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JEE Main 2017 April 9th Shift 1 Maths Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Download Free PDF of Solutions of Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question Paper

If you’re looking for the Maths Question Paper of 9 April JEE Main 2017, we’ve got you covered. Download the question paper with solutions and answer keys for Maths JEE Main 2017 on 9 April, available for free on this page.

Candidates who are planning to prepare for the upcoming JEE Main Examination should know about the type of questions asked in the Maths of JEE Main 2017. Candidates should dig into the kind of questions asked about a topic or concept and refine their approach to solving a question accordingly.


JEE Main Question Papers


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium





Date and Month:

9th- April


Shift-1 Morning

Available Material:

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

Our Master Teachers and academic experts curate the solutions in the PDF to aid students in bridging the gap in understanding the nature of the Maths questions asked in JEE Main exam. You can access the comprehensive guidance for approaching a question with Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017.

Don’t wait to grab the Maths question paper with solutions for 9 April JEE Main 2017. Use the PDF to analyse and solve each question. Also, don’t refrain from revising the PDF. Make them part of your preparation and use them to analyse your strong and weak areas in Maths for JEE Main examination. 

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Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 question Paper analysis

The analysis of Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 question paper is as follows:

  • The maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 question paper was lengthy. Students took a long time to solve questions mathematics.

  • Aspirants considered paper tough.

  • Questions were tricky to answer.

Important Chapters for Physics JEE Main 2022 

The Link of the important chapters of Maths for JEE Main 2022 is provided below.

Key Points of Accessing Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions - Online Exam 2017 (9th April)

The key points of accessing the Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions Online Exam 2017 via Vedantu are as follows:

  • Gives the feel of the actual exam to all the students

  • Helps in the analysis of the preparation level of the students

  • Gives an idea of the JEE main questions and marking scheme with the negative marking of questions

  • Helps in segregating the question into hard Maths questions and ones that are easier.

Tips for Students to Ace JEE Main 2022 in One Shot

Here are a few tips that you must follow if you wish to crack the exam on your first attempt:

  • Consider the NCERT textbook as the bible for your exam. It teaches the basics very well.

  • Do not opt for too many reference books. Choose your books very wisely.

  • Do not overburden yourself with your studies. Take proper breaks.

  • Have sound sleep as it is very much required. Take care of your physical as well as mental health.

  • Choose the best study materials.

  • Believe in yourself and be confident.


JEE Main 2022 is an important exam and students should be preparing for it very seriously. But do consider the best study materials such as sample papers and previous year's question papers for your preparation. Also, take care of your mental health while preparing. Now that you know the value of the previous year’s question papers, download the JEE Main 9th April 2017 Maths Question Paper with Solutions and rock the exam. All the best!

Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2017 April 9th Shift 1 Maths Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

1. What if I am weak in Maths and would like to improve my speed? Will the Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions help me to improve the same?

Those who are weak in Maths will need to pay special attention when working on this section of the exam. Maths is one of the easiest parts of the exam while also being the trickiest part. This is why practice is one of the top-most things to consider when you are weak in Maths. Another means to make yourself strong in this section is to see which types of questions in Maths are the ones that drain the most out of you. Making sure you practice it more and more will help you get used to those types of questions. Once you get used to it, time management can be done easily. 

2. How many times should I solve the Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions in order to get an idea of the questions?

In order to get a hang of the questions that will appear in the JEE Main exam, you can solve the paper at least two to three times. You can also solve it more times than that to understand how the questions are being set for the main exam. The exam will mostly consist of similar sorts of questions though a bit twisted and hence understanding the concept behind it and being able to apply theory to the numerical is another quality that you need to develop. 

3. How to develop better skills by solving Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions in order to get the best marks?

Skills are needed to be highly developed in order to ace the exam. These skills include the following:

  • Time management

  • Speed

  • Understanding of concepts well

  • Situational intelligence

  • Analytical skills

  • Strategy needed for exam question-solving.

These skills cannot be developed overnight and might need more than just practice. The best way to learn time management is by keeping a timer by your side to check how much time you take for each section. Making sure you solve the Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions within the said time will also allow you to understand these skills and whether you need to work on them or not. 

4. Was offline mode easier than online mode during JEE Main 2017 exams?

Irrespective of the mode it was seen that both the modes had equal difficulty. JEE Main 2017 Maths exam, which mostly had quite hard numerical, was a bit harder than the other years’ papers. Hence you need to prepare your Maths section well so that you can stay on top of your play. Both the offline mode and the online mode have their own advantages and disadvantages. To understand it better you can download the Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions from Vedantu and try an offline paper while you can attempt an online Vedantu JEE Main mock test to get an idea about the online exams and check which one is suitable for you.

5. Is it possible to get chapter-wise solutions on Vedantu while solving Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions?

Yes, you can get the Vedantu NCERT solutions for each chapter that you need to prepare while solving the Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions - Online Exam 2017. This can also help you in the understanding of the concepts and the additional question types will also prepare you for the JEE Main exam. The Maths 9 April JEE Main 2017 Question paper Solutions -given by Vedantu will contain both the questions and answers but if you would like to know more about the same in detail you can get in touch with our Vedantu experts who have guided JEE Main aspirants every year!