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Olympiad for Class 8

Last updated date: 28th Feb 2024
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Olympiad Exams for Class 8 | List, Books, Registration Dates, Study Materials and More

Olympiads are a type of inter-school competition designed to identify and choose extraordinary kids with the highest levels of aptitude, talent, and IQ. Olympiad tests serve as a starting point for students to discover their educational abilities. These tests improve a student's capacity for learning, capacity for logical thought, and capacity for science. These tests cover a variety of topics, including Science, Maths, Computers, and additional languages like English or Hindi.


This is a great opportunity for students to identify and address their main deficiencies on a national or international level, which strengthens their strengths. It gives them more self-confidence to advance academically.  In this article, we will inform you about Class 8 Olympiad exams with all necessary details.

How Many Types of Olympiad Exams Are There for Class 8th?

There are 6 Olympiad exams for Class 7 conducted by ITO. These include the following:

  1. National Cyber Olympiad - NCO

  2. National Science Olympiad - NSO

  3. International Mathematical Olympiad - IMO

  4. International English Olympiad - IEO

  5. International General Knowledge Olympiad - IGKO

  6. Indian Olympiad Qualifier Mathematics - IOQM

List of Olympiad Exams for Class 8 and Free Study Materials

The following are essential dates and links to study materials for the Class 8 Olympiad to help you prepare better and perform your best in the test with the help of the list given below:

Olympiad Exams


Important Dates

Sample Papers



The National Science Olympiad is made to put students analytical skills to the test when dealing with complex scientific issues. Competitive assessments for the National Science Olympiad are held to give candidates a venue to evaluate their reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

Level 1:
Date one – 17th October 2023 Date two – 21st November 2023 Date three – 5th December 2023

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National Cyber Olympiad concepts and knowledge expertise. This contest welcomes upcoming scientists and technologists. Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is in charge of organising it. This subject only has one level and focuses on the study of logic and technology.

Stage 1:
Date one – 28th November 2023, Date two – 19th December 2023

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There are two stages to the International Mathematical Olympiad. It places a strong emphasis on evaluating a student's mathematical abilities. Students are chosen for exams that are given all around the world after numerous rounds of competition.

Level 1:
Day One - 31st Oct 2023 Day two - 30th Nov 2023 Day three - 14th Dec 2023

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International English Olympiad is the internationally recognised as English language exam. IEO's  fundamental characteristics and standards are the focus of IEO. This test has demonstrated that it broadens students thinking and comprehension. This exam measures a student's topic knowledge, including their understanding of exact English usage standards.

Stage 1:
Date one – 26th September 2023 Date two – 12th October 2023 Date three – 2nd November 2023

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Questions on current events, general knowledge/awareness, and life skills are all part of the IGKO exam. This exam assesses a student's awareness, but it also covers geography, arithmetic, history, and science. The advantages of IGKO are numerous and diverse, such as improving students' mental clarity.

Stage 1:
Date one – 21st September 2023 Date two – 10th October 2023

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Benefits of Taking Olympiad Exam in Future

Olympiad tests serve as a starting point for students to discover their educational abilities. These tests improve a student's capacity for learning, capacity for logical thought, and capacity for science. These tests cover a variety of topics, including Science, Maths, Computer, and additional languages like English or Hindi. 

Marking benefits that students can avail from the olympiad exam are as follows:

  1. When a kid enters a competition where they must compete nationally or internationally, they automatically absorb a high degree of exposure.

  2. Many students ultimately benefit from these Olympiad tests. It advises and assists the pupils in many different ways from the first through the 12th grade, whether at the international or only national level.

  3. Significant improvement in critical thinking can be observed among students. And these Olympiads further polish it.

  4. It enables students to identify and address their areas of weakness throughout the exam.

  5. Analyses a student's aptitude and topic knowledge in order to prepare them for future competitive exams.

  6. Olympiads assist students develop their thinking and learning processes, which improves their understanding of the lessons they are taught in school and boosts their performance in class.


How to Register for Olympiad Exams?

The following steps should be taken by students willing to appear for the Olympiad exams.

  • Students in grades 1 to 12 are given the registration form by the school to complete.

  • Once the schools receive the prospectus and registration forms, they will be distributed to the students.

  • Students need to duly fill the form and submit it to the school authorities within the stipulated time.

  • A certain fee needs to be paid along with the form to confirm registration.

  • The registration fee is INR 125, for schools in India, and USD 9 for international schools.

  • In addition to this, international participating schools may charge USD 1 to their students and Indian schools, INR 25 per student.

  • The students are then informed of the exam dates and syllabus and can begin preparing for the national or international level.


Why Should Students Choose VOS?

Vedantu Olympiad School or VOS is one platform with solution for “Your Preparation for All Competitive Exams.” As a dedicated learning platform for students who desire to grasp the opportunities of testing their knowledge in the Olympiads and making the most of it, VOS prepares you for competitive tests at the national and international levels. Here are a few reasons to choose Vedantu Olympiad School (VOS)

  • On this platform, 24,000 students are learning and interacting with other students at a good pace.

  • Online courses have been offered for more than 50,000 hours as of today and still scoring.

  • At the VOS platform, top-tier Master teachers (the majority of which are IItians) passionately impart their subject-matter knowledge on a daily basis.

  • "While learning, you can take a rest, but we don't" - 24x7 live classes with interactivity.

  • Engagement with each student individually to address their questions (both academic and non-academic).

  • Providing students with the Guru Mantra like Gurukul was a particular test technique, to assist them give their all throughout exams.



We at Vedantu offer a comprehensive viewpoint to your career-related questions. With a well-defined action plan to help you reach your objectives, we assist you in finding the path that is best for you. The students will be able to learn and review the key topics and ideas that are necessary to do well in the exam with the aid of Vedantu’s Olympiad study materials. You can access all the necessary information concerning Olympiads 2023-24 and study materials by visiting the Vedantu website or app.

FAQs on Olympiad for Class 8

1. Are Olympiad exams simple?

Olympiad tests are simple to pass with the right preparation and will advance your education. Students can perform remarkably well in the Olympiad examination if parents pay close attention to their children and encourage learning through some creative methods.

2. Will NCERT be enough for the Olympiads?

The Olympiad exams are majorly based on the topics and concepts taught in the school level or covered in the school curriculum. Hence, a thorough study of the NCERT chapters will do much of the job for you. However, it is advisable to solve as many questions and sample papers as possible to analyse your preparation.

3. Who organises the Olympiad exam?

Various Olympiad Exams are conducted by different organisations. These are the most reputable ones that hold these challenging Olympiad exams in schools.

  • Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

  • SilverZone Foundation

  • ICAS/IAIS Macmillan Education

  • ASSET - Educational Initiatives

  • Unified Council

  • EduHeal Foundation

4. Does Vedantu cover all the grades and all types of questions for the Olympiad?

Yes, we cover  all courses, including Maths, Science, General Knowledge, English, and Hindi, from grades 1 to 12 for the Olympiad exams. To help your students prepare for Olympiad exams, we also offer Mock Tests, Sample Questions, Chapter-Wise Tests, and Previous Years Papers.

5. How are Olympiad exams administered?

The levels at which the Olympiad tests are administered vary per category. The Olympiad exam is administered online, and students must participate in this format as well. The National Science Olympiad, International Mathematics Olympiad, and the International English Olympiad are all conducted in more than one level, but the International GK Olympiad, International Commerce Olympiad, and National Cyber Olympiad are all conducted as single level exams.