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JEE Main 2020 September 2 Shift 2 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

Last updated date: 30th Nov 2023
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Question Paper Solutions 2 September Evening JEE Main 2020

If you’re looking for the Question paper of 2nd September Shift 2 JEE Main 2020, we’ve got you covered. Download the question paper with solutions and answer keys for JEE Main 2020 2nd September Shift 2 papers, available for free on this page. 

Candidates who are planning to prepare for the next JEE Main Examination should learn and anticipate the type of questions asked in all the subjects of JEE Main 2020. Candidates should dig into the kind of questions from a topic or concept and refine their approach towards a question accordingly. 

Our Master teachers and Academic experts curate the solutions in the PDF to aid students and bridge the gap in understanding the nature of the JEE Main exam. The comprehensive guidance for approaching a question is available for 2nd September Shift 2 JEE Main 2020. 


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JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

Don’t wait to grab the Question paper with solutions for 2nd September Shift 2 JEE Main 2020. Use the PDF to analyse and solve each question. Also, don’t refrain from revising the PDF. Make them part of your preparation and use them as your polar star for JEE Main journey.

JEE Main Other Year Question Papers

The JEE Main is conducted by The National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to Undergraduate Programs in NITs, IITs, and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), etc. The exam is to be conducted in four phases, namely February, March, April, and May.


Lakhs of students all over the country work hard and appear for the exams. And soon after writing the paper, they feel the same anxiety and curiosity of knowing all about the paper they attempted. To support the JEE candidates, the experts at Vedantu provide the solutions and a complete analysis of the level of difficulty of the paper. 


Benefits of Referring JEE Main 2020 Question Paper Solutions 2 September Evening 

  • Give the students an idea about the level of toughness of the exam through a complete analysis of the paper

  • Provides the solutions to the question before the official release of the answer key 

  • Once clear with the scores students can start their preparation for JEE Advance

  • Improve time management of the students and help them finish the paper on time 

  • Students can compare their answers and know their approximate scores 

  • The solutions provided at Vedantu gives a depth explanation of the concepts being asked on the paper

  • These solutions serve as study material for students appearing for the next academic year

  • Students can use these solutions to analyze their level of preparation and clear important topics

  • Students referring past year papers will help them to work on their time management 

  • It will also improve their question-solving skills and analytical technique 

  • Students will be able to fight against exam stress and anxiety if they have practiced a few papers of a similar pattern in advance 

Major Highlights of the JEE Main 2020 (September 2 Evening Shift) Question Paper

Some major highlights of JEE Main 2020 (September 2 Evening Shift) question paper are listed below:

  • The overall difficulty level of the exam was considered to be moderate to difficult.

  • Mathematics was the toughest section. Most of the questions were from the topics such as Binomial Theorem, Coordinate Geometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Vector, and Statistics.

  • According to the students, the Physics section was moderate. Most of the questions in this section were formula based and from the Class 12 syllabus. Most of the questions were from Electrodynamics, Mechanics, and Modern Physics.

  • As compared to other sections, the Chemistry section was the easiest section. Most of the questions were NCERT based. The chemistry section had more questions from Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.


Preparation Tips for JEE Main Exam

You can strategize your JEE Main preparation with these simple tips:

  1. Check the syllabus for JEE Main: A student must always stick to their syllabus. Before they plan for any strategy, they must check what is the syllabus that they have to follow. The most authentic source to check the syllabus is the official website of the exam conducting body.

  2. The students are required to understand the exam pattern of the JEE Main exam. Exam patterns should be understood by the student. Without understanding the type of questions and what will be asked, the students cannot prepare for the exams.

  1. The students are required to analyse the previous year's question paper which will help them to understand the question pattern. Previous year’s question papers are a must to be included in their study routine. Students can also practise these previous years' question papers so that they understand how to answer accordingly.

  2. You can take the guidance of the best reference books for the JEE Main exam. For this, the students can take the guidance of their mentors or teachers who will help them with the name of the best books for JEE Main. 

  3. Next, make your own customised timetable and study accordingly. After having all the resources, the students are required to make their own timetable so that they can study comfortably according to their own preferences. 

  4. Divide the chapters into smaller chunks for effective and smart study. Students are advised to study in smaller chunks daily, this will help them with the best preparation as it will be easy for them to remember the context. 

  5. Revise your papers regularly. Revision is the key for scoring good marks in the exam. Studying once is not enough. Forgetting what a student has learned is very common, so revision will help them to memorise their subject matter in their mind all the time.

  6. Practise with the mock test papers. Mock test papers will help the students in practising with a similar pattern which they will encounter in the exam hall.

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Important Chapters for Physics JEE Main 2022 


Important Chapters for Chemistry JEE Main 2022 

Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2020 September 2 Shift 2 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

1. Should I refer to all the JEE Main 2020 question papers while preparing for JEE Main?

It is advisable for the students to refer to all the possible numbers of last year’s paper they could cover. This practice of referring and solving past year papers will be beneficial in many ways like - concepts clarity, speed, accuracy, confidence, and so on.

The team of experts at Vedantu has organized all the previous year's papers for the benefit of the students. They can start with 2nd September Shift 2 JEE Main 2020 Question Paper Solutions once their syllabus has been covered. 

2. What was the syllabus for the physics section of 'JEE Main 2020 Question Paper '?

There were a number of topics in the physics section of the syllabus for the JEE Main 2020 Question Paper. Kinematics, gravitation, electricity, magnetism, optics, thermodynamics, and other key topics were covered in this syllabus. JEE Main 2020's paper needed in-depth knowledge of all three topics. Other topics were covered in this curriculum as well, but they were not as important. 

3. Can 2nd September Shift 2 JEE Main 2020 Question Paper Solutions improve my score in JEE?

Previous year’s papers will give you an understanding of the mindset of the examiners. After which students will be able to give a direction to their preparation. They can study the topics according to the weightage associated with them. Thus more importance can be given to crucial chapters. It will also help you in developing your problem-solving speed and will help you attempt more questions in the paper. Also, will help you remove the fear and anxiety of the exam.Hence, the process will definitely help you improve your scores. 

4. How to make use of the JEE Main 2020 question paper effectively?

To make the most out of the compiled solution set provided by Vedantu, follow the below-given steps: 

  • Try to finish the theory part of the chapters

  • Understand the concept clearly from the textbook or the high-quality videos provided by Vedantu 

  • Once the concepts are clear try to attempt the exercises given after every chapter 

  • Refer to the solutions only after you have tried your best to solve the questions 

  • Solve the practice questions provided on the website of Vedantu

  • Compare your answers from the solutions and learn the new methods of solving the questions

  • If the methods are clear try to attempt the question again on your own and analyze your improvements and mistake 

  • Keep following this simple method until your core idea about the topic gets crystal clear. 

5. Why is it needed to solve these question papers before appearing finally in the entrance examination?

It is always recommended that you solve such a question paper since it will help you understand each subject in more depth and provide you with conceptual clarity regarding the subjects. This will allow you to identify important questions in each subject that may have escaped your mind when you were reading the first time. This will also improve your ability to complete the exam in a timely and error-free manner. Aspirants can start with 2nd September Shift 2 JEE Main 2020 Question Paper Solutions  as part of solving previous year papers.