not be asked to solve them beforehand. However, the solutions to these questions will be made available to them and they can help themselves by solving them during and before the competition.


In the light of the global advance in information technology, National Cyber Olympiad 2022 has been announced to usher in a new era for cyber athletes and create a global platform for them to compete and excel. It is also envisioned to be an opportunity for all students across the country and around the world to participate in this grand event through research, training, and testing. Here are some primary objectives:

(1) To play a significant role in the development of cyber seniors in the country.

(2) To inspire students to participate in the National Cyber Olympiad 2022 and lead them towards a future of excellence.

(3) To promote computer education by training and testing students through the National Cyber Olympiad 2022. Special focus will be given to providing scholarships for all deserving students from low-income families.

(4) To organize and conduct the National Cyber Olympiad 2022 to encourage the participants and to help build the cybersports culture.

(5) To contribute towards national and international cybersports by organizing National Cyber Olympiad 2022 and enhancing cyber opportunities for youth.

(6) To develop a research program on governing rules of cyber competition. Special focus will be given on the legal aspects of cyber competition, grooming young brains to excel at an international level and an online platform for students as well as school authorities for welfare activities.

(7) To organize the event in line with the scientific principles of excellence, excellence in administration, excellence in sports, excellence in cyber sports.

(8) To prepare for the event by creating awareness about it and providing necessary equipment and facilities for testing.

(9) To invite world-class universities to participate in this event.

Understudies can go through the course books to launch the readiness at a fundamental level. They can likewise allude to Cyber Olympiad books accessible for NSO or join a training place to accomplish a decent position in National Cyber Olympiad 2022. 

Key Tips For NCO  

  • Understudies should rehearse with the earlier year's papers of the National Cyber Olympiad. 

  • Understudies should focus on two subjects, i.e., Math and Computer Science. 

  • Understudies should go through the book and study material given by SOF on its authority site. 

  • The paper is applied. Thus, the understudy should zero in on cleaning his calculated abilities rather than going for repetition learning. 

NCO Olympiad Exam Pattern Details 

The understudies ought to be very much aware of the test design on the off chance that they wish to break this test and rank higher. We will examine exhaustively here. The inquiries are diverse for various classes and depend on CBSE, ICSE and state board schedules. Understudies will get an hour to finish the test. The inquiries will be different decision questions. The vehicle of the inquiry paper is English as it were. There will be a sum of 35 inquiries for Grade 1 to 4 and 50 inquiries for grades 5 to 10. There are three areas of the inquiry paper.

FAQs on NCO Cyber Olympiad 2022

1. What are the NCO 2022 Exam eligibility criteria?

Ans: One must satisfy the eligibility criteria to appear for the SOF NCO 2022 exam. Following are eligibility criteria for NCO exam 2022:

One must be a student of a recognised school by the SOF  to be eligible for the NCO exam.

Only Class 1 to 12 students are eligible for the National Cyber Olympiad.

The student must have filled the complete application form and submitted it to the school authorities along with the fees before the last date i.e. 30 days before the exam date.

2. What is the NCO 2022 application process?

Ans: Students can apply for the National Cyber Olympiad 2022 in offline mode. Students can collect the NCO application form 2022 from the Principal, Vice Principal, or teacher- in-charge of their respective school. Students have to submit the complete SOF NCO form 2022 with the fees of Rs. 125 to their respective schools. Students can only apply for the SOF National Cyber Olympiad 2022 through their respective schools only no online mode is available.

3. How to prepare for the NCO 2022 Exams?

Ans: SOF National Cyber Olympiad 2022 is a national level Olympiad and thus, requires hard work and determination, having a proper direction for preparation is also required. The olympiad toppers and experts will guide you through the preparation for SOF NCO 2022.

  • Knowing the standard of questions in an Olympiad is a must. 

  • The syllabus for SOF NCO 2022 is derived from the CBSE/ICSE and state boards. According to SOF, you need to study your own textbooks for the Olympiad.

  • It is highly advised that you study your textbook entirely so that your basics should be clear to answer analytical questions.

  • Getting through your syllabus is very important to prepare for SOF NCO 2022. 

  • Giving mock tests and practicing sample question papers is a must. 

  • You would have an insight into what kind of questions to look out for and what to expect in the exam. This will give you a boost in your confidence.

4. What are the benefits of appearing for NCO Exams?

Ans: There are always many advantages of appearing for the NCO Exams for students. Right from creating a healthy attitude towards competition to embracing studying beyond school curriculum. Here are some other advantages:

  • Promotes awareness about computer education.

  • Early exposure to students helps to take an early lead in a computer-oriented world

  • Helps students to understand the latest technologies in a fast changing way.

5. How does Vedantu help prepare for NCO?

Ans: Here, at Vedantu, we endeavour to give you the content of top calibre and pertinence. We have guaranteed that every one of the subjects and sub-points is shrouded exhaustively as per the course. A wide assortment of inquiries of changed trouble has been provided to guarantee appropriate practice for understudies. 

The National Cyber Olympiad is one of the most famous serious tests under the Science Olympiad Foundation, which assists understudies with recognizing their secret researchers and feature their IT abilities. A decent position in these tests assists understudies with supporting their certainty and assists with getting different grants under various levels. The principal focal point of this test is to empower science understudies. 

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