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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21


NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21 - Haleem Chala Chand Par

Hindi Class 1 Chapter 21 is an adventure story that will take students to space. It will keep students engaged with its beautiful explanations. Hence, you will need Class 1 Chapter 21 Solution to find the right answers to the questions in the exercise. It can be downloaded in the form of a PDF file so that you can use it to study the chapter offline. All the answers in the solution are prepared by the teachers of Vedantu.

The Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21 will soon be uploaded on this page.

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Haleem Chala Chand Par: Class 1 Chapter 21 Summary

Class 1 Hindi syllabus is full of exemplary chapters that make the kids happy to read and study. The 21st chapter of this syllabus is ‘Haleem Chala Chand Par’. This chapter is all about a small kid named Haleem who wanted to go to the moon. It was his dream coming true when he found a factory where rockets are made. He took a rocket and sat on it. It launched and he started his journey to the moon. This beautiful chapter tells about the moon and what the kid found reaching there in a beautiful way.

This is an interesting story of a boy named Haleem. He always dreamed of going to the moon taking a rocket. One day, he found a factory that made rockets. These rockets can take men to the moon. He chose a rocket and sat down on it. It blasted off and took him towards the moon. During the journey, he saw that it suddenly became dark. He was scared as he could not see anything in the path. If you follow NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21 Haleem Chala Chand Par, you will find that the child was scared for a short period but saw the moon and felt relieved.

Everything started to look so small when he slowly approached the moon. He was so fascinated to go there. When he reached the moon, he found that there are big holes and craters on the surface. There are big mountains too. He was unable to find humans or animals on the moon. He felt very sad as he did not like the moon. It was not what he thought it would be. He decided to come back. He took the same rocket and rode back to earth. If you study the chapter using NCERT Solution of Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21, you will find Haleem was not at all happy with the outcome of his journey.

Why Should You Prefer Using NCERT Solution of Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21?

Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21 is a beautiful illustration of a kid who wanted to go to the moon. The author has written the piece in such a way that every student will read it with enthusiasm until the end. To answer the questions of this chapter, you will need the assistance of the solution prepared by the top mentors of Vedantu. CBSE Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21 Solutions will help students find the right format for the answers. Follow the format to make your answers constructive. It will help you score more marks in the exams.

Haleem Chala Chand Par Class 1 NCERT Solutions have been formulated by the experts so that students can complete the syllabus on time. The answers are written in an easy format for easy preparation and saving time. Studying this chapter will become a lot more convenient with the aid of this solution. Every doubt will be cleared properly and students will learn the context of the chapter better. This will automatically increase their confidence and they will be able to answer the questions in an exam on their own.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21

1. What did Haleem Want to do?

Haleem wanted to visit the moon. He wanted to see the big buildings and humans living on the moon. If you follow NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Haleem Chala Chand Par, you will find that he was not satisfied with what he found on the moon.

2. Why was he Scared When he was on the Rocket?

He was scared as the surrounding became dark. He did not know the path that leads to the moon. Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21 Haleem Chala Chand Par tells us that he eventually saw the moon and felt relieved at the end. He then followed the moon to reach safely.

3. How Can You Use NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21?

When you have finished reading the chapter, proceed to the exercise and solve the questions. When you are done, use NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 21 to find out where you need to make improvements. The solution can be used as a reference to check your answers and prepare the chapter accordingly.

4. What is chapter 21 of the NCERT Class 1 Hindi textbook?

The 21st chapter in the textbook is called, ‘Haleem Chala Chand Par’. The chapter will transport the students to space and the world of astronauts. The story is about a kid who wishes to go to space. Haleem dreams of going to the moon. He knows he can do so with a rocket. So he is elated to find a factory manufacturing rockets and thinks this is a step closer to his dream. 

5. What did Haleem do with the rocket?

From the factory, Haleem chose a rocket of his choice. These rockets were supposed to take men to the moon. He sat on the rocket and started going towards the moon. The little boy thought his dream was coming true as he had a rocket and he was already on his way to the moon. Sitting on the rocket, walking towards the moon but on the way, it suddenly became dark as the sunset.

6. Why did Haleem get scared?

Haleem got scared on his way to the moon. He was riding his rocket when it suddenly became dark. He got scared of the dark. He stopped on the way. Suddenly, the moon shone bright and there was light on the path that Haleem could follow. He felt relieved when he saw the moon. He felt happy. He followed the moon and started getting closer to it. 

7. What happened as Haleem got closer to the moon?

As Haleem got closer to the moon everything behind him started to look smaller and smaller. He was excited for his dream to come true and reach the moon soon. As he approached the moon, he noticed the boulders and holes on the surface of the moon. He saw how barren and mountain-like full of bumps the moons were. Haleem was not pleased with what he saw. 

8. Why was Haleem not happy?

Haleem did not like how the mountain looked so barren and full of holes. It was not what he was expecting. There was no sign of life or humans or even animals. He felt very sad seeing this. He wanted to come back. This is not what Haleem had dreamed of the moon to be. It did not give him the comfort it did on the dark path. He took the rocket and rode it back to earth.