NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle

Class 6 English NCERT Textbook Solutions - Free PDF download

English forms a vital part of the Indian CBSE syllabus and having a good foundation in the subject will help you get a good grasp over the language. For grade 6, one of the textbooks prescribed is the Honeysuckle book of poems. The contents of the book are taught to students who then have to pass their final examinations to move on to the next grade and the NCERT solutions book for class 6 English Honeysuckle help you do just that.


For students who want to succeed in the subject, it is important that they get ample practice. Referring to the NCERT solutions book for class 6 English Honeysuckle is the best way to do that. We at Vedantu have designed this extensive solution book that covers all the essential aspects in a chapter-wise format with each answer laid out neatly.

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NCERT Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapterwise Solutions

English is an important language and getting a good grasp on it right from the beginning will make students perfect in this language in future. CBSE syllabus emphasizes more on English for building base of students in this language. Honeysuckle book of poems is the textbook for the students of grade 6. NCERT solution book for class 6 English Honeysuckle will give you a good understanding of English, as this book comprise of interesting stories and poems. This makes the language interesting for students.

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and hence students need to practice a lot for learning this language in a grammatically correct manner. Vendantu provides complete solution book in chapter-wise format covering answers of all the questions

Below mentioned is the chapter-wise details of class 6 English NCERT Textbook Solutions

Chapter 1: Who Did Patrick’s Homework

In this chapter after completion of story, you will come across some exercises like question and answer exercises, fill in the blanks, crossword puzzle, speaking exercise, and writing work. This entire chapter will make you learn new words through crosswords, and will enhance your speaking and writing skills. Also with fill in the blanks, you will learn to put the correct words in the gap.

Chapter 2: How the dog found himself a new master

After story completion, this chapter contains question and answer exercises, fill in the blanks, working with language exercise, wordsearch and speaking exercise. It also covers an exercise which will make you aware of complete dog family with appropriate pictures. Try to attempt all the exercises by yourself, in case you stuck somewhere, you can always refer the answers solved by Vedantu experienced teachers. Get answers to all the questions in a simple manner for better understanding.

Chapter 3: Taro’s Reward

It is a story of a woodcutter and his father’s wish of drinking sake. It contains exercise namely question and answers, working with the language, speaking and writing, and dictation. This story teaches students to do the hard work and obey their parents. The exercise will make students learn new words, placement of words for making meaningful sentence, and will enhance their speaking skills. Our experts have given solution of each question in a clear and easy manner, so that students can understand the story very well.

Chapter 4: An Indian- American Women in Space: Kalpana Chawla

This is an inspirational chapter, which will make students aware about the courage of Kalpana Chawla. At the end this chapter comprises of questions and answers based on Kalpana Chawla’s life, followed by filling in the blanks, match the following, speaking and writing skills. This chapter encourages students to do something in their life and motivate them a lot. 

Chapter 5: A different kind of school

This chapter comprises of exercise like working with the text, working with language, speaking and writing exercises. Learn how to put sentences in a correct manner, match the correct words, and learn appropriate use of noun. You can check the guidance of our experts for each exercise, for completing exercise in a correct manner.

Chapter 6: Who I Am

In this chapter children have shared their dream. At the end there are exercises like, working with the text, multiple intelligences, working with language, writing, and speaking exercise. The multiple intelligence exercise of this chapter will make students think about the skills they have. And this will help them to decide what they can do in their future.

Chapter 7: Fair Play

This chapter is divided into 3 parts and consists of exercise namely working with the text, working with the language, speaking and writing along with dictation. In these exercises, working with the text consists of sentence formation, ‘who says to whom’ activity and question and answer work. Solve complete exercise with our experts’ answers which are given in clear and descriptive manner for easy understanding.

Chapter 8: A game of chance

It is a story of a boy who was fooled by a shopkeeper. The story is interesting and has a good moral. At the end of chapter, there are exercises like working with text, working with language, speaking and reading aloud activity, and dictation. Get easy explanation of each and every exercise from our experts which will clear your concepts of English grammar. 

Chapter 9: Desert Animals

This chapter makes students aware about different animals of desert. Know about different types of snakes, mongooses and camels mentioned in this chapter. At the end solve the exercises namely working with the text, speaking activity, thinking about language and writing activity. These exercises will help students to know the correct form of verb. 

Chapter 10: The banyan tree

This chapter comprises of question answers, and fill in the blanks activities. Get accurate answers of all the questions with Vedantu. And each answer is given in simple language so that students can understand it properly.

NCERT Class 6 English Honeysuckle Poem

Below mentioned is the chapter-wise details of class 6 English Honeysuckle Poem:

Chapter 1: A house, a home

In this poem, the poet has told the difference between a house and home. This poem teaches students to live with love in a house for making it a home. After poem, the chapter contains ‘working with the poem’ exercise. This exercise contains fill in the blanks. Vendantu has given solutions of each exercise with proper explanation. 

Chapter 2: The Kite

This poem reveals the beauty of a kite and its condition when it strikes with a tree. The chapter contains ‘working with the poem’ exercise. In this exercise students need to fill in the blanks with appropriate words. And also there is an activity of making a kite.

Chapter 3: The Quarrel

This poem narrates a sweet quarrel between siblings. After poem students are supposed to do ‘working with the poem’ exercise. This exercise will make you aware about some difficult words of poem and also you will get a chance to write about any quarrel you had with your sibling or friend.

Chapter 4: Beauty

In this poem, the poet has described the beauty of nature. Do ‘working with the poem’ exercise after reading poems and learn some new words.

Chapter 5: Where do all teachers go?

This poem shows the imagination of kids regarding their teacher. After poem there is ‘working with the poem’ exercise for students. Vedantu provides solutions of every exercise, so get help while doing homework and understand the poem properly.

Chapter 6: The wonderful words

It is a poem based on imagination of words. Do ‘ working with poem’ exercise after poem completion. Get help of our solutions in case you stuck somewhere.

Chapter 8: Vocation

This poem is about a child who wants to be free so that he can do anything as per his wish. Do ‘Working with the poem’ activity after reading poems.

Chapter 9: Whatif

In this poem, the poet talks about the what if the questions which we sometimes get in mind during night time. Try ‘Working with the poem’ activity and solve them. 

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