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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 1 - Who Did Patrick'S Homework

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 – Who Did Patrick’s Homework?

In this article, we are providing NCERT Solution for Class 6th English Chapter 1 "Who Did Patrick’s Homework" free pdf to download. These NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 helps students  to know the accurate answers of the questions given at the end of the Chapter 1. Through these solutions, students will learn how to frame the answers by their own, and also they can refer to these solutions for revising the exercise questions of the chapter before the school exams. The solutions covered in the pdf are short and to the point and are written by the professionals according to the guidelines issued by the CBSE board. Hence, it is beneficial for the students to download the pdf for clearing their concepts.


NCERT Solutions For Class 6


Class 6 English - HoneySuckle

Chapter Name:

Chapter 1 - Who Did Patrick'S Homework

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

Available Materials:

Chapter Wise

Other Materials

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You can also download NCERT Class 6 Maths and NCERT Class 6 Science to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Access NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English - Honeysuckle Chapter 01- A House, A Home

1. What is the difference between a House and a Home? Discuss it with your partner. Then read the poem. 

Ans: A house is a structure that is made up of various materials like stone, bricks,  woods, etc. Whereas, a home is made up of a complete family or the members who  live within.  

Working With the Poem  

1. Do you agree with what the poet says? Talk to your partner and complete these sentences. 

(i) A house is made of _____ 

Ans: bricks, wood and stones which are lifeless. 

(ii) It has _____ 

Ans: A window glass, a yard, eaves, chimneys, floor tiles, roofs and many doors. 

(iii) A home is made by _____ 

Ans: A loving family, caring parents and children. 

(iv) It has _____ 

Ans: Members who love and care for each other. Their acts are selfless. 

2. Now complete these sentences about your house and home. (i) My house is _____ 

Ans: My house is built up of bricks, floor tiles and a beautiful yard with many small plants. It has many windows and doors. It also has a terrace. The living area is too spacious with beautiful curtains all around. 

(ii)The best thing about my home is _____ 

Ans: The best thing about my home is I have grandparents who are very loving and caring. My parents are also very loving and caring, we all play game    together. My grandmother reads bedtime stories for me everyday. I play with  my grandfather everyday in the morning. We have our breakfast, lunch and  dinner together.

Difficult Word Meanings for Class 6 English - Who Did Patrick’s Homework? 

The NCERT Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 contains several difficult words which the students might not understand at the first go. So, we have curated a list of such words along with their meanings in simple language so that you get everything available at  Vedantu and you don’t have to open the dictionary again and again!

S. No.

Difficult Words




A video game



Ignorant person, fool, who knows nothing



Small fairy boy with pointed ears



Short/ knee-length trousers



Very small



A woman believed to practice black magic



Shout, scream, cry, cheer



Six months-long period of a school year 



A laundry basket with cover



Ugly expression showing anger



To contract eyebrows in displeasure


Pursed his lips

To express disapproval by pressing lips tightly together forming a rounded shape



Sudden or temporary fault or problem



High pitched noise that is not very loud



A swear word, unfortunate, evil magic word/phrase

NCERT Solutions For Class 6th English DR1 1 – Free PDF Download

NCERT solutions for Class 6th English Chapter 1 free pdf available below is an important tool for students to score better marks. The pdf includes a brief summary of the chapter and the solutions of the questions given at the end of the Chapter 1. The summary of the chapter and the solutions are drafted in an easy to understand language which enables students to understand the chapter easily. The content provided in the pdf  written by our expert faculty who have years of experience and know how to formulate the easy answers.

NCERT Solutions For Class 6th English chapter 1 pdf given below  offered free of cost and can be accessed in offline mode also. So, download  NCERT Solutions For Class 6th English Chapter 1 pdf now just by tapping one single click on the pdf link given below for a better understanding of the chapter and to excel in exams.

Glimpses of  English Honeysuckle Class 6th Chapter 1 – ‘Who Did Patrick’s Homework?’

NCERT English Class 6th Chapter 1 revolves around a boy named Patrick and an elf. Patrick was a naughty boy who liked to play basketball, volleyball and hockey and hates doing homework and studies. His teachers called him dumb and even warned him to finish his homework daily.

One day, he saw his cat playing with a thing, which he thought was a toy, but was an elf. He then saved that elf from the claws of his cat and the elf felt happy to be saved. The elf granted Patrick a wish as he saved him. Patrick asked the elf to do his homework for 35 days, until the end of his semesters, so that he could score good grades. The elf agreed but did not know anything about the subjects. But even after the elf’s lack of knowledge, Patrick manages to score an A in his exams. How did he do that?

Patrick used to read his lessons for the elf so that he could write the answers. For Maths, he made him understand the concept and showed him how to solve the problems. In this way, not only did Patrick was able to complete his homework everyday but he learned his subjects also and got good grades in exams.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Honeysuckle Chapter 1

The benefits of NCERT solutions for Class 6th English that students can gain from are given below:

  • The benefit of having a study material in pdf format is that students can refer to these solutions anytime even without internet 

  • The answers are written in a synchronised manner by the expert teachers which are easy to understand.

  • Students don’t have to go for tuition and spend money when the solution is just a step away for free. 

  • The answers are formulated as per the guidelines issued by CBSE board.

With the help of  NCERT Solutions for Class 6th English Honeysuckle provided by Vedantu, students can revise all the questions asked in the chapter and clear their doubts without any external help and perform well in the exams.

How Would Vedantu Study Material Help Students?

Vedantu’s NCERT study material consists of proper explanation and answer of the questions. It is available in pdf form and the material is well constructed and synchronised. The pdfs are available for every subject in each class. The chapter is first summarised in a way that the storyline is clear and easy to comprehend, and then questions are answered which are important from the exam point of view.  

The material is constructed by our teachers who have in hand experience with the subjects and with the students. They know how to make the subject material in a way which clears the doubts of the students easily and helps them get a better understanding of the subject.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 1 - Who Did Patrick'S Homework

1. Why did the elf grant Patrick a wish?

The elf granted Patrick a wish because he saved his life from the cat which was clawing at him. He was a short man wearing a woollen shirt and short trousers. The elf was happy and relieved and granted Patrick a wish he would fulfil. Patrick decided to make the elf do his homework because he thought it was boring.

2. How did the elf do Patrick’s homework?

The elf had no knowledge about any of the subjects and couldn’t do the homework properly. Then Patrick decided to help the elf by making him understand the subjects. He got books from the library to help the elf. He used a dictionary to get the meaning of the words and often read his History lessons to the elf. For Maths, he made him understand the concept and showed him how to solve the problems. In this way by educating the elf, he also understood the lessons himself.

3. Are the NCERT solutions for Class 6th English Chapter 1 from Honeysuckle ‘’Who did Patrick’s Homework’’ any helpful?

The NCERT solutions for Class 6th English Chapter 1 offered by Vedantu are very helpful in getting a better understanding.of the chapter. The material is prepared by our experts and is well comprehensible. The solutions are written as per the guidelines of the CBSE and students can even mould the answers in their own words. The pdf is available free of cost and can be used in offline mode also which is a plus point. Also, the question and answer approach is a very effective way of revising the chapter.

4. Who did Patrick’s homework?

Patrick had aided a small guy and saved his life, and in exchange, the small man had granted Patrick a desire. Patrick, who disliked doing his homework, wished that the small man would do it all for him. As a result, the small man granted Patrick's wish and completed his schoolwork but with some assistance from Patrick, as the little guy was not very good in a few areas. For more elaborate explanations of problems related to this chapter, visit the Vedantu official page for the solutions.

5. Why did Patrick hate doing his homework and how did he avoid doing them?

He despised doing his schoolwork. Patrick never completed his schoolwork because he disliked it. Instead, he engaged in outdoor activities such as hockey and basketball. His teacher told him that if he didn't finish his homework, he wouldn't be able to learn anything. This was followed by Patrick saving a little elf’s life who had in turn granted him a wish. Patrick used this as an opportunity to avoid doing his homework and took the elf’s help in completing his entire homework for almost a month. The elf was not good in a few subjects and Patrick had to help him with those.

6. How can I download the PDF version of the Solutions of Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1?

The solutions are easily available free of cost on the Vedantu’s website and Vedantu app. 

  1. Visit the webpage with Vedantu’s solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1.

  2. To download these solutions, click on the Download PDF button and you can view the solutions offline. For solutions related to the other chapters or topics, visit Vedantu’s website, or the Vedantu app.

7. How did Patrick help the elf in completing the homework?

Patrick had saved the elf’s life and in return the elf granted him a wish. Patrick requested him to complete his homework. His request was granted, and the little man finished his homework. But he had to take Patrick's help, as the small man was not particularly excellent in a few areas. Patrick aided the little elf by guiding him and bringing him books from the library, which he read aloud to him. In this manner, he helped the elf in the subjects in which the elf was not particularly very good. This continued for almost a month and the elf did all of Patrick’s homework.

8. How did Patrick save the elf’s life?

Patrick once discovered his cat playing with a doll while he was away. That little doll turned out to be an elf and was saved by the youngster. As an act of gratitude, he vowed to grant the dying saviour’s desire. As a result of Patrick's instruction, he completed all of his schoolwork for 35 days. Later on, Patrick even helped the elf complete the homework and in doing so, Patrick began to learn his subjects well and went on to score good marks as well.