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Olympiad for Class 4

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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List of Olympiad exams for Class 4 and Free Study Materials

Students of Class 4 must know the Olympiad exams pattern, marking scheme and important questions to score high marks in their exam. It is healthy for students to engage in extracurricular activities as it enhances the ability to think more abstractly.

Give your best by learning more about the Olympiad for class 4 and exam-related questions.

Olympiad exams for class 4 sharpen the student’s logical and reasoning skills. At Vedantu, you can avail access to previous year's question papers, sample papers, important questions, the timetable for 4th class students and the necessary guidance that students need to score high marks.

Olympiad exams are held nationally and internationally to test students’ skills. A student in class 4 should know the details and requirements of the Olympiads conducted for class 4. Vedantu provides all the material for you to be a top scorer! Download the study material in PDF format for access to Olympiad questions for class 4.

Olympiad Exams for Class 4 - Their Names and Details

For a student in class 4, English Olympiad and Maths Olympiad are important exams to evaluate their learning outcomes. And here, you will find the list of Olympiad exams in which Vedantu has provided sample questions, worksheets, books and other study materials to help the students. You shall go through the list below and start your preparation.

Name of Exam

Details of the Exam

Important Dates

1. NCO- National Cyber Olympiad

National Cyber Olympiad expertise concepts and knowledge. This competition is to welcome future technologists and scientists. It is organised by the (SOF) Science Olympiad Foundation. This subject focuses on technology, logical reasoning and higher-order thinking skills. You can find more details about the syllabus at Vedantu for Olympiad class 4.

Starting Dates for Stage 1:

Date one – 28th November 2023,

Date two – 19th December 2023


2. NSO- National Science Olympiad

This exam focuses on scientific reasoning and logical ability. There are two levels involved in the NSO Olympiad. Students get to be recognised at national and international levels followed by awards based on their performance. 

Starting Dates for Level 1:

Date one – 17th October 2023

Date two – 21st November 2023

Date three – 5th December 2023

3. IMO- International Mathematical Olympiad

The International Mathematical Olympiad involves two levels. It is heavily focused on testing the mathematical skills of a student. The examination is held globally, students get selected through competitions to reach the international level.

Starting Dates for Level 1:

Day One - 31st Oct 2023 

Day two - 30th Nov 2023

Day three - 14th Dec 2023

4. IEO- International English Olympiad

It is based on the English language- a globally known language. IEO focuses on English grammar and basic properties /standards of the English language. This examination has proved to broaden the mind and understanding of students. This exam tests a student's subject knowledge, such as precise English usage rules. 

Starting Dates for Stage 1:

Date one – 26th September 2023

Date two – 12th October 2023

Date three – 2nd November 2023

5. IGKO- International General Knowledge Olympiad

IGKO exam includes questions based on current affairs, general knowledge/ awareness and life skills. This exam tests the alertness of a student however, it also includes subjects- geography, mathematics, history and science. The benefits of IGKO are wide in range, for example, increasing a student's presence of mind. 

Starting Dates for Stage 1:

Date one – 21st September 2023

Date two – 10th October 2023

Preparation Tips and Important Topics for Olympiad for Class 4 

Find details of exam pattern, important topics and information regarding Olympiad class 4. Discover the suggested timetable for class 4 for preparation for the Olympiad exam class 4.

Olympiad for Class 4: General Tips for Exam Preparation

  • Students must refer to the previous year's question papers to get an experience of exam pattern and practise time management 

  • Monthly mock tests and sample papers by ITO of the subjects- Mathematics, GK, English, History etc. should be practised monthly for preparing for annual Olympiad exams.

  • Practice essay writing and story reading regularly as they help broaden your mind to all categories.

Olympiad for Class 4: Subject-wise Tips and Important Points

  • National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

Students should prepare for all the sections of the exam- Logical Reasoning, Technology and Achievers sections. It is advised to have good knowledge of directions, date, time, geometrical shapes, solid shapes, patterns, alphabet test and mirror images. For the second section, class 4 students should learn about simple topics such as MS-word, MS- paint, etc. 

  • National Science Olympiad (NSO)

There are three sections in this exam- Logical Reasoning, Science and Achievers section. If you face any problems finding the material for practice then download Olympiad class 4 questions and sample papers from Vedantu. Focus on topics such as Animals, Food and Digestion, matter and Material, Our Environment, Earth and Universe, Work, Force, Time.

  • International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

This examination has four sections- Logical Aptitude, Number Sense, Mathematical Reasoning and HOTS- Higher Order Thinking Skills. Students should study the following topics- Fractions, Weight and Capacity, Length, Time, Money, Perimeter and Area, geometry, Data-handling, Number names and Numerals. You should attempt as many Higher Order Thinking Skills questions to get prepared for the fourth section. Students can practise questions using the free pdf available at Vedantu for Olympiad exam class 4.

  • International English Olympiad (IEO)

Important topics to be covered for this exam are- Word and structure, reading comprehensions and writing expressions. Students are advised to practise questions based on Nouns, Pronouns, Synonyms and Antonyms, one-word substitution, Singular and plural, Tenses, Collocations, Proverbs and Idioms. If you face difficulty in situation based questions, read stories and try to identify variations of situations such as- apology, greetings or introduction. Try reading lots of essays and short stories for gaining better reading skills.

  • International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

For this exam, you should gather information on topics- Language and literature, Body, Health, Earth, Environment, Conservation of Environment, Entertainment, Sports, Maths fun, Technology and National/ International levels. You can find practice questions for Olympiad class 4 on life skills topics, which includes emotional intelligence, Decision-making and Time-management.

Benefits of Olympiad Exams for Class 4 

  • Students are introduced to conceptual knowledge in school at a level that is limited to curriculum, Olympiad provides exposure to abstract concepts and higher thinking skills.

  • Olympiad strengthens students with logical reasoning to a level that gradually builds up the ground for future competitive exams.

  • Students find their concentration level increased when they are engaged with preparation for the Olympiad. 

  • Staying prepared for mental and emotional challenges that might be coming a student’s way is very important. This emotional intelligence and adaptive quality in a student is achieved with the involvement of Olympiad preparation in their schedule.

  • Students learn to multi-task along with basic learning schedules because of the Olympiad, which is a very important milestone for the future.

To enhance your preparation and give your best in the exam, find the related study material of Olympiad for class 4 here:


Vedantu provides Olympiad class 4 material and expertly crafted practice sets, sample papers and solutions of Olympiad exams for class 4, that make sure students master their subject so well that they achieve their desired results. Students can discover important questions for Olympiad for Class 4 English, Mathematics, Science, etc to solve all of their doubts and win the exam.

FAQs on Olympiad for Class 4

1. What is the use of the Olympiad exam?

Olympiad is the best source for students to match their level of knowledge with other students from different cultures and countries. It helps students to increase their mathematical skills, reasoning ability and English language skills, etc.

2. Which Olympiad is the best?

Every Olympiad is designed in a way to target logical reasoning and particu;ar subject knowledge. The SOF- Science Olympiad Foundation and The ITO- the Indian Talent Olympiad organises the best Olympiads such as NSO, NCO, IMO, IEO, etc.

3. What is the syllabus for Olympiad exam class 4?

The Olympiad exam for class 4 is a multiple-choice question exam with different sections, each section includes logical reasoning, language skills, mathematical knowledge, High Order Thinking Skills, etc. Olympiad questions for class 4 and syllabus, sample papers, and important questions that are carefully crafted are available at Vedantu in pdf format for free.

4. Can I give the Olympiad without School?

There are several organisations that offer Olympiad in online mode and schools offer the resources to students to give Olympiad in offline mode. You have both options to consider.

5. Which is the hardest Olympiad?

In reviews of students,  the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) has been considered harder than the rest. This exam targets mathematical skills and has some tricky questions that can be a challenge for students. If you are struggling with preparation of IMO, download the free pdf available by Vedantu of Olympiad exams for class 4.