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JEE Main 2019 April 12 Shift 1 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

Last updated date: 04th Dec 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

JEE Main 2019 Question Paper Solutions 12 April Morning Shift

If you’re looking for the Question paper of 12 April Shift 1 JEE Main 2019, we’ve got you covered. Download the question paper with solutions and answer keys for JEE Main 2019 April 12 Shift 1 papers, available for free on this page.

Candidates who are planning to prepare for the next JEE Main Examination should learn and anticipate the type of questions asked in all the subjects of JEE Main 2019. Candidates should dig into the kind of questions from a topic or concept and refine their approach towards a question accordingly. 


JEE Main Question Papers


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium



Date and Month:

12th- April


Shift-1 Morning

Available Material:

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

Our Master teachers and Academic experts curate the solutions in the PDF to aid students and bridge the gap in understanding the nature of the JEE Main exam. The comprehensive guidance for approaching a question is available for 12 April Shift 1 JEE Main 2019.

Don’t wait to grab the Question paper with solutions for 12 April Shift 1 JEE Main 2019. Use the PDF to analyze and solve each question. Also, don’t refrain from revising the PDF. Make them part of your preparation and use them as your polar star for JEE Main journey.

JEE Main 2019 Papers Have the Following Advantages

  • Gives an indication of the types of questions that might appear on the exam.

  • It aids in the analysis of the preparations by emphasizing the weakest areas.

  • Practicing the JEE Main 2019 paper provides real-world experience to students.

  • It helps you improve your speed, efficiency, and time management abilities.

  • Familiarizes himself with the examination format and scoring system.


Tips to Ace the JEE Main 2022 Examination

Here are a few simple and necessary tips that will help all aspiring JEE Main candidates or future candidates to take the right approach for the JEE Main exam.

  • Know the latest syllabus: Once you begin your preparation, look for the latest syllabus prescribed by NTA for JEE Main 2022 and keep checking for changes time and again. 

  • Know the exam pattern: Take note of the important chapters and topics in every subject and their weightage in the previous years. Check the JEE Main previous years' questions to understand the number and types of questions, the time that you can dedicate, and the marking scheme for every subject. 

  • Practice papers are a must: Solve JEE Main important questions, sample papers, previous years’ question papers and take mock tests. This will help you to know the type of questions to expect, and test your level of preparedness, areas to work on and your strengths.

  • Make a list of important definitions and formulae: List all important formulae and definitions. Keep visiting these from time to time to ensure that you know them at your fingertips. 

Take a break in between study time: Studying continuously will be more harmful than helpful. So eat well and sleep sufficiently. Take short breaks in between study hours and stay calm.


2019 JEE Mains Question Paper PDF with Answers

All sets of JEE mains Maths question papers with solutions are available in PDF format here. Students can use the JEE Mains 2019 Question Paper PDF with Solutions as a mock test by downloading it. It might be your best resource not only for learning about crucial examination topics but also for assessing your degree of exam readiness.


Similarly, for the JEE mains examinations held on April 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th, download the answer key and complete the solution for the Physics and Chemistry sections. You may also read our examination experts' JEE mains analysis to learn more about the April session's question paper difficulty level, pattern marking distribution, and more.

Important Chapters for Maths JEE Main 2022 

Important Chapters for Physics JEE Main 2022 


Important Chapters for Chemistry JEE Main 2022 

Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2019 April 12 Shift 1 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

1. Is the JEE Main 2019 Question Paper with Solutions (12th April - Morning) helpful?

Yes, the JEE Main 2019 Question Paper with Solutions (12th April - Morning) is very helpful. It can prepare the engineering aspirants to secure good marks in the main JEE entrance examination. With the help of the question paper, you will be able to grab the frame and blueprint of the question paper. Practice as much as possible and you will be able to secure good marks. The key to success is dedication and practice. Study with Vedantu and let us guide you.

2. What all is given in the JEE Main 2019 Question Paper with Solutions (12th April - Morning)?

The JEE Main 2019 Question Paper with Solutions (12th April - Morning) consists of comprehensive questions from physics, chemistry, and mathematics. One is required to study the question paper thoroughly and solve it with the help of an easy-to-learn and step-by-step method of solutions. The question paper can be taken from the previous year too, and students can benefit from it. It will give you a gist of the question paper in the main entrance exam of JEE. 

3. Can the questions be repeated in JEE?

No, the questions are never repeated in JEE. The team of experts and professional teachers make the entrance examination of JEE. Although the questions are new, the difficulty level is the same. The application of the questions are similar and hence students are required to practise from the previous year question paper. A child has to clear his concepts and work on the problem equations and solutions. Vedantu experts can guide you. Register for the online coaching classes now. 

4. Can Vedantu teach me the subjects in JEE?

Yes, Vedantu conducts online coaching classes to prepare engineering aspirants. The classes are conducted by a team of professional teachers who are thorough with the concepts and can guide students accordingly. They gave a lot of practice questions and offered easy solutions that can help you build a strong framework. You will be able to solve the most difficult problem equations at age. Our teachers are trained professionals who give shortcut advice and other tricks to solve mathematical, physics and chemical equations.

5. Is Class 12th more important than 11th for JEE?

Class 10th and 11th both are important for JEE. The ratio of class 11th‘s syllabus is 40 and class 12th is 60. Students should be thorough with the concepts and learnings in both classes to attain good marks in JEE entrance examinations. Vedantu can help you with the online coaching classes. You can download the JEE Main 2019 Question Paper with Solutions (12th April - Morning) PDF from us. The easy to solve methods can help students to complete the examinations in time.