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JEE Main 2024 Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions 27 January Shift 1

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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JEE Main 2024 Chemistry Question Paper 27 January Shift 1 - Answer Key and Detailed Solutions

The National Testing Agency (NTA), the organizer of JEE Main, conducted the 27 January Shift 1 JEE Main 2024 exam in 13 regional languages. 

It is essential for candidates yet to take other JEE Main 2024 sessions to understand the overall difficulty level of the Chemistry paper and get expert analysis. Candidates who appeared are also waiting to evaluate their performance through detailed question paper analysis and solutions by master teachers. 

The good news is that a comprehensive analysis of the Chemistry-specific questions and official answer key of 27 January Shift 1 JEE Main 2024 Chemistry paper with solutions will be available on Vedantu after the exam. Candidates can download the complete Chemistry paper of 27 January Shift 1 JEE Main 2024 as free PDFs from our website post-exam.

How to Download JEE Main 2024 Chemistry Question Paper 27 January Shift 1?

Candidates can download the memory-based questions with solutions for the JEE Main 2024 Chemistry question paper as a PDF. Simply click the links to get free PDFs of the answers. By downloading the question paper solutions, candidates can analyze the exam difficulty level, estimate their score, predict the cut-off, and their potential rank.

Compared to last year, candidates found the overall Chemistry questions moderately to difficult this year. However, some reported difficulty in answering application-based problems. Detailed analysis of every Chemistry question in the JEE Main 2024 paper will be available. Useful tips and tricks will also be shared to improve performance in the upcoming JEE Main.  

Candidates should examine the types of questions from each topic/concept and refine their approach accordingly.

JEE Main 2024 27 January Shift 1 Chemistry Question Paper Analysis 

  • Difficulty Level: The math part in Session 1 was seen as Moderate.

  • Topic Breakdown:

  • Organic Chemistry (18%)

  • Inorganic Chemistry (20%)

  • Physical Chemistry (20%) 

  • Specific Topics Covered: Coordination compound, Mole concept, S Block, and Combustion

  • Performance Overview: Questions covered a wide range from simple facts to more complex ideas. The main emphasis was on solving problems through practical applications.

  • Assertion and reasoning-type questions were there.

FAQs on JEE Main 2024 Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions 27 January Shift 1

1. What was the overall difficulty level of the JEE Main 2024, 27th January shift 1 Chemistry paper?

The paper was at a moderate level, slightly easier than some previous JEE Main sessions. There was a balanced mix of conceptual and numerical questions, with a few direct NCERT-based questions and some trickier application-based problems.

2. Which topics were emphasized in the JEE Main 2024, 27th Jan shift 1 Chemistry paper?

  • Physical Chemistry: Chemical kinetics, equilibrium, thermodynamics, solutions

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Coordination compounds, p-block elements, s-block elements

  • Organic Chemistry: Reactions of carbonyl compounds, biomolecules, polymers

3. Were there any particularly difficult or surprising questions in JEE Main 2024 27 January Shift 1 Chemistry?

  • Some students found the questions on equilibrium and thermodynamics in Physical Chemistry to be challenging.

  • In Inorganic Chemistry, a few questions on less-emphasized topics like d-block elements and lanthanides surprised some candidates.

  • Organic Chemistry had some tricky application-based problems on stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms.

4. What was the marking scheme for the JEE Main 2024 27 January Shift 1 Chemistry paper?

Each section (Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry) carried 20 marks, for a total of 60 marks. Each question was awarded 4 marks for a correct answer, 1 mark for a partially correct answer, and 0 marks for an incorrect answer or no attempt.