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Olympiad for Class 9

Last updated date: 21st Feb 2024
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Olympiad Exams for Class 9 | List, Books, Registration dates, Study Material

Olympiad exams are a gateway for class 9 students to prepare themselves for other exams such as boards and competitive exams. It is a crucial phase for students in class 9 to know their subjects thoroughly and, with the help of it, decide what field of study they should pursue. At Vedantu, check Class 9 Olympiad exam details- Olympiad exams for class 9 Maths and Science. Find Olympiad books for class 9 in PDF format for free download and know about Olympiad for class 9 registration.

You can upgrade your preparation with a few easy methods! Know that Vedantu provides class 9 Olympiad study material PDF with trouble-free explanations and written solutions. You can know about class 9 Olympiad registration, details, subject information and sample papers with an organised study plan to achieve your target score.

Discover class 9 Olympiad books, previous year question papers, mock tests and sample papers for easy and packed preparation.

Find all Details of Class 9 Olympiad












CBSE, ICSE and State Board


Organising body

Science Olympiad Foundation(SOF)



Maths olympiad,Science olympiad, English Olympiad, General Knowledge Olympiad



National, International



Pursuing class 9th of any recognised board

List of Olympiad exams for Class 9 and Free Study Materials





The National Science Olympiad is designed to test the intellectual abilities of a student when faced with scientific problems. National Science Olympiad competitive tests provide a platform for candidates to examine their analytical, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities.

Students enrolled in classes 1-12 in a school recognised by SOF are eligible for the NSO exam. Students should submit the form 30 days before the exam date.


National Cyber Olympiad expertise concepts and knowledge. This competition is to welcome future technologists and scientists. It is organised by (SOF) Science Olympiad Foundation. This subject focuses on the study of technology and logical reasoning and only has one level.

Students from classes 1-10 who are enrolled in a school recognised by SOF and have submitted the form 30 days before the exam date are eligible for NCO Olympiad.


The International Mathematical Olympiad involves two levels. It is heavily focused on testing the mathematical skills of a student. The examination is held globally, students get selected through competitions to reach the international level.

Students enrolled in classes 1-12 are eligible for IMO exam level 1, and students from classes 3-12 are eligible for IMO exam level 2.


It is based on the English language- a globally known language. IEO focuses on English grammar and basic properties /standards of the English language. This examination has proved to broaden the mind and understanding of students. This exam tests the subject knowledge of a student, such as precise rules of usage of English

Students enrolled in classes 1-12 in a school that is related to ICSE, CBSE or state board are eligible for the IEO exam.


Indian Olympiad Qualifier Mathematics (IOQM) exam, formerly known as PRMO, is based on Mathematical Skills. The Mathematics Teachers Association (TMA) is responsible for organising IOQM. There are two levels in this Olympiad. Due to the pandemic, PRMO and RMO were combined to become IOQM. The Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE), TIFR, will host the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) in the second stage.

Students born on or after August 1, 2002, and studying in Class VIII, IX, X, XI or XII are eligible to write IOQM.


The National Standard Examination In Junior Scientific (NSEJS) is based on Scientific knowledge and aptitude. The organising body is the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). This exam performs as a stage for students to become eligible for other successive stages in the Junior Science Olympiad Programme on an International level. The examination is organised in association with HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education).

Students in class 10th and below are all eligible for the National Standard Examination in Junior Science examination(NSEJS) 2023-24. Another requirement is that the Students should not be scheduled to complete their 10th board examination earlier than November 2022.


IGKO exam includes questions based on current affairs, general knowledge/ awareness and about life skills. This exam tests the alertness of a student however, it also includes subjects- geography, mathematics, history and science. Benefits of IGKO are wide in range; for example, increasing a student's presence of mind.

Students that are in classes 1 to 10 are eligible to appear for the IGKO exam by SOF in 2023-23.

Registration Steps for Olympiad Exams in Class 9

  • Students should approach the registration process through their respective schools. The authorised coordinator of the school will carry out the required steps for the next stage. 

  • Students are supposed to fill out the application form, followed by a necessary payment of a nominal application fee. Students will receive their application and roll numbers that will be collected for the exam date.

  • The last date of Olympiad Registration for individual student registration is 31st November 2023 for Round 1.

Importance Olympiad for Class 9

  • Satisfactory academic knowledge and performance are traits of an average student. The Olympiad exams for class 9 are a gateway for achieving excellence as they motivate students to prepare themselves while being out of their comfort zone.

  • Students, with the help of Olympiad exams, can prepare themselves for the competitive stages of life that are to come in their lives.

  • Class 9 Olympiad is crucial for students as they gather knowledge about their best interest in the study so they can easily decide what to pursue in the next class. This milestone can be achieved with the help of Olympiad preparation.

  • Olympiad books for class 9 act as the student’s best friends, and Olympiad exams act as an important resource for students as they help them determine their career and expose them to hard work, multi-tasking and in-depth knowledge of subjects.

To enhance your preparation and give your best in the exam, find the important dates ad related study material of the Olympiad for class 9:

Olympiad Exams


Important Dates

Sample Papers


Level 1

Date one – 17th October 2023 Date two – 21st November 2023 Date three – 5th December 2023

NSO Sample Question Paper for Class 9


Stage 1

Date one – 28th November 2023, Date two – 19th December 2023

NCO Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 9


Level 1

Day One - 31st Oct 2023 Day two - 30th Nov 2023 Day three - 14th Dec 2023

IMO Sample Question Paper For Class 9


Stage 1

Date one – 26th September 2023 Date two – 12th October 2023 Date three – 2nd November 2023

IEO Olympiad Sample Papers for Class 9


Stage 1

3rd September 2023

IOQM Sample Papers 1


Stage 1

Date one – 21st September 2023 Date two – 10th October 2023

IGKO Sample Paper for Class 9


Students can find complete details of class 9 olympiad exams at Vedantu.

Sample papers for olympiad exams for class 9 Maths are available with free access.

Olympiad books for class 9 are suggested to students for a packed preparation.

The science Olympiad class 9 syllabus and syllabus for all other subjects are available in PDF format for free download. Class 9 olympiad questions provided by Vedantu are selected under excellent supervision for students to ace their exams!

FAQs on Olympiad for Class 9

1. Which Olympiad is best for class 9?

The National Science Olympiad (NSO) is a good and widely known exam conducted on a school-level basis for students enrolled in classes 1 to 12. SOF organises many Olympiads for different subjects and a variety of academic fields, each to determine a certain set of skills. All kinds of Olympiads are considered excellent sources of knowledge for class 9 students. 

2. How do I prepare for the SOF olympiad?

Students should know 100% accurate exam syllabus and pattern details. You should solve previous year's question papers and don’t miss out on practising using online resources; Vedantu provides study material, including Maths Olympiad for Class 9 PDF, English Olympiad for Class 9 PDF and Olympiad books for Class 9 free download, etc. You can practise with the reliable material available at Vedantu and sit back with a good preparation.

3. Can class 9 students give NTSE?

No, only class 10th students can take the NTSE exam; they should be below the age of 14 and should be appearing for the 10th class for the first time.

4. How do you top in Olympiads?

Olympiads are objective-type examinations and are strongly concept based. If you learn all the required basics of your subject and reinforce them while simultaneously making effective use of practice questions, sample papers, mock tests, and previous year examinations, then you can undoubtedly top in Olympiads. Olympiad for class 9 2023-24 year sample papers available at Vedantu for free download.

5. What are the questions asked in Olympiad Class 9?

Olympiad questions vary from subject to the subject however they all are centralised around logical reasoning, mathematical aptitude, scientific knowledge, general awareness, life skills and language skills. Olympiad exams for class 9 always include High Order Thinking questions, and the questions differ on the difficulty level. The exam structure is designed to push the students to think more abstractly. Olympiad class 9 questions have their roots in the prescribed syllabus provided by schools.