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JEE Main 2021 February 25 Shift 1 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

Last updated date: 30th Nov 2023
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Question Paper Solutions 25 February Morning JEE Main 2021

JEE Main 2021 February exam has started commencing from February 23, 2021, in two shifts. The first two days of the exam have been conducted successfully. Day 3 was also divided into two shifts. Phase 1 of February 25 was conducted from 9 am to 12 pm. The question paper consists of 90 questions in total. It comprises three subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each section contains ten numerical questions. Out of which, five questions need to be answered by every candidate. 

You can download the official February 25 JEE Main 2021 examination and the answer sheet PDF from Vedantu's official website and app as well. These are available just a click away free of cost.


JEE Main Question Papers


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium



Date and Month:

25th- February


Shift-1 Morning

Available Material:

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

JEE Main 2021 Question Paper with Solutions 25 February Shift 1 (Morning) - Free PDF Download

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)  Mains is considered one of the toughest entrance exams in the country. It is an all India exam to gain admission to various technical undergraduate programs including engineering, architecture and planning in the country. The JEE Main is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). 

Although it is considered an extremely tough exam not just because of the test but also the increasing level of competition. But with the right plan to cover the syllabus, determination and consistency with your preparation - you can crack this exam! 

Tips to Crack the JEE Exam: 

JEE Mains is a tough exam but if you will prepare for it thoroughly then this will be an achievable goal for you. Following are a few tips that can guide your preparation: 

  • For clearing the exam you should be very careful with time management, you should ensure that while attempting the questions, you don't spend more than 2 minutes on a particular question. To be sure of this ensure you introduce time limits in your practice sessions. 

  • It is necessary for you to attempt the examination with accuracy so whenever you are doing the preparation, you should make sure that you are accurate with the answers.

  • Practice many questions and be confident of whatever you have learned because sometimes nervousness could hinder your progress

  • Make sure to practice many previous year question papers as this will help you to understand the paper pattern.

Major Highlights for JEE Main 

The Major Highlights of the Question Paper of JEE Main 2021 with Solution 25 February Sift 1 are provided below.

  • The Question Paper was overall moderate level. We can say that it was similar to the previous year's question papers.

  • The difficulty level of numerical questions was moderate.

  • The level of chemistry was moderate and had more questions about organic chemistry. 

  • Questions from the class 11th and Class 12th syllabus had equal weightage.

  • The questions asked in physics and mathematics were from important topics.

Question Paper Analysis 

The analysis of the question paper of JEE Main 25 February is as follows.


Points of Consideration 



The Level of difficulty of Exam



The Level of difficulty of Mathematics

Moderate to Hard 


The Level of difficulty of Physics

Easy to Moderate


The Level of difficulty of Chemistry



More weightage topics in Mathematics

Matrices and Determinants

Vector 3D



More weightage topics in Physics




More weightage topics in Chemistry


s-block elements

d- block and f-block elements

Division of Questions 

The subjection was the number of questions asked in the question paper of JEE Main 2021 Shift 1 is given below.


Easy Questions















The Weightage (All Subjects)

The weightage of Mathematics Chapterwise of JEE Main 2021 February is given below.

The weightage of Physics Chapterwise of JEE Main 2021 February is given below.





Modern Physics




Heat & Thermodynamics




SHM & Wave


The weightage of Chemistry Chapterwise of JEE Main 2021 February is given below.



Organic Chemistry- 2


Inorganic Chemistry 1


Physical Chemistry 1


Physical Chemistry 2


Inorganic Chemistry 2


Organic Chemistry 1


Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2021 February 25 Shift 1 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

1. What is the need of solving the previous year question papers?

For all the students it is necessary to solve the previous year question papers. Firstly it will provide you with an idea of the examination pattern and what are the types of questions that are asked. Secondly, you learn about time management, which is the key to attempting the examination. Along with this, you will be able to analyse how much practice you still need to score well.

2. What is the benefit of solving the previous year question paper provided by Vedantu?

Vedantu is the most popular website nowadays just because of the extent it is helpful to students by assisting in all ways possible. So, if you want to solve the previous year question paper you can trust Vedantu because they provide the best study material that you will need to solve easily and quickly and that is what matters in the examination, speed and accuracy.

3. From where I can get the solution of the previous year question papers?

JEE Mains is a tough exam so you need to find a website that can provide you with the solution by keeping in mind the capacity of the students and how the papers can be solved fast and efficiently. For such solutions you can refer to the expertly designed solution by Vedantu which is not only easy but also has many shortcuts that is going to make it easy for you to solve the question paper and it will also provide you with insight into how the paper pattern can be.

4. Is there only one exam phase for the JEE?

No, as recently JEE Mains examination is divided into various phases and each phase contains the questions that are different types from the other one but the exam pattern followed by all is the same. So if you want to score well in the examination you can solve sample papers or previous year question papers that will help you to be aware of the exam pattern and also the exam distribution strategy and thus you can score high by focusing on the main topics first.

5. What is the mode of JEE Mains and what kind of questions can be expected?

JEE Mains is mainly conducted in online mode where the exam is a computer-based test. In paper 1 the whole paper is going to be in paper mode but when it comes to 2 papers the mathematics test and aptitude test is going to be computer-based while for drawing you have to use pen and paper. The questions that you can expect in the examination can be from any subjects Physics, Chemistry or mathematics. So you should give equal time and importance to all three subjects.