NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 13

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 13 - The Longest Step

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 offers an easy to understand solution for the youngsters. The Solutions for Class 2 Chapter 13 provides important details and key points about the branch. This solution provides excellent source material for the students and helps in revision and last moment preparations. Our experts' solutions are easy to understand and offer students a helping hand to prepare for their exams. The answers help to aid students in getting ready for their semester exams. 

Youngsters can go through the case studies provided in the NCERT solutions, and the questionnaires prepared by our experts are targeted towards the understanding level of average students.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 13 The Longest Step part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Rajat Wants to Find Out the Length of a Few Things Using His Handspan. The things that Rajat Wants to Measure are Matchbox, Pencil Sharpener, Eraser, Cricket Bat, Book.

  1. Do you think he can find the length of all these?

  2. Which things will be less than his handspan?

  3. What does Rajat want to use to find the length of these things?

Ans: Rajat cannot merely use his hand's span in measuring the items provided in the above list. Either logical reasoning is required, or he can use his fingers to measure most house-old items' approximate length. I think things like the matchbox, pencil sharpener, are more comfortable, and the coin will most likely be less than Rajat's hand's span. If he decides to use his fingers for measurements, then his work would become much more comfortable. The syllabus does not dictate the use of measurement scales to use for calculations.

Q2.  Elephant won the Three Friends – a Rabbit, an Elephant, and a Deer- Who Started the Race.

  1. Who won the Race?

  2. Do you know why the Elephant won the Race?

  3. Who do you think has the most significant step?

  4. What were the rules for the Race?

Ans: Three friends, the rabbit, Elephant, and the dear, wanted to race each other. But the Elephant was afraid that he would lose in the race considering his weight. However, others decided that nobody would run in this race. Instead, a rule was established that everyone would walk. So, when the Race finished, it was the Elephant who became victorious in the end. The result was due to the Elephant having large legs and taking significant steps to complete the race.