IGKO 2021 Exam Pattern

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IGKO Exam Pattern and Selection Process

The International General Knowledge Olympiad Examination is conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) every year in the month of September or October. There is no specific cut off marks criteria to be eligible for this examination. Any student with good General Knowledge and is across any of the grades of 1 to 10 can aspire to take up this examination. However, IGKO is not a cup of tea for 11th and 12th standard students. It is a single level examination conducted at the respective school premises from which the students have enrolled for the exam.

A Deeper Understanding of IGKO Exam Pattern 2021

It is very important for the students to know that IGKO level 2 exam pattern does not exist because IGKO is a single level examination conducted by the SOF in Indian Schools. A few important points about IGKO Exam Pattern 2021 are described below. 

  • The most important point to be considered by the schools and the students is that IGKO is a single level examination and therefore IGKO level 2 exam pattern does not realy exist. 

  • This exam is organized by the SOF authorities in the respective schools from which the participants have enrolled for the IGKO exam. 

  • No extra time is dedicated by the schools to take up this exam. The exams are conducted during the school hours as scheduled by the school heads. 

  • Since the exam is conducted at the International level, English will be the medium of instruction in the question papers or any other materials provided in support of IGKO exams. 

  • Usually, the schools have an option to choose from one of the three dates that are provided by the SOF to conduct the IGKO exams. However, schools are not permitted to conduct the exams on any of the dates of their choice other than the dates provided by SOF. 

  • Each class level will have separate question papers. Though IGKO Paper Pattern is the same for all classes, the questions are framed considering the IQ level of students across the grades.

IGKO Paper Pattern

The IGKO level 1 examination is conducted in the respective schools for a maximum duration of 1 hour within the school working hours. The question paper consists of multiple choice questions or objective type questions. Though the number of questions vary for different grades, the number of sections in the question paper remains the same. The four sections in the IGKO Paper Pattern are:

  1. General Awareness

  2. Current Affairs

  3. Life Skills 

  4. Achievers section

IGKO Paper Pattern for Class 1 to 4

Various topics are covered under the four sections of IGKO paper pattern for students of Class 1 to 4. Under the first section named General Awareness, students are asked questions related to the general topics like:

  • Me and My surroundings

  • Our body and health 

  • Plants and animals 

  • India and  the world

  • Environment and its conservation and many more

A Few Aspects Covered Under the Other Three Sections is Summarized Below

  • Current Affairs - News, R & D and updates of new happenings 

  • Life skills - kindness, soft skills, moral values, teamwork etc. 

  • Achievers section - HOTS questions 

Important Note

IGKO question papers for higher grades will also have the same 4 sections with advance level of the same topics. 

It is very important for all the students to know what will be dealt in the question paper so that they can prepare themselves for the same. 

The question paper consists of 35 questions in total for students of class 1 to 4 and 50 questions for the students of class 5 to 10.

The questions in the first three sections of the paper fetches you one mark each for every correct answer you give. This is valid for the students across the grades of 1 to 10. 

However, the questions in Achievers section is given a weightage of 2 marks each in case of class 1 to 4 and 3 marks each for class 5 to 10.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Do You Prepare for IGKO?

Here are a few tips for the students to crack their IGKO level 1 exams.

  • Students should be aware that the IGKO syllabus is ubiquitous and the exam has only one level. There is no IGKO level 2 exam pattern.

  • Students should have a thorough understanding of exam duration, dates, patterns, sections and type of questions asked. This will enhance their self confidence. 

  • It is very important for the students to fetch resources and information related to SOF from authentic sources.

  • Newspaper reading and peer learning are also of utmost importance in regard to enriching one’s general knowledge.

  • Having your own study plan and being in pace with all the current affairs also plays a vital role in the marks scored by the students in IGKO. 

2. When IGKO Results Will Be Declared?

IGKO results will generally be declared within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of the written exam. The results are directly sent to the respective schools from which the students participate. Students can also check their results online in the SOF website by entering their roll number printed on their admit card.

3. What is the GK Olympiad?

The International General Knowledge Olympiad is the first international GK exam in India. It is an unique exam which not only lays emphasis on the current affairs and happenings but also on the facts related to the past and the future. It provides an excellent platform for the students to excel in their knowledge of general awareness, life skills and application of general knowledge.

4. Is There Any Negative Marking in the Olympiad Exam?

The answer to this question is a big NO. The Olympiad exams  aim to lay a strong foundation of self confidence regarding a particular subject and hence inhibit a sense of healthy competition. However, there is no such negative marking in the Olympiad exams for the incorrect answers.