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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 - Bhagdar

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 - Bhagdar

Hindi Class 1 Chapter 20 is an excellent poem written by Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi. Hindi Class 1 Chapter 20 is a beautiful chapter that shows how notorious and opportunistic animals can be. The moment she let her guard down, the cat entered and started eating things. To understand the chapter better, you can refer to Class 1 Chapter 20 NCERT Solution and find the answers to the questions of the exercise. Refer to the solutions curated by experts at Vedantu. Download the free PDF now!


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Chapter 20 - Bhagdar


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NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 Bhagdar

Bhagdar: Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 Summary

This is a poem written by the famous poet Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi. This poem is all about an old woman using a mill to grind something. Everything was fine until a fly sat on the sweets she made. She was infuriated and picked a bamboo to drive the fly away. Seeing her chasing the fly with a bamboo stick, a cat entered the home and started to eat the vegetable fries she made. One thing led to another; she found that her home was invaded by animals when they were getting the chance. She lost all her hope and left the house in the hand of the cat.

Class 1 Chapter 20 Hindi is about an old lady using her mill to grind something. She has made sweets. A fly sat on the sweets which made her angry. She took a bamboo stick and barged towards the fly to scare it off the sweets. Seeing the opportunity, a cat entered her home and started to eat the pakodas or vegetable fries she made. When she drove the fly away, she found that the cat was munching on the pakodas. NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 Bhagdar will tell you that she jumped back at the cat with the bamboo stick and wanted to scare it off. 

A dog was sitting beside the house. He was also looking for an opportunity. When the old lady was scaring off the cat, the dog entered the house and fled with the flatbreads she made. When she saw that the dog was fleeing with the flatbreads, she started to chase it. She had to follow the dog outside the house to stop it. Seeing this opportunity, a goat entered the house. When she wanted to jump out of the house, she stumbled upon an earthen pot and it broke. The goat was scared and fled from the house. Seeing her loss, she sat down with utter despair and left the house in the hands of the cat. 

As per NCERT Solution for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20, you will find that the lady was 60 years old and was frustrated by the series of events. All the animals were waiting for an opportunity to enter the house and eat. Study the poem properly and understand the meaning of each line. The sequence of the events should be studied well so that you can answer the questions in the exercise easily.  

Why should you follow CBSE Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 Solutions?

The chapter is an easy poem if you study it properly. Learn the meaning of the lines and memorize it. By memorizing the lines, you can remember the sequence of the events. Hence, it will become a lot easier to answer the questions. You can also clear your doubts using CBSE Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 Solutions. The answers in this solution are framed by the expert teachers so that students can understand the meaning well. This solution can be used to practice the exercise and prepare the chapter for the upcoming exams.

By using Bhagdar Class 1 NCERT Solutions, you can save a lot of time and manage to complete the syllabus of the exam. This chapter will become easier to understand. Your study schedule will become more convenient and easy to comprehend. Download the PDF file of this solution and use it offline to prepare the chapter.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 - Bhagdar

1. Why was the old lady frustrated?

The old lady was frustrated as the animals around her house were creating a ruckus. Whenever they got a chance, they entered the house and started eating the food prepared by the lady. If you follow NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Bhagdar, you will find out why the lady was so frustrated with the chain of incidents that day.

2. How should you prepare Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 Bhagdar?

The best way to prepare this chapter is to study the poem line by line. Once you are done with the poem, move to the exercise and start answering the questions. You can follow the solution provided by the experts at Vedantu to find the right answers.

3. What is the best way to use Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 Solution?

You can use NCERT Solutions Class 1 Hindi Chapter 20 as a reference for answers. These solutions are prepared by experts and can be used to score well in exams.

4. What is Chapter 20 of the NCERT textbook for Class 1 Hindi?

The title of the chapter is ‘Bhagdar’. It is a poem written by Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi. In the poem, the poet describes funny incidents that take place in an old woman’s house,  who spends the whole day driving animals away from her sweets and dumplings, and other food. The poem describes all the different animals that notoriously try to come in and steal the lady’s food and what she has to resort to saving her food. 

5. What did the old lady do to make the fly do away?

The sixty-year-old lady was running the mill to grind something when she realized that some flies were sitting on the sweets she had just prepared. This made her angry as the food would get infected and unhygienic because of this. These were fresh sweets she had just prepared a while back. She picked up a bamboo stick and ran towards the fly to shoo it away. While she was doing this, the cat saw the opportunity and ran inside the house.

6. What happened when the cat went into the house?

While the old lady was shooing the fly away with the bamboo stick she got distracted and the cat saw this as an opportunity to run into the house and raid on the other food. She started eating the vegetable dumpling the lady had prepared. As soon as the old lady realised this, she ran back into the house to kick the cat out. Meanwhile, the busy old lady did not realise that the dog had started to run away with the bread.

7. What happened when the old lady tried to chase the dog away?

While the old lady was busy chasing the cat away sitting on the dumplings she went out of the house. A dog sitting close by saw this as an opportunity to enter the house and steal some bread. The old lady came running back and started chasing the dog. The dog ran around the whole house with the bread. While she was chasing the dog, a goat entered the house. 

8. What did the old lady finally do?

The old lady went in to chase the goat out and while she was trying to do this she bumped into the pot of food. The pot fell and broke. This scared the goat and it ran out of the house. Seeing the mess and her loss in the house the old lady sat down defeated and frustrated. She finally gave all the charge of the house to the cat.