IGKO Exam 2021 - International General Knowledge Olympiad

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IGKO Exam 2021 - Registration, Exam Date, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Result and Other Details
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SOF stands for Science Olympiad Foundation, the organizer for the International General Knowledge Olympiad. SOF along with IGKO which promotes the participation of students and enhances their general knowledge skills also organizes other exams that promote English, computer science, mathematics and science skills. The educational foundation SOF is also a non-profit organization that was established by leading academicians, scientists and media personalities and has been actively striving to promote young geniuses by providing them with a competitive platform and where there is a pool of talented future scientists, technologists, IT and other professional talents which can be identified at school level so they can be nurtured and progress in that direction. The SOF also aims at disseminating knowledge and necessary data and updated information about the latest developments in science and technology and other subjects that create an impact in the life of the students. Through this, they are bringing about a revolutionary transformation in the age-old classroom approach and making learning innovative, practical and interactive. The exams are infused with a healthy competitive spirit among the students; the reward-based approach that is adopted by the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) is a great way to motivate students,  the teachers and schools to encourage involvement and participation and make use of this platform.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. When International General Knowledge Olympiad Results will be Declared?

Ans. For the International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) exam, the latest update about the result declaration by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) is in the month of February. The exact date of the result announcement is yet to be announced by the SOF. And you will be notified when there is an official declaration as there will be a mention of it on the website of the Science Olympiad Foundation. 

Q.2. How Can I Prepare for the International General Knowledge Olympiad Exam?

Ans. The exam of the International General Knowledge Olympiad is about the general knowledge about the incidents and is ubiquitous in nature and for preparation, you can read newspapers, monthly economic and current affairs magazines. You can start your preparation also by making yourself aware of the syllabus and familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam paper. The best way of preparation is also via the reference and study material provided by the SOF that is targeted specifically for each class of students in all of the school grades from 1st to 10th. 

Q.3. What is SOF IGKO?

Ans. The SOF that stands for Science Olympiad Foundation is the parent non-profit organization that since 1996 has been pioneering the academic competition among school children and recognizing their talent in various fields like Science, Mathematics, Computer Education, English, Social Studies, General Knowledge. The SOF IGKO is the International General Knowledge Olympiad examination organized for encouraging students' participation in national, international competitions, programs, events and it is also a very effective way to instil a feeling of belonging in the young minds to national and global students fraternity. The other exams conducted by the same parent organization are the SOF NCO (National Cyber Olympiad), SOF NSO (National Science Olympiad) SOF IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad), SOF IEO (International English Olympiad), SOF ICO (International Commerce Olympiad) and SOF International Social Studies Olympiad. 

Q.4. How Do You Check the International General Knowledge Olympiad Results for 2021?

Ans. The results of the International General Knowledge Olympiad exam will be uploaded on the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) website on the scheduled date for the results announcement. The first step is the student needs to visit the official website of the SOF IGKO, which is sofworld.org. Or directly visit http://results.sofworld.org/results page. Select Olympiad that you have appeared for under the SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) umbrella in this case IGKO and then enter your assigned roll number for the exam which is also present in your hall ticket or admit card in the provided space. Thereafter enter the captcha code viewed on the computer screen that is usually asked for verification purposes. After which you can click on 'View Result' to check the SOF IGKO Result 2021.