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JEE Main 2019 April 12 Shift 2 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

Last updated date: 27th Nov 2023
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JEE Main 2019 Question Paper with Solutions (12th April-Evening) - Free PDF Download

Vedantu provides the JEE Main Question Papers which can be downloaded for free. These question papers come along with the solutions in PDF format. Students can use these question papers for analyzing their performance. These papers also explain the weightage of each chapter, which will help them to prepare for the JEE Main exam, accordingly. 

JEE Main is conducted in two different papers. Paper 1 (Engineering) and Paper 2 (Architecture). Students who are preparing for Engineering will be opting for Paper 1 and who are preparing for Architecture will be opting for Paper 2. We have provided the solved question papers for Paper -1. JEE Main has three subjects included in it. JEE Main Question papers can also be availed online at Vedantu’s learning portal.


JEE Question Papers


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JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium



Date and Month:

12th- April


Shift-2 Evening

Available Material:

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

The JEE Main Question Papers and Solutions are the ultimate guide where the students will get to learn all the concepts in detail along with solving equations that will help them to prepare for the JEE Main examinations in the most strategic and organized manner. All the questions papers of previous years are provided in the books and they are solved by expert trainers. Referring to these question papers while preparing for JEE Main can help the students in revising their concepts and will speed up their process of answering the questions in the examination hall.

The Need to Solve Question Papers

Solving model question papers and previous years' papers come with a lot of benefits for the students.

  • It helps them to get familiar with the structure of the questions.

  • The students get aware of the mark division.

  • Solving the question papers also helps them analyze the problems and equations quickly and they can solve the questions easily.

  • The students will get the opportunity to recheck the equation process step by step if they refer to the JEE Main Question Papers and Solutions.

  • The students get an idea of how much time they can spend in order to solve one question.

  • Most importantly, solving the model question papers will help them to think about the strategies that they should use for solving an equation quickly and correctly.


Key Points to Note While Solving JEE Main 2019 Question Papers

From an overall analysis of the JEE Main 2019 Question Papers, the following are some general yet essential points that have been listed to ensure students do not overlook these aspects while preparing for JEE Main 2022.

  • If you think that questions aren’t repeated so you can sit for the upcoming exam without solving at least the last 10 years' question papers, think again! As per JEE Main 2019, students saw a similarity with a lot of previously asked questions in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • Students found the Mathematics section of JEE Main 2019 paper to have been allegedly lengthy. Hence, make sure you time yourself well for every previous year's question paper you solve.

  • There are several sources, both online and offline, claiming to provide accurate answer keys and solved previous years’ question papers. However, they might not always be authentic. Be wary of such answers. At Vedantu, you will find 100% accurate answers to the JEE Main previous years' question papers in PDF format. 

  • Make sure to keep in mind the changes in the latest syllabus of JEE Main 2022 while solving previous question papers. Some topics and questions may no longer be valid or present in the current syllabus.

  • The difficulty level of a question paper in JEE Main 2022 will tend to differ from student to student based on their level of preparation and strategy. However, take as many mock tests as possible and solve important questions and sample papers to increase the chances of scoring high in the exam.


Learning is a never-ending process and practicing is even more important to inscribe the already-learned concepts on the minds forever.

Important Chapters for Maths JEE Main 2022 

Important Chapters for Physics JEE Main 2022 


Important Chapters for Chemistry JEE Main 2022 

Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2019 April 12 Shift 2 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

1. Are JEE Main examinations difficult to crack?

Cracking competitive examinations like JEE Main and other engineering entrance examinations are not difficult if you have prepared well. To score well in the examinations and to crack these comparative tests, you need to focus on understanding the concepts and try to build up the habits of solving question papers within the prescribed amount of time. Consider solving previous years' question papers as well. It will help you to get an idea of the types of questions and the mark division.

2. Can the questions be repeated in examinations like JEE Main?

Usually, the questions that are selected for the examinations are of moderate difficulty level. But there are some questions that are structured in a way to evaluate the understanding level and reasoning abilities of the advanced students. The questions are usually not repeated in the same year and the intention to provide the students with unique questions each time is to judge their analysis power. You can solve the previous years' question papers for preparing well by consulting the JEE Main Question Papers and Solutions that are available on the Vedantu website.

3. Is there any negative marking in JEE Main examinations?

There are negative markings in the JEE Main examinations and the students need to be very careful while answering the questions. 1 mark will be deducted if you choose the wrong answer. The trick to scoring well in JEE Main is to read the answer question paper thoroughly and decide and mark only those questions that you can answer properly and correctly. If you are not sure about a particular answer then skip that question and start answering the next question. Another important trick to remember is that you should never waste time if you are unable to solve a particular equation in the examination hall.

4. Is consulting the NCERT books can help the students to prepare better for the JEE Main examination?

The NCERT books are designed in a way where the concepts are elaborated and simplified with the help of a detailed analysis process and solved equations. Consulting these books can definitely help the learners to understand the subject matter and thereby,  will assist them in scoring well in the JEE Main examination. The questions are definitely a bit tricky to answer. But they are all knowledge-based questions that are structured to evaluate the thinking ability of the students. You can also take help from the JEE Main Question Papers and Solutions by downloading them from the Vedantu website free of cost.

5. What are the tricks to crack JEE Main examinations without studying a lot?

To crack these competitive examinations you don't need to go through various books throughout the entire day. But you need to have the basic knowledge of solving various equations and concepts that will help you to find out the answer in your examination. Students often think that in order to crack these examinations they should start reading the books like a bookworm. But this is not true. Consult the NCERT books and learn the concepts in detail. Then, build the habit of practicing and solving model question papers and refer to the JEE Main Question Papers and Solutions to verify your answer and recheck the calculation process. Always remember to be strategic while preparing for your examination.