NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 2

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 2 - Counting in Groups

Vedantu has subject matter experts from CBSE background who are proficient in solving the problems as per the guidelines from the board. After an extensive research, our experienced teachers and subject experts have formulated the most accurate and appropriated NCERT solutions as per the guidelines of the Board syllabus. That is why when it comes to the quality then you can be rest assured. NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 2 are designed by subject experts at Vedantu in such a way that children can strengthen their conceptual foundation and can face the exam more confidently. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 2 – Counting in Groups, is available below on this page. You can download the pdf format for the same from the link given below at your convenient time and practice thoroughly for the exams. To clarify any doubt relating to the topic, you can get in touch with our teachers who will help you in all ways to strengthen your concept.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 2 Counting in Groups part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is an ordinal number?

The number that tells us the position of something in a list or series is an ordinal number. For example: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, ……. 

2. Why Vedantu?

Vedantu is an excellent educational platform where you can find skilled and experienced teachers and subject-experts. They have created ample study materials with mock tests and worksheets. Students can easily have access to these materials to develop their understanding about the concepts of various topics. The teachers are always available to clear the doubts of the students. They are very friendly and they are experienced to understand the pulse of the students and guide them accordingly. Vedantu online academic is a very user-friendly platform and students can avail the benefits from anywhere in the world at their convenient time. The main advantage of taking online courses from Vedantu is that both classroom and teachers are available at all times. 

3. How can Vedantu help in improving my grades?

You can improve your grades by taking online courses that are available on Vedantu’s official website. There are mock tests, worksheets and reference notes for every subject by which you can test your progress with a particular subject. You can reach out to our team of experienced and skilled teachers and subject experts to clear all your doubts or for any other help. They have designed the concepts in a step-to –step method and they are self-explanatory. Students who have availed this benefit from Vedantu have shown remarkable improvement in their grades. 

4. How do you avail the NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths?

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths and its reference notes per topic are available on Vedantu’s platform. They are available in pdf format and you can download them on your phone, computers, laptop and any other device. The teachers have developed the NCERT Solutions Maths in step-to-step method and they are self-explanatory. The students can revise and solve many questions to master the topic. 

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