NCO 2020 Exam Date

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NCO Exam Date 2020

The NCO or National cyber Olympiad Examination is one of the most renowned exams organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). It is an exam that aims to nourish the cyber talent among the school going students. The main goal of NSO is to  motivate the young generation to enhance their knowledge and awareness of issues related to the computers as about evaluating their aptitude in these streams. This National Level competition focuses on Mental ability, Logical and Analytical, Reasoning in computers and IT.


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NCO Exam Pattern

Although the NCO 2020-21 exam has been canceled by the SOF, the general NCO exam pattern followed by the SOF each year is discussed below.

  • The SOF NCO is a single-level exam. There is no level 2 for NCO exams.

  • The NCO exam is organized in the respective schools of the participants during the school hours. The medium of the NCO exam is English. 

  • The NCO exam duration is 60 minutes. The questions paper includes 35 objective types( multiple-choice questions) for classes 1 to 4 and 35 objective types( multiple-choice questions) for classes 5 to 12.

  • The NCO question paper includes 3 sections

    1. Logical Reasoning

    2. Computers and Information Technology

    3. Achievers Section

  • CBSE, ICSE/ISC,  and State board patterns are followed for setting the NCO exam papers.

How Do Students Generally Register Themselves for the NCO Exam?

Interested students generally register themselves for the NCO exam from their respective schools. SOF doesn't accept individual registration of students. A minimum of 5 students is needed to register from each school of SOF NCO.

Any school can be registered as a center for the SOF NCO exam. Schools do not have to pay any registration fees for becoming a registered examination center.

Prospectus along with the registration forms are sent to all schools registered with SOF. Schools that are not registered with SOF can also ask for prospectus by contacting the SOF through phone or email.

Roll Number - School concern teachers have to fill Student’s Registration Sheet and School Registration Form according to the guideline mentioned by SOF and send it to the SOF before the due date of the submission of forms. The SOF will further register the applicant school and students. The student’s roll numbers are generated by the SOF as per the Student’s Registration Sheet sent by the schools.

NCO Application Fees

An amount of Rs.125 ( including GST) per student is imposed as the cost of examination which should be paid by each registered student for schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

No application fees are imposed on physical disability students or the Indian students whose parents were martyred during defense operations.

Furthermore, the Indian school can collect additional Rs.25 from individual students for the expenses done by them such as remuneration to teachers, guidance to students using the study material provided by SOF, and other expenses.

Benefits of NCO Exam

Some of the benefits enjoyed by the students participated in the NCO exam are:

  • Students get opportunities to enhance their logical and analytical thinking.

  • Create awareness about computer education among students. 

  • Provide early exposure of the computer world among students.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Are the Benefits Offered to the Students by Olympiad Exams?

Some of the benefits offered to students by the Olympiad exams are discussed below?

  1. The olympiad exams help students to evaluate their capabilities and have a better idea of their potential.

  2. They help students to identify their weaknesses which can be further worked upon.

  3. They sharpen the student’s analytical skills.

  4. Competing at the National and International level provides a completely different level of exposure to students 

  5. The questions asked in the exam help students to understand the concepts that have been taught in a class in a better way.

2. What Are the Reference Books That Can Be Used to Clear the NCO Exam?

Although the NCO exam paper is completely based on the school curriculum, the NCO exam pattern is completely different from the academic exam. The NCO exam gives more stress on practical information of the concepts rather than an analytical aspect. SOF has introduced the reference book for all the olympiad exams which help the students in getting practical information about the concepts. NCO reference books are provided for individual sections of NCO paper. NCO sample papers with solutions are also available along with the NCO reference book.

Some of the NCO reference books are given below:

  1. SOF Olympiad's Trainer Mobile App.

  2. Olympiad Skills Development System.

  3. Previous year papers

  4. E-Quiz

  5. Olympiad book of reasoning for preparing the reasoning section of NCO paper.

  6. MTG NCO class-wise workbooks for class 2 to 10.

3.  How Can Participants Download the NCO Admit Card?

SOF releases the NCO admit card on its official website. Participantants  can download the NCO admit by visiting SOF official website and clicking on the link NCO admit card. The NCO admit card includes the participant following information.

  1. Name of the candidate

  2. Exam center

  3. Address

  4. Subject code

  5. Exam dates

  6. Exam 

  7. Timings

  8. Registration Number

  9. Important information

4. How NCO Mock Tests and Sample Papers Help to Qualify the Exam?

The NCO mock tests and sample papers available on the SOF official website play a major role as it helps to examine various things about NCO exam such as NCO exam pattern, NCO syllabus, level of question, etc. Practicing sample papers more and more enables you to examine your weak points and you can work upon them. These mock tests act as a  trial of your actual NCO exam. So that you can gain experience and confidently attempt the exam.