IGKO 2021 Exam Date

Date of IGKO Exam 2021

The IGKO exam is a single level examination conducted by its parent organization Science Olympiad Foundation and class 1-10 students in schools around the world can participate in this exam. Since it is only one stage of examination there are no admissible scores or merit index that is to be extracted for the next round. 

IGKO Exam Date 2021

There are many students that appear around the world and there are only so many schools that have registered with the Science Olympiad Foundation to become the official registration centres for conducting the exam.

  • The exam for International General Knowledge Olympiad 2021 will be held on two dates 

Date 1 

16th & 17th October 2021

Date 2 

13th &14th November 2021

The aforementioned exam date is according to the latest update and as mentioned on the official website of SOF. The dates can be changed based on the situation of the country that has come to a halt due to the pandemic. The question papers will be dispatched by the Science Olympiad Foundation beforehand and must be conducted on the scheduled date. The schools request to change the date of the examination will not be accepted by SOF. 

Rules to Be Followed at the Time of Examination 

  • Candidates can get theInternational General Knowledge Olympiad hall ticket 2021 from the school coordinator of respective schools and the students need to carry the admit card along with them.

  • In case a student loses their admit card, they can get a copy of it from the school coordinator before the exam date and it will be considered by the invigilator of the exam.

  • Without the admit card or hall ticket the student will not be allowed to enter the examination hall and any reasons for justifying this behaviour will be disregarded.

  • Before the commencement of the exam, the students are requested to enter the examination hall 30 minutes prior to the set time.

  • 10-15 minutes after the beginning of the exam no student will be allowed to enter the examination hall.

  • No extra time will be offered to any student to complete the exam, the paper must be submitted within the time allowed.

  • A student will be allowed to leave the examination hall only after completion of their exam.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1) When Will the Venue of My Exam Centre for the International General Knowledge Olympiad Be Notified?

Ans.) If you have applied from your school which is registered with the Science Olympiad Foundation then the exam venue will be your school, the exam is conducted during school hours as per the due date of the exam. If your school is unregistered you have to surf the official site for all the important information that also includes the venue of the exam. 

Q.2) What is the Due Date for the Next Stage of the International General Knowledge Olympiad Exam?

Ans.) The International General Knowledge Olympiad is a single level exam, and the dates are for the same exam and students can sit on either of the two days and attend the exam according to their choice. There is no next stage after this exam, directly the results are announced and district level, zonal level, school level, and international level top performers are awarded. However, if you are in class 1-9 then you are eligible to appear for the  International General Knowledge Olympiad exam the following year and it will give you a chance to enhance your rankings from the previous years. And the students in class 10 will not have this option to avail themselves since they will be an alumnus of the school they have passed out from.  

Q.3) Can I Collect My Awards and Medals After I Have Passed Out from My School?

Ans.) All the awards announcement date and venue of the presentation ceremony will be announced and notified to the schools concerned. And to attain this information you have to check the official website and even stay in touch with your school so you can come for collecting your award. There is no such restriction to the students who are school pass outs as to not attend the ceremony for prize collection. 

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