IGKO 2021 Registration

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IGKO Exam Registration 2021

The International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) is an exam conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) on a single level which means students only from class 1 to 10 are eligible to take this exam. IGKO plates its attention towards the youth to make them aware of the current events happening nationally and internationally. The International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) exams are judged based on four different levels i.e., school level, city level, zonal level, and international level. 

Date Structure For IGKO Exams 

Examinations for IGKO will be held for three days.

Day 1: Awaited Notification.

Day 2: Awaited Notification.

Day 3: Awaited Notification.

Application Process For Registered And Non-Registered Schools

Only the school students of 1 to 10 who are interested in taking their IGKO exams must follow these procedures. 

  1. Interested students can apply only if their school registers themselves with SOF. This registration will provide the school, a prospectus that contains the registration form along with the roll number. The coordinating teacher of the school is responsible for giving the registration forms and the roll number according to the guideline mentioned by the SOF to all the interested students.

  2. Schools that do not register with the SOF also get a chance to get their hands on the prospectus if they contact the SOF through phone or by e-mail. 

  3. The students who received the registration form are to fill the form and submit it back to the school. 

  4. After all the students have submitted their form, the school sends back all the forms to SOF before the due date. 

  5. SOF will register all the applicant schools along with the students and dispatch the question papers and guidelines for conducting the IGKO examination.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Students only of class 1 to class 10 are eligible for the IGKO exams.

  2. There are no minimum marks criteria for the students who want to apply for the IGKO exams.


The International General Knowledge Olympiad examination charges Rs 125 (Including GST) as the registration fee from the schools in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal. The schools may also charge an additional Rs 25 per student. Any student suffering from a major physical disability or an Indian student whose parent was martyred during defense operations are freed from paying any kind of fee.   

IGKO Admit Card 

The  IGKO Admit card is made available on the official website of SOF. students can download the IGKO admit card after they have successfully submitted the application form. Students have to reach the allotted centers on the mentioned day and time 30 minutes before the commencement of their Olympiads exams. Students will be allowed to enter the examination hall 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination. 

The duration of the examination will be 1 hour and no extra time will be provided. 


At International Level



No. of Awards


INR 50,000 + Gold medal + Certificate of outstanding performance



INR 25,000 + Silver medal + Certificate of outstanding performance 



INR 10,000 + Bronze medal + Certificate of outstanding performance 


          At Zonal Level



No. of Awards


Gifts worth Rs 1000 + Gold Medal + Certificate of Zonal Excellence



Gifts worth Rs 1000 + Silver Medal + Certificate of Zonal Excellence



Gifts worth Rs 1000  + Bronze Medal + Certificate of Zonal Excellence


4th to 10th

Gifts worth Rs 500 + Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction + Certificate of Zonal Excellence


11th to 25th

Certificate of Zonal Excellence + Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction


Rank 26+

Participation Certificate


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Method to Check the IGKO Results?

The students who took the IGKO examinations can check their results online by following these steps. 

  1. Visit the official website of the Science Olympiad Foundation.

  2. The students can find different cards for the exam schedule, results, awards, and other related details on the homepage of the website.

  3. Students have to click on the results card which will redirect them to the results link.

  4. Students must know their roll number to check the IGKO results. 

  5. As the roll number of the student will be entered, the result would be displayed on the screen. 

  6. Students may either save this result or take the print of it for future reference.

  7. The results of IGKO will not reach the students by post.  

2. What is a Zonal Rank?

Zonal rank is basically the state level toppers. The student achieving the first rank gets awarded with INR 5000 along with a gold medal and a certificate of zonal excellence. The student ranking 2nd gets INR 2500 along with a silver medal and a certificate of zonal excellence. A student achieving 3rd rank is offered INR 1000 along with a bronze medal and a certificate of zonal excellence. Student getting ranks between 4th to 10th is offered a gift worth INR 1000 along with a medal of distinction and a certificate of zonal excellence. The rank holders between 10th to 25th are given a medal of distinction and a certificate of zonal excellence. And all those who hold their rank after 26+ are given a certificate of participation.

3. What are the Objectives of the Different Examinations of SOF?

Different examinations conducted by the SOF have different objectives.

  1. NSO inculcates in students the ability of scientific reasoning and logical thinking. 

  2.  NCO assist the students in the knowledge of cyber concepts

  3. IMO helps the students to test their mathematical skills and knowledge.

  4. IEO strengthen their use of the English language  

  5. ICSO helps the students to prepare for higher examinations by evaluating their knowledge in the fields of economics, accountancy, business studies, and quantitative analysis reasoning

  6. IGKO develops a student’s interest in general knowledge and current affairs.

4. Is it Appropriate to Let a Class 4 Student Sit for All Types of Olympiad Exams?

The olympiad examination is a foundation that works to broaden the mind of the youths. It helps a student to develop a new thought process and explore new interests that will help the child in the long run. The main reason why students should take olympiad exams is that it helps them to get inspired to study from a very young age. It molds the students into a more concentrated and dedicated achiever.