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20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 Question Paper Solutions (Free PDF Download)

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Download PDF Solutions of JEE Main Question Paper of 20 July Shift 1

If you’re looking for the Question paper of 20 July shift 1 JEE Main 2021, we’ve got you covered. Download the question paper with solutions and answer keys for JEE Main 2021 20 July shift 1 papers, available for free on this page.

Candidates who are planning to prepare for the next JEE Main Examination should learn and anticipate the type of questions asked in all the subjects of JEE Main 2021. Candidates should dig into the kind of questions from a topic or concept and refine their approach towards a question accordingly. 

Our Master teachers and Academic experts curate the solutions in the PDF to aid students and bridge the gap in understanding the nature of the JEE Main exam. The comprehensive guidance for approaching a question is available for 20 July shift 1 JEE Main 2021.

Don’t wait to grab the Question paper with solutions for 20 July shift 1 JEE Main 2021. Use the PDF to analyse and solve each question. Also, don’t refrain from revising the PDF. Make them part of your preparation and use them as your polar star for JEE Main journey.

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Major Highlights for JEE Main 2021 July 20 Shift 1 Exam

The Major Highlights of the Question Paper of 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 are as follows.

  • Based on the opinions of many students, the paper was moderate.

  • The Physics and Chemistry sections seemed to be a bit easier as compared to the Maths section. 

  • The Maths section was a bit lengthy and a bit more difficult.

  • The chapter on Biomolecules had 2 questions. 

  • Most of the Chemistry section was on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

  • There was at least one question from every topic in the Physics syllabus. 

  • There were mostly integer-based questions in Physical Chemistry.

  • The Chemistry section was majorly dominated by theoretical questions.

Question Paper Analysis 

The question paper analysis of 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 is given in the following table.



Overall Exam Difficulty Level


Maths Difficulty Level

Moderately Difficult

Physics Difficulty Level

Moderately Difficult

Chemistry Difficulty Level

Moderately Easy

Topics/Chapters Having More Maths Weightage

  • Vector and 3D

  • Differential Calculus

  • Integrals

  • Probability

Topics/Chapters Having More Physics Weightage

  • Mechanics

  • Electrodynamics

Topics/Chapters Having More Chemistry Weightage

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry

NAT Questions Difficulty Level


Average Number of Good Attempts (Expected)


Very Good Attempts (Expected)


Divisions of Questions 

The division of the question on the basis of difficulty level in JEE Main 2021 of 20 July Shift 1 is given below.


Easy Questions

Moderately Difficult Questions

Difficult Questions













Weightage (All Subjects)


Class 11 Syllabus (Total number of Questions)

Class 12 Syllabus (Total number of Questions)










Important Chapters for Maths JEE Main 2022 


Important Chapters for Physics JEE Main 2022 


Important Chapters for Chemistry JEE Main 2022 


Students can download Free PDF 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 Question Paper Solutions here. It is important for aspirants to solve the question paper of the previous year before giving the final examination of JEE Main. The solutions are provided by our Experts and will surely help students ace Exams.

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FAQs on 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 Question Paper Solutions (Free PDF Download)

1. Which section was toughest in 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021?

According to the reviews received from the candidates of 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021, the Mathematics part was the toughest followed by physics. While chemistry was the easiest, it could also be noticed that more weightage was given to the class 12 syllabus in comparison to the class 11 syllabus.

2. Is the question Paper of 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 good for practice?

Solving previous years' question papers (especially the recent ones) is good practice as a JEE aspirant. We cannot predict the exact level of paper for upcoming JEE examinations, still, practising previous year's question papers will let us become familiar with the popular topics from which questions are frequently asked. We become used to the pattern of the papers and the level of the questions which help a lot in the main examination.

3. Where can I get or download the solutions of the 20 July shift 1 JEE Main 2021 question papers?

Students can download a PDF of the solution of 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021Question Paper available on the website of Vedantu. 

4. What are the benefits of solving the 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 Question Paper?

The benefits of solving the20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 Question Paper are that Students will gain an idea of the level of difficulty of the exam and the sort of questions asked in the examination. By solving this question paper before the exam they will get familiar with the JEE Main exam pattern and marking scheme. The performance is improved when students keep practising the previous year's question paper.

5. What is the medium of the 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 question paper?

The 20 July Shift 1 JEE Main 2021 question paper was set in a different medium. Students were asked to select the medium of question paper during registration for JEE NEET 2021. The paper was set in different languages such as Assamese, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu in addition to Hindi and English.